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Monday, January 22, 2018

Sergey Nazar: the image of the Romanians in Europe is not very good

The expert believes that Romania wants to configure a critical mass of Moldovans in favor of the Anschluss

16 Aug 2013, 22:05

Text: Andrew Carvers


“And Romanians, and their henchmen in Moldova are constantly trying to prove that the Moldovan project is not viable, a failure, the only salvation for this area – the Union with Romania,” – said the newspaper VIEW political scientist Sergei Nazaria. He was commenting on a quarrel between the first persons of Romania around the idea of unification with Moldova.

On Friday, Prime Minister of Romania Victor Ponta accused President Traian Basescu of inconsistency and lack of balance. According to the head of the government, this is reflected in the “recent speeches Basescu”.

On the eve of the President reprimanded the Minister of foreign Affairs of Romania Titus Corlatean. He said that Basescu’s speech about the merger of Moldova and Romania create problems for the governments of both countries. “At a time when the Romanian government was working to strengthen economic ties with Moldova, ensuring its energy independence, a rhetorical game with a resonant theme of enterprises can create problems in foreign policy,” the Minister said. He called on Romanian politicians to show wisdom and “not to give oxygen to opposition forces in Moldova, which oppose the plans of the European integration”.

All of this was a response to the speech Basescu, who in the beginning of the week again called for the unification of Romania with Moldova, although he admitted that most Moldovans don’t want it.

“Among the population of Moldova is a healthy lived Romanians, but the majority of the population of this country does not want unification with Romania. There is still no critical majority, but if it is, that in Romania no obstacles will arise. During the July visit to Chisinau I just said, ask enterprises, and you get it! Just ask for it!” – the head of Romania.

For what purpose, in Bucharest again raised issue of Union with Chisinau and how it is perceived ordinary Moldovans, the newspaper look told the doctor of political Sciences, head of the Moldovan center for strategic analysis and prognosis EST-VEST Sergei Nazaria.

Sergey Nazar (photo: from personal archive)

OPINION: Sergey Mihajlovich, what the foreign Ministry said its President, means that not all Romanian statesmen wish to acquire Moldovan territory?

Sergey Nazar: No, most likely they would all want it, but not all of them are, say, short-sighted, as Traian Basescu. Politicians such as Prime Minister and Minister of foreign Affairs realize that the majority of the population of Moldova – more than 90% were against the merger, therefore, to put these issues of late. They believe that Moldova has not yet established a critical mass in favor of unification with Romania. And when this mass will appear, then they will give the green light.

OPINION: how Many supporters of this idea in the Romanian Parliament? And judging by the polls, many of them among the rank and file of its inhabitants?

S. N.: Among the parties there is not one which would be against unification with Moldova. While none of the parliamentary parties are not required to include in the agenda the theme of Association.

Among ordinary residents of Romania’s most also support the Association. The fact that almost all of them, as a rule, believe that Bessarabia is Romanian land.

But there are those who understand that enterprises in the foreseeable future, as the vast majority of Moldovans do not want. But if it happens, say, in the future, the result of a terrible catastrophe, a cataclysm, a complete degradation of some turmoil and bloodshed.

OPINION: If Basescu himself admits that the majority of Moldovans are against, why he made such appeals?

S. N.: In Romania this is for domestic consumption, to show their “patriotism”. And Romanians, and their henchmen in Moldova are constantly trying to prove that the Moldovan project is not viable, a failure, the only salvation for this area – the Union with Romania. That is why they always exaggerate the subject, pick it up. Constantly from their lips that Moldova cannot develop, cannot be effective.

There is still superimposed demagoguery about European integration, as if to put an equality sign between such integration and Union with Romania, although it is absolutely different things.

OPINION: How to perceive today the people of Moldova like the approval from Bucharest that Moldovans are not a nation, and Moldova – not the state? How identificeret most?

S. N.: At the household level, people are outraged, offended by this. Among the intelligentsia different mood… According to the latest census, only 2.2% of the population called themselves Romanians. In Soviet times, it was, of course, much less. Basically, this percentage increased among intellectuals, it is close to 100%.

Still, in the General population a bit. The majority of people are far from this. They are engaged in ordinary survival. Most consider themselves Moldovans.

OPINION: Recently Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin, the main obstacle to the reunification of Transnistria and Moldova called the large number of supporters of the reunification of Moldova and Romania in the ruling circles in Chisinau. Is he right?

S. N.: Supporters of unification among the political elites much more. But there is not a single parliamentary party, which openly put the issue of reunification with Bucharest. There is only one exception – the extra – parliamentary party- the National liberal – led by the famous Vitalia Pavlyuchenko.

But even hidden the proponents of the Liberal party headed by Mihai Ghimpu and those who broke away from the party – even they don’t open this question. This question in the party program would deter the majority of voters.

OPINION: IN November 2011, was promulgated the results of a poll which showed that among Moldovans increased sharply withimpatii to Russia. Have you changed since then, Pro-Russian sentiments? What percentage of those who are for joining the Customs Union?

S. N.: According to recent polls, about 58% would vote for joining the Customs Union. And decreased the number of supporters of joining the European Union. Now there are about 24%. But I think the question should be put differently. Here are the Moldovans something similar to Belarusians. Most of the Moldovans for a multi-vector. The majority are in favour of strategic relations with Russia as a main partner, but about the same number of people advocate the same relationship with the EU. Although Russia by the importance put ahead.

In this regard, the majority of Moldovans heart, so to speak, with Russia, and the stomach more with Europe. Although the crisis in the West has greatly weakened the Pro-European aspirations. Employment has gotten worse, so in this case people are “stomach turning” towards Russia, I mean guest workers. I note, for example, that 80% of Moldovans, excluding Transnistria, according to opinion polls, supported Russia in the war with Georgia in 2008. It says a lot about about the centuries-old and traditional sympathies for Russia.


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