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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

The riots showed the deep split of the Romanian society

Suddenly, opposition politicians Romania rocked by the biggest street protests to 250 thousand people came to the seat of government. It is possible that “Romanian independence” will grow and it will end the change of government. Moscow, however, there are reasons to treat the Romanian riots very cool.

Romanian President Klaus Iohannis on Thursday filed a lawsuit to the constitutional court with a demand to cancel the decision of the government of the Amnesty on corruption charges that was made on Tuesday, reports TASS. The revocation of the resolution and became the main demand of the largest since 1989 street protests that shook Bucharest on Thursday night.

“This could lead to further confrontation until the civil war. In society there are different forces, ethnic groups, regional traditions, all of which can float to the surface”

We will remind, in Bucharest and other Romanian cities 200-250 thousand people took to the streets. The protests associated with the amendments to the criminal code of the country and the announcement of mass Amnesty. For example, the amendments allow to release from prison convicted of corruption of officials, the damage which is less than 200 thousand lei (about 44 thousand euros). The Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu stated that these regulations are designed to unload the prison.

The demonstrators also believe that the Amnesty will go free dangerous criminals and corrupt politicians. “We do not recognize the laws issued by the bandits” and “resign!” these posters carried by the protesters.

Night Maidan

People chanted “Mafia government”, “Resignation!”, “Thieves!” and other anti-government slogans. According to the publication KP.UA also, the protesters called the ruling Social-democratic party “the new red plague”. The bulk of the occupied Victoria square in Bucharest, where is the seat of government. At first, the rally took place peacefully, but then the crowd joined the group of fans who behaved aggressively. The police now claim that the fans who paid for their actions, but who have not yet been reported.

On Thursday afternoon, authorities began the investigation in connection with night attacks on police officers. As it became known, four people were injured. Hospitalized two police officers and two demonstrators.

Police arrested six of the most aggressive of the protesters, who called to break through the cordon of law enforcement officers in the government building, throwing stones, firecrackers and smoke bombs. Police used tear gas and batons. On the scene arrived firefighters, who extinguished the demonstrators set fire to tyres and other items. In the morning was only a few hundred protesters, and the rest went home.

Klaus Iohannis earlier also condemned the Amnesty. “This is totally unacceptable. This means that hundreds of corrupt politicians will continue to commit crimes, so the Romanians have a reason to be angry”, – quotes the President of the Romanian edition of DIGI24. In response, the leader of the ruling Social democratic party and the speaker of the chamber of deputies Liviu Dragnet stated that the President headed the “unauthorized demonstration against the government and constitutional order.”

Fans at the head of the riots

All public institutions of Bucharest taken under heavy guard. The protesters themselves said that would not stop the protest until, until the government meets their demands. However, by the morning of Thursday the crowd with Victoria square all dispersed. A number of opposition publications have suggested that the violence was caused not by fans, and government provocateurs with the aim to discredit the demonstrators.

In any case, the protests have already caused the resignation of the Minister of trade of Romania Florina Janu. “I shall cease my activities in the government… This is a war that I don’t share… As I’m going to look into the eyes of my son and I would tell him years later? His father was a coward and did what does not endorse and is not shared, or that his father was deeply immersed in a story that was not it,” the official said in his Facebook.

May end in a revolution

Moldovan political scientist Vladimir Bukarsky in conversation with the newspaper LOOK, explained that now in Romania there are two forces: a radical Pro-Western and moderately Pro-Western. Klaus Iohannis belongs to the radical. After the parliamentary elections, which were won by the moderate, the interests of the President began to disperse with the Parliament that eventually led to the current confrontation.

“It relies on regions such as Banat, Transylvania, where Pro-Western sentiments are strongest. And the recent parliamentary elections won by the social Democrats, who rely on the regions with predominantly Orthodox population (Zaprudskaya Moldova and Wallachia). These regions are more moderate, are more focused on traditional Romanian values. The Pro-Western group led by Iohannis is trying to be the favorite method of Pro-Western forces – the color revolution,” said Bukarsky.

The expert explained: from the ruling coalition depends on the appointment of members of the government that does not suit the President, who also fears the emergence of “common points with Russia – and as a result Romania will not be to the extent Pro-Western bridgehead.”

Bukarsky predicts that the disorder can result in full-blown revolution, and lead to a complete capitulation of the social Democrats. “This could lead to further confrontation, until the civil war. In society there are different forces, ethnic groups, regional traditions, all of which can float to the surface,” warns the expert.

People are just tired of corruption

In turn, another Moldovan political analyst Sergei Nazaria – I am convinced that the riots were a reaction to a very high level of corruption in the country. Moreover, he played the role and position of the European Union, which is more “sympathetic to the right, more Russophobic forces”. “The West is more profitable, that the current government had been weakened. These protests more press this power,” – said political scientist newspaper VIEW.

Nazar believes that Romania is still a completely Pro-Western country, and the level of Russophobia is second only to Poland and the results of the parliamentary elections the situation did not change. Unlike Bukarsky, he doubts that the social Democrats could significantly improve the relationship to Russia. “This is seen as a foreign policy and humanitarian policy within the country. Whoever wins the protests, in the policy towards Russia and Moldova will not change anything. All parties in this one. The social Democrats will in any case perform that will require the West,” predicts Nazar.


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