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Saturday, March 17, 2018

Rome will be the third

It begins to take shape triangle Vatican city – Washington – Moscow – a statement by the Italian press only at first glance seems unexpected and far-fetched. In fact, there is a real reason to see the trump, Putin, and Pope Francis potential geopolitical allies.

A year ago, Pope Francis and Donald trump exchanged shots. First, after a visit to Mexico, the Pope said that “the man who thinks only about building walls wherever possible, instead of building bridges, not-Christian”.

Donald trump is God’s gift to the Vatican”

Transparent allusion to a trump immediately caused a reaction of the candidate – he called criticism of the unworthy, while specifying that deeply respects the father and is ready to meet with them anytime to discuss differences. And in fact, trump added, “if and when the Vatican will be attacked by ISIS* (and the Vatican, as everyone knows, is a very desirable trophy for the ISIL), the Pope will be only to lament and to regret that Donald trump did not become President, otherwise this would have happened. ISIL would be destroyed, and would not have survived due to our equally talkative and equally supine politicians.”

However, both sides did not inflame passions – on the contrary, the representative of the Pope said that the statements of Francis was not criticizing the policy and in no way “was no indication of how to vote in the election.” And rightly so – because in November the majority of American Catholics (and every fourth voter) voted for trump. 52 percent versus 45 supported Clinton. After the Vatican’s Secretary of state Pietro Parolin congratulated trump, adding that “we commit ourselves to pray for the enlightenment of trump and that He supported him in the service of not only his country, but also the service in the name of peace in the world”. In the published after the inauguration of the trump interview with Pope Francis by El Pais, the Pontiff responded to a question about trump.

“I wouldn’t want to get ahead of ourselves and judge people prematurely. We’ll see how trump operates, what it does, and then I’ll have an opinion. But to be afraid or to rejoice in advance over something that may happen, in my opinion, completely unreasonable”.

This, of course, the Vatican not only denounced the plan to build a wall between USA and Mexico, but joined obschezapadnuyu the chorus of outrage in anti-immigration decrees trump – however, it seems that joined largely only because everyone who is now trying to keep silent, then subjected to a powerful obstruction. Liberal globalizers, the principle of “whoever is not with us is against us” – the Vatican and not with his hands, and so to aggravate difficult relations with “progressive and creative”. So cardinal Angelo Becca, commenting on the ban on entry to USA residents seven countries and the suspension of refugee programmes, said, “of course, (this policy) is a concern because the Vatican carries a message quite different culture. Pope Francis says a lot about the need for integration of people who come in our society”.

But all this rant – and there are specific values and specific cases. And then you need to understand that between the conservative anti-liberal revolution of the trump and the position of the Catholic Church have a lot in common and there is no doubt that in the political life of the United States, which in the coming years will be a battlefield left-wing, liberal atheists, cosmopolitan conservative Christian patriots-nationalists (fascists with the Nazis, manipulative terminology), the new administration and the Roman Church will be on the same side. But they have common interests in the world – and so common that some are ready to make far-reaching conclusions.

On Wednesday in the Italian newspaper Il Foglio published an article titled “the intersection of Donald trump and the Pope – Russia” in which Matteo Mattiuzzi writes that despite all differences in views of the new us President and the Roman Pontiff have something on which they can converge. This attitude to Russia – moreover, according to Marcucci, begins to emerge more clearly in the triangle between the Vatican, Washington and Moscow. It’s not fancy, for a start, here are what the arguments of the Italian cites in support of his thesis.

Recalling that “to allocate the potentially conflicting themes in the relationship between Donald trump and Pope Francis is simple – since the continuation policy on the construction of walls on the southern borders of the United States and ending with the measures on migrants”, the author Il Foglio writes:

“A new geopolitical situation with trump in the White house on hand to all,” – said in an interview with the publication of don Stefano Caprio, who teaches Russian culture at the Pontifical Oriental Institute in Rome. “All interested in the situation in the middle East has stabilized – both Moscow and Washington,” said don Caprio, adding that “the Catholic Church has always been interested in the fact that Russia controlled the middle East, primarily for spiritual reasons. It is, – said the priest – Orthodox region.”

“It seems to me that trump is manna from heaven for the Vatican, noted don Caprio in an interview with the newspaper. – The way he outlined his foreign policy largely coincides with the Holy see; points of intersection are much larger than one might expect from a Clinton presidency, and it’s not just about ethical issues”.

Trump stands up for Christians in the middle East – and it brings him as with the Vatican and with Putin. Il Foglio reminds that in 2013, the Pope appealed to the Kremlin to stop then seemed inevitable impact of the Anglo-Franco-American forces in Damascus:

“The Vatican and Russia are one and the same line on the Middle East – the protection of Christian communities, a great distrust of so-called moderate rebels, support (more reasonable on the part of the Holy see) Bashar al-Assad.”

So now trump and Putin will work together to protect Christians in the middle East – and this forms the basis for the creation of a triangle Russia – the Vatican – USA. But brings together the three parties not only that, but the fact that, according to Italian newspaper, Washington “is well situated to the Kremlin leader,” and the Vatican “offers a dialogue on the ethical and spiritual issues” of Russia. Remembering last year’s meeting in Havana of the Pope and Patriarch Kirill, Il Foglio quotes the American expert on the Vatican John Allen, which indicates that Francis then spoke of the “fratricidal war” in Ukraine, not about “Russian aggression” than discouraged the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church – that’s how important it is for the Vatican “not to seem hostile in relation to Russia’s national interests”.

Indeed, between Moscow and the Vatican in recent years is not advertised geopolitical game – the essence of which is that two forces are eyeing how they can be situational allies in the world today. Historical contradiction and confrontation between the Russian Orthodox world and the Catholic Rome does not disappear – but in the West the Catholic Church increasingly appears on the defensive, retreating, conceding. In this situation the Vatican as a major center for coordination and control of the old European aristocracy looking for allies in opposing the coming post-Christian and even post-human globalization.

National elites, raising his head now that the US and Britain, in France and Italy, different visible and invisible threads associated with the Vatican, with unique educational, intelligence, personnel networks. Contacts of the Russian leadership with this part of the global elite are hidden and not advertised – but just in relations between trump and Putin’s role as a Catholic elites (especially German), and the Vatican can be very important and interesting.

And the triangle Russia – USA – the Vatican may have their say not only in the middle East, but in purely European Affairs.

* Organization in respect of which the court accepted entered into legal force decision on liquidation or ban the activities on the grounds stipulated by the Federal law “On countering extremist activity”


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