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Monday, March 19, 2018

Romania received a chance to fight corruption

The resignation of Prime Minister Victor Ponta, which was demanded by the protesters in Romania, not reassured the public. Protests continue in Bucharest disagree more. Little people the resignation of some corrupt politicians, they require a strong change of power. The government “honest people” can heal the country, but it is unlikely these changes will affect relations with Russia.

The protests in Romania continue, despite the fulfilment of the main requirements of the dissenters – the resignation of Prime Minister Victor Ponta, who resigned on 4 November. Effects can be very serious.

The people against all

“Maintaining smooth contacts with Bucharest, Moscow understands and keeps in mind that behind this country is Berlin”

The evening of November 4 in Bucharest gathered in a mass rally on the streets about 30 thousand people. Rallies were held not only in the capital of Romania, but also in the cities of Cluj, Timisoara and Constanta. Protesters continue to rally in spite of the fact that on the morning of the same day the resignation of Prime Minister Victor Ponta. Also put the mandate of the head of administration of the fourth urban sector of Bucharest, Cristian Popescu Piedone, whose office was burned last Friday night club Colectiv. Left, and Minister of internal Affairs Gabriel Oprea, also what was demanded by the protesters.

That is a tragedy at the club where during a fire killed 32 people out of 400 in the audience, was the occasion for the beginning of a serious wave of protest activity. Victor Ponta tried to rid “little blood” and dismissed Director of the National Agency for the protection of the rights of consumers of Marius Alexander dunko, but the protesters demanded withdrawal of the show-off and his entire Cabinet.

“I hope that I fold mandate with himself and his government to satisfy the demands of the protesters,” said Ponta, speaking about his departure on local television, RIA “Novosti”.

However, Romanians are not satisfied with the resignation of several officials, and require to “reboot” the entire political class in the country. They continue to chant slogans against corruption, independent justice, the confiscation of property of corrupt officials and the introduction of a minimum punishment for corruption to 10 years in prison, reports TASS. From President Klaus Iohannis they are demanding dissolution of Parliament and holding new parliamentary elections in order to create a new government of “honest people”, without the corrupt and “mafia”. Elections, according to the protesters, should be a “competition, not corrupt parties and technocrats who will have a solid portfolio,” reports Bi-bi-si.

Pro-President of the National liberal party supported the demands of the demonstrators, calling for early elections to the Parliament. Thus the President has not yet spoken on this matter. But the Social democratic party, which currently owns the majority of seats in Parliament, was opposed, saying that the election now will lead to “instability in the coming months”.

President Iohannis has already started consultations with leaders of political parties on forming a new government. First, it needs to approve in Parliament the candidacy of the new Prime Minister. If after two attempts to do this will fail in Romania will be announced early elections. Yet acting Prime Minister will be the Minister of education of Romania Sorin Cimpeanu. The planned parliamentary elections in Romania, scheduled for December 2016. The clarity on this issue should appear by the end of the week.

Fire is the last straw

The figure of Victor Ponta became controversial long before the tragedy in a nightclub. This incident, in fact, was the last straw, after which people have “lost their nerve”. According to investigators, the club owners and the organizers of the free concert didn’t possess the necessary resolution nor the event for 400 people or for the use of pyrotechnics. However, the concert became possible of-for connivance of the authorities.

And the power the country holds in his hands Victor Ponta, which causes irritation in the community and criticism from opponents of the former Prime Minister in power, such as President of the country. Ponta, however, these allegations were not seriously considered until he was filed on charges of forgery, tax evasion, and to facilitate money laundering. In the result, Romania was the only European country where there was a judicial inquiry against the Prime Minister. That Ponta is suspected of these violations, it became known in early June, however, this does not encourage the Prime Minister to write a letter of resignation. Journalists counted 17 of the crimes with which he is suspected.

“What we see now in Romania, is a velvet revolution of the young generation against the ossified establishment. Against the ruling circles, all positions in which a quarter of a century ago has been securely distributed between ex-Communists and former intelligence officers, bringing fear after the overthrow of dictator Ceausescu. The interweaving of corruption, nepotism and political dependence kept the country under control. To this day,” writes the head of the Romanian edition of Deutsche Welle’s Robert Schwartz.

We will remind that Romania is in the EU, but still can not enter the Schengen area due to the high level of corruption. President Klaus Iohannis demanded that Ponta immediately resigned and did not spoil image of the country, but he ignored him. The President initiated the censure the Prime Minister that could facilitate the departure into retirement, but the vote was not supported in Parliament. This suggests that the majority are supporters of Victor Ponta. Recall that Ponta wanted to take the presidency at elections in 2014, but lost their Iohannis in the second round.

Not a problem for Russia

Director of the International Institute of the newest States, political analyst Alexei Martynov said in an interview with the newspaper