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Thursday, March 15, 2018

Trump’s suspected allegiance to the precepts of Obama

The New York Times, assessing the first steps of the administration trump in foreign policy, concluded that – contrary to earlier promises, the new President relies on “pillars” established by Obama. In support of this thesis, the publication presents the first performance of the new US Ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley, which was about Crimea, Ukraine and sanctions against Russia.

Donald trump, who promised to break with the foreign policy line that emerged when Barack Obama actually takes the key vectors of the strategy of his predecessor. This thesis is contained in the article entitled “trump embraces the pillars of Obama’s foreign policy”, published on the eve of the New York Times. In support of this thesis, the publication cites the statement of the new appointed by trump administration, U.S. permanent representative to the UN, Nikki Haley.

“It is meaningless to compare the behavior of Nikki Haley with the behavior of the Tomboy Samantha Power”

Haley in his first speech at the meeting of the UN security Council stated: the United States will not lift sanctions against Russia until it stops “destabilising” Ukraine withdraws troops from Crimea, which needs to be transferred to Kiev. As the NYT notes, this performance of Haley is much like the style of her predecessor, Samantha Power – vydviganii the Obama administration. That Hailey talked as if the text wrote to her Power, drew the attention of the Russian Parliament, the Federation Council member Alexei Pushkov.

Russian permanent representative Vitaly Churkin (which in the recent past had to respond to the attack Power) reminded the new representative to the UN “great historic words” from the American Constitution: “We the people”. The people of the Crimea “quite clearly expressed their will in a referendum,” the diplomat said. Churkin added, “Then your conscience can be a little more clean and you will be able to discuss other topics”.

However, it should be noted that the Russian representative showed optimism. After the meeting of the UN security Council Churkin noticed that the first speech of Nikki Haley showed “tangible change of tone” in comparison with the rhetoric of the previous US administration. “I hope this path will lead to something more constructive than what has been so far”, – TASS quoted Churkin.

According to the old way?

As noted in the already mentioned publication of the New York Times, the restoration of relations with Russia has been a Central element of foreign policy trump during the election campaign. However, insists the edition, the impression is that while that continues that line of behavior that emerged under Obama.

So, on Friday, the new Pentagon chief James Mattis threatened North Korea – but in almost similar terms to the Pyongyang treated its predecessor from team Obama, Ashton Carter. Mattis, being in Tokyo, confirmed the obligation to place anti-missile system THAAD in South Korea and assured Japan in maintaining allied relations.

The New York Times reminds us that the trump is preparing new economic sanctions against Iran, similar to those that the Obama administration used about a year ago. The trump is in no hurry to fulfill his promise to break the “nuclear deal” with Tehran, the newspaper notes.

According to The Washington Post, the administration trump appealed to Israel to refrain from building new settlements on the West Bank of the Jordan river, as it “may not be useful” to Israel itself. New press Secretary of the White house Sean Spicer explained that this includes both the construction of new settlements and expanding existing ones.

Earlier similar calls to refrain from building settlements to Israel have repeatedly asked Barack Obama and John Kerry. From trump were expecting a radical revision of the relations with the Jewish state in the direction of improvement. As noted by the Israeli media, in a recent interview with Fox News channel, trump confirmed earlier promise that he made to transfer the U.S. Embassy from tel Aviv to Jerusalem. The new President shied away from the answer to the question about the fate of “parting gift” Obama’s Palestinian authority – tranche 221 million dollars (earlier media reported that trump has ordered to freeze the transfer).

“The new administration often refused to radically change the foreign policy of their predecessors, as they promised, because the government is very different from the election campaign”, – concludes the author of the publication The New York Times. Is this a fair conclusion in respect of the administrations of Obama and trump?

The position is viewed

Some aspects of Obama’s policies trump really takes over, and some do not, the expert said in comments the newspaper VIEW. “As for Crimea, the US does not recognize the connection (to Russia), it’s quite obvious,” – said the expert. He explained that this is now a common position, and the trump “doesn’t want to further anger the public, especially since he is under serious attack.”

With regard to relations with Israel, “although trump has departed from its policy of unequivocal support of everything, nevertheless it is obvious that he is a much more rigid Pro-Israel than Obama,” said the expert.

