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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Russia cannot reject foreign parts in GLONASS

The Russian air group is critically dependent on foreign components

September 18, 2014, 19:01

Text: Andrew Carvers


Russia is unable to abandon “all foreign” in the production of GLONASS navigation satellites, recognized developer machines “Russian space systems”. As experts warn, if the situation with sanctions will continue to develop negatively, this would mean “groups” of satellites.

Russia can’t afford to refuse foreign parts in the production of GLONASS navigation satellites. On Thursday said Deputy General Director of developer devices – the company “Russian space systems” (RKS) Grigory Stupak. “Import substitution will certainly be associated with the correction of design documentation. Now with all the foreign refuse in some cases, we are not ready. Missing components, of course, need to fill by reliable suppliers,” said Stupak.

According to him, the main payload for satellites “GLONASS-M” and promising “GLONASS-K” contains element base of both domestic and foreign production. To step series, these devices can through three to five years.

As for the “GLONASS-M”, the latter “a significant portion of designers is developing (onboard equipment) mainly on the base of domestic production.”

Now in the orbital grouping of GLONASS is only one “GLONASS-K”, which is the phase of flight tests (started in February 2011). It delivers greater navigation accuracy and reliability, service life increased from seven to 10 years.

Earlier, the head of the ACCD Igor Komarov reported that Russia in terms of sanctions of the West will enjoy microelectronics and machines for rocket and space technology in China, South Korea and other Asian countries. At the same time it was reported that the Corporation is negotiating with the Chinese electronic technology Corporation (CETC) and the Chinese Corporation aerospace science and industry (CASIC) for the joint development of technologies, combining the capabilities of GLONASS and the Chinese Beidou system.

In may the head of the RCC Gennady Raikunov reported that the United States has not issued a license for exports to Russia of parts to build and launch satellites that are under construction. Russia has not received integrated circuit and electronic component base.

The head of the Moscow space club Ivan Moiseev reminded that the decision to use foreign components in the creation of satellites for the GLONASS system was quite natural, since “they are better and cheaper.” “But once you have gained this permission, Russia was overkill and we were completely dependent on these components. That is, the share of foreign components was too great”, – Moses said the newspaper VIEW.

According to him, in the current situation it is hoped that the West imposed the restrictions will enter into force as quickly as they show up. “But strategically it is clear that within a few years all channels to good components will be blocked. Hope that will put someone else- very small. What China makes, he usually makes on the licenses that are very well written by the Americans. This is a huge agreement with all the possible overlaps. The US can point to paragraphs in licenses prohibiting the transfer of components to countries under certain conditions”, – said Moiseev.

In the case of negative development of the situation, said the expert, the countries that produce the necessary equipment for the license, you can start to choose what is more profitable – to continue to cooperate with America or to sell these parts of Russia. “Opportunities here for Americans is very high. The question is how they will use them. A return to self-sufficiency is a very long process. One bureaucracy will take several years. It will take time and to conduct relevant tests, rework all regulations. But this should be done anyway, because Russia’s dependence on other countries in this matter is very high,” – said the expert.

Moreover, if the situation continues to develop negatively, then, says Ivan Moiseev, this will mean a “group” of satellites. “I’m not saying that satellites will now start to roll in. This will happen with a generation resource in the future, in five years. Besides, there are some stock components. That is, it will not happen immediately, but strategically there are such problems and challenges,” – said the expert.

To begin, according to Moses, it is necessary to verify which parts they need, but no can do. “There should be conducted the inventory. We have a lot of redundancy on importers. Largely often, the purchase was not economically justified. In any case, regardless of the foreign factors, it is necessary to deal with our stuff, how they come to Russia and who is paying for them”, – said Moiseev.

In late August, the chief designer of the navigation equipment of consumers of the GLONASS system Alexey Muravyev said that foreign microelectronics can be replaced with Russian in 2016, Russian industry is ready for import substitution of microelectronics technologies. “Dependence on Western microelectronic technology. But there are preconditions for overcoming this addiction. And it is a real premise, which can be implemented in the near future – in 2016, unless, of course, start the corresponding program of measures already today,” – said the Ants.

He also expressed confidence that the leading Russian manufacturers of microelectronics and the Council of chief designers of navigation equipment of consumers are ready.

Moses calls the view Muraveva “optimistic,” but acknowledges that ground-based equipment, which meant the chief designer, the requirements are much lower. “And, accordingly, control is not the same. It is possible to buy, nobody will pay attention to the market. And the spacecraft put traditionally resistant equipment. According to the American classification is military or space. To make the chip from scratch is extremely difficult. And to make it resistant to radiation even more difficult,” – said the expert.


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