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Thursday, March 15, 2018

The corruption scandal will cost the ex-President of Estonia without consequences

One of the most persistent enemies of Russia in the European Union, the former President of Estonia Ilves was at the center of a corruption scandal. It turned out that he spent public money on expensive drinks, massage and even to a concert favorite rock group in new York. However, the former President can get away with it.

In Estonia, a scandal erupted around the spending of former President Toomas Hendrik Ilves writes in Delfi environment. Released credit card statements of the presidential office revealed that due to the state paid shopping in the boutiques, tickets to a concert favorite rock group Ilves and even a massage at the Spa at the hotel.

“As a Minister of foreign Affairs of the country in December 1995, Ilves was surprised by all the expenditure of Treasury funds for the needs of his mistress”

The biggest costs associated with accommodation during the working visits. So, in 2015 his stay at a hotel in Davos, at a cost of 21 000 euros and a year in the same hotel – more than 24,000 euros, of which 19 284 euros was the cost of a room specifically for the presidential couple. However, such costs might well be justified by the need to represent the country abroad.

Nice to live not forbid

Difficult to understand why such a large amount Ilves left in restaurants around the world, from burgers to oyster bars in new York and restaurant At.mosphere Lifestyle in the world’s highest building in Dubai. The largest account reached 2000 euros. It is noteworthy that Ilves did not skimp on the tip.

During the state visit to Romania for the presidential account, Hilton was otkuporivanie one bottle of wine after another. According to the former chief of Protocol Department of the presidential office Piret, Reintamm Benno, no was not a holiday, but, as the President remembers, he had dinner with the local Minister for the development of information technology.

Miraculously the score were and massage in the Spa in the same hotel in Bucharest.

Moreover, Ilves spent on the rise. If in 2011 the annual turnover of banknotes of the office was about 33 000 euros, for the 15th year, the consumption had increased to 75,000, and for the first 10 months of last year, that is the end of the reign Ilves, and it reached 94 000 euros.

In September 2011 899,58 euros was spent on the purchase of four tickets to the concert of your favorite band youth Ilves Steely Dan in new York. Then the President visited the United States to participate in the UN General Assembly.

“Either on the concert was held some meeting or had to attend this concert. It is often impolite to refuse the invitation, even if it is accompanied by small costs,” tried to justify Ilves, the former chief of its office of SIMA rice. However, the reporters of the transmission channel ETV Pealtnägija found that on a concert the President went in the company of only one of the employees of the office and a couple of bodyguards.

The credit card was used to withdraw cash. The largest amount was removed in the fall of 2013, all in the same Bucharest – 1087 Euro. The office explained that the cash went to small facilities, such as weaving wreaths and photography.

From documents follows, that in April 2012 the President, while in Warsaw, spent 1270 euros in boutique Versace, 60 euros Calvin Klein, 250 Euro in one store clothing and 260 euros in the store of Samsonite suitcases. However, bulk purchase was not caused by the attack of the Shopaholic, and the fact that the airline lost the Luggage Ilves, despite the fact that he used the VIP service.

The President through his representative, gave a laconic comment: “the Official and private expenses of the President divided”.

Little con – “lifestyle Ilves”

Professor of Tallinn University, a political scientist Thomas Alatalo in comments the newspaper VIEW suggested that any legal consequences of the scandal will not.

“The previous Scam, when thi used European money to build their own farm in the South of the country, he ended up without consequences. Even as the Minister of foreign Affairs of the country in December 1995, Ilves was surprised by all the expenditure of Treasury funds for the needs of his mistress. Later he pulled a similar Scam, but he got away with it. When he was a member of the European Parliament, the party paying for the expenses of his wife. Small Scam – it is a kind of lifestyle Ilves,” said Alatalu.

The analyst noted that spending was growing from year to year, and the Parliament, which in theory should have been able to see it, looked at it through his fingers. “Unfortunately, none of his expenses are not controlled, and no liability it is not expected”, – the expert added.

“American, who spoke Estonian with an accent”

A well-known publicist and public figure of Russian of Estonia, Andrey Zarenkov, in turn, noted that thi initially had a very low rating, as it is not the people, and – according to the Estonian electoral system, the Parliament. “At that time, Ilves was an American who spoke Estonian with an accent. No one understood how he will be able to navigate in our complex mentality of the Estonian interethnic situation. He, in fact, could not” – said Zarenkov newspaper VIEW.

According to policy, the Board Ilves had a number of negative consequences. “We’ve finally spoil relations with Russia – Ilves although he loved to brag about his Russian grandmother. We turned their country into a war zone of experimentation NATO, when commercial investments in the country practically does not arrive. The economic situation in our country deteriorated significantly,” he said.

Zarenkov said that the Estonian print constantly calls Russia a corrupt country. “Write about each detention, each surfaced the fact of misappropriation of funds even in the distant Sakhalin. Ilves himself also repeatedly accused Russia of corruption. That is the very loudest shouting: “stop thief!” – he resents. However, Zarenkov believes that no legal consequences for Ilves this scandal will not have because the former President has managed to return to the United States.

Member of the Estonian Parliament, centrist Vladimir Velman also sure that the authorities won’t go after Ilves – lately “in Estonia ceased to pay attention to what in a decent society it is accepted to pay attention.”

“Estonia are seen as servile country, where to put his vassals, last set the American two terms. I have always said that thi is not my President,” said Velman newspaper VIEW.

The Deputy noted that Ilvese says a lot that he had previously sat at the wedding at the same table with the American financier George Soros. “If the government allows itself to steal a flag in his hand. In another country people may, thousands took to the street and called politicians to conscience. 25 years was an illusion, people believed in freedom. It’s a shame for the country where I was born and live. Shamelessly climb to the Treasury, take, and state the wipes and can’t even answer. Sadly all” – summed up Vladimir Velman.


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