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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Lukashenko confused in their feelings toward Russia

Big press conference of Alexander Lukashenko as rich in attacks against Russia, including direct threats and calls to arrest high-ranking officials. With assurances of eternal friendship have not diminished, and the most disturbing rumors about relations of Moscow and Minsk, he denied. What’s going on in the mind of the Father?

On Friday the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko held a big press conference. All his statements say that the old Man is not going to go back down in their demands that, in a nutshell, boil down to the fact that Belarus will receive all internal Russian preferences, but to be absolutely independent state, conducting “multi-vector policy”. Not without traditional for the Belarusian leader threats both personal and against Russia as a whole.

“We’re really friendly, even though we fight more than any other President with the President

To blame the current problems all, except Lukashenka, even journalists: off thoughts, the Belarusian President has attacked the media critics. “What I wanted to say?” – he asked. Telepaths among those present was not, and if there was, it was silent. “You see, even you do not listen to what I say” – angered Lukashenko, but still continued: “with regard to food. Only thing I will say. You know, a different kind of Tanqueray – we need to solve the issue and to initiate a criminal case according to Dankvert (the head of the Rosselkhoznadzor Sergey Dankvert – LOOK) for damage to the state.”

We will remind that criminal prosecution of Russian citizens in Belarus have repeatedly been cause for scandals. In 2013, in Minsk, was arrested the CEO of Uralkali Vladislav Baumgertner, who actually became a hostage in the dispute of hoziajstvujuschih actors in the face of the Belarusian government and the Russian shareholders of the company. In order to rescue him from the dungeons of Minsk, in Russia, against the businessman also had a criminal case closed after Baumgertner issued in the Russian Federation. The total amount of civil lawsuits against the company from Minsk, reached 100 million rubles, reminds RIA “news”.

Now in Belarusian jail waiting for extradition to Azerbaijan, the citizen of Russia and Israel Alexander Lapshin, “guilty” that visited the Republic of Nagorno Karabakh, which Azerbaijan considers its territory. Repeated statements Smolenskaya square on the inadmissibility of extradition of Russian citizens to third countries in Minsk were ignored. And at today’s press-conference Lukashenka spoke on the subject very cocky: “I have instructed him to give the way you should. Israel and Azerbaijan agree, Russia is so far as. If Israel wants, this man is not a hair will fall. They agree, if not agreed”.

Now the old Man swung and the head of the Rosselkhoznadzor, which has the audacity to claim to Belarusian agricultural products. The Kremlin responded briefly: the Rosselkhoznadzor performs its function brilliantly.

But not only “food” hinder relations between the two countries. Lukashenko also said that Belarus is sued because of a reduction in Russian oil supplies, “I said, what’s the problem of the price of oil and gas. Moreover, the dispute was solely on gas, they started in violation of all agreements to cut oil. We appealed, of course, to the court in accordance with our agreements. The trial will, of course, but is this normal? – rhetorically asked Lukashenko. – I wrote a letter directly from the hand, Putin wrote a few lines – we do not need to go down this path… It will lead to an escalation in many areas, even before the boundaries are reached.” The Belarusian President once again pretended that the initiator of “pohojdeniya to the border” was not he personally. The situation around oil and gas dispute Lukashenko called “bullying” – really, it’s a travesty against common sense.

Further – more. The Belarusian President said that he sees no need for Russian air base in Belarus. “Why from the military point of view this database? You don’t need it here. This base and the planes that they want to plant there is the demonstration. We have great pilots, we have a great school. You know what we are fighting is not worse than on military aircraft. You give us 20 aircraft – we are a United group,” said Lukashenko.

Not very clear where Russia should know about the outstanding qualities of the Belarusian pilots in operations in Syria, for example, they do not participate. But in the military sphere, as in the case of oil, gas and food, Lukashenko wants all internal preferences with full independence regarding any other issues.

The word “independence”, by the way, sounded on a press-conferences often and loudly. “Why grasp? Why are we to take by the throat? Well, it is clear that without Russian oil we dispense. It would be very difficult, it is uneconomical, inefficient, but freedom, independence is very cost-effective, it is not graded no money and no numbers. This is not comparable, if on one side independence and the other Russian, Iranian, Azerbaijani, or American oil. We will still find a way. In Russia, unfortunately, do not understand”, – outraged the President of Belarus.

“We are in the midst today of the Eurasian continent, so fate was. We have no other way to develop a multi-vector policy,” he added, then spoke about the negotiations with Pakistan, China and other countries on attraction of credits and investments.

At the same time, focusing on “independence”, “multi-vector” and innumerable sufferings, which bring Belarus Russian officials, Lukashenko emphasized that to break off relations with Russia on Ukrainian of manners and a ban on all Russian, he absolutely did not want: “We do not Ukraine, we are not anti-Russian, we in NATO do not seek. You have to understand that while I am President, not one stone in the direction of the Russian people, Russians, will not be abandoned. You should know this clearly”.

He also denied intensified recent rumors about the possible withdrawal of Belarus from the Union state and other integration projects with Russian participation: “as for the statements about EurAsEC and the Union state – a complete fiction”. However, Lukashenko instructed to withdraw the representatives of the Minsk of the customs authorities of the Eurasian economic Union.

The Belarusian President openly spoke about their relationships with colleagues Vladimir Putin and Nursultan Nazarbayev. “We’re really friendly, even though we fight more than any other President with the President” is about Putin. “We can swear at each other, so we have a close relationship” – it’s about Nazarbayev.

Of course, a significant part of the press conference was devoted to purely internal problems, but it is unlikely the Russian reader an interesting project of the Belarusian President to raise the average salary to 500 dollars. Back to the point: judging by the fact that a close relationship to Lukashenko is the ability to swear and quarrel, apocalyptic claims by some experts that “Belarus goes to the West”, yet have no serious justification.

But Minsk time to decide: if Belarus is an absolutely independent country, then the cost of oil and gas, as well as admission to the Russian market should be resolved on a common basis. If we have a Federal state, it moves like unilateral abolition of visas with third countries or extradition of Russian citizens to third countries may not in principle be.


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