Extremely hard the US President tuned in and against Iran, not only about the nuclear program, but also on the support of Iran, various groups, which the US considers terrorist, said the source. In the future, “there may be disagreements between Russia and the United States, because we have a different position and other interests,” he added.

The administration trump will not be a simple continuation of sanctions against Iran, said the Karaganov. “They wanted to add sanctions and perhaps to threaten military action if Iran testing new missiles or support groups that are close to him, in the middle East, but it is only threats,” said the source. In any case, the General trend of this administration viewed – “it is much more tough stance against Iran, in principle, against the Islamic radical forces.”

In contrast to the “hooligan”

According to Karaganov, the statement Nikki Haley “was couched in a much better tones than usual,” was more restrained compared with past performances of representatives of the United States in the UN and it could not be noted Vitaly Churkin. The expert also drew attention to the fact that Haley did not focus on the situation in the Donbas and has already become a tradition to accusations of Russia’s “aggression”.

That “speech Nikki Haley was restrained,” said the scientist-americanist Dmitry Drobnicki. “To compare its behavior with the behavior of the Tomboy Power pointless” – the expert said in an interview with the newspaper LOOK.

“I would advise after 2016 to be skeptical to everything written in the NY Times. This is not a newspaper that has established itself as a solid media for the twentieth century. It is a completely different publication,” he added, Recalling that the newspaper “has served the globalist elite, which has lost an election in 2016”.

Sergei Karaganov, in turn, said: the opinion of journalists New York Times “is not an opinion, which is worth discussing. This political maneuvering”. He explained that on the one hand it can be attempts to influence the administration, but on the other hand, it prepares them for a retreat from the hard antithrombosis positions that could threaten the interests of this newspaper.

Dmitry Drobnicki noted that Haley played less than four minutes during the first minute all welcomed, while Vitaly Churkin, about nine minutes, and the Ukrainian side about 15 minutes. “Single timing says that this is not the question that she would like to discuss in the UN security Council,” – said the expert. Haley called unpleasant by the fact that the security Council must begin with criticism of Russia, said Drobnicki.

According to the interlocutor, Ministry of foreign Affairs “misses an important thing.” He recalled that about a thousand employees of the state Department openly rebelled against the policy, which they expect will hold the trump. “And a huge number of people just do covert sabotage – and this writes the American press,” – said the source. He recalled that in Washington, D.C., gave more than 80 percent of the votes for Hillary Clinton. “It’s the people living and working in Washington. You have to understand, with whom to communicate,” said Dmitry Drobnicki.

Do not give uncontrolled bureaucrats to undo hopes of rapprochement

“It would take some time for people who came in through elections, took full control of the apparatus of the state Department,” – said Drobnicki. Now Nikki Haley can be on the table the documents produced by the same state Department officials, “who openly frondiruete in relation to the new White house administration, and nothing surprising in this,” – said the analyst.

In this connection employees of the Ministry of foreign Affairs should use the “creative channels of communication. A big omission, that even before the approval of Rex Tillerson, none of the Russian foreign Ministry made contact with Nikki Haley. I understand that it was comfortable to work with the foreign Ministry, he was so used to communicating via standard channels, they say, the assistants will prepare, – said the expert. – It is necessary to understand that these helpers are people who openly oppose the rapprochement between Moscow and Washington.”

Therefore, “standard methods of work need to have to drop – and to work more intensively, more creatively, if we want some breakthroughs in this direction.” Drobnicki noted that Rex Tillerson, despite the opposition of the Senate, only took up his post of Secretary of state. And now to meet Rex Tillerson need before on the sidelines of any summit or forum. “Any loss in this matter will not help any of the parties, neither the Kremlin nor the White house. And if both parties will allow uncontrolled Washington bureaucrats to cancel all hopes of rapprochement, only two sides and can be blamed for it,” – said the expert.

The response of Vitaliy Churkin, who quoted the media, called the source “a good. Because it is an attempt to speak the language of his counterparts. Another thing is that we had to call Nikki Haley before and say the same thing, she appeared to have a different picture”. He recalled that Haley had no experience in the state Department, and it was the principled position of the trump in its purpose. “That is, it is in that sense not open-minded. And through assistants, we are in the realm open-minded and embittered by the loss of Hillary Clinton bureaucrats”, – concluded the expert.


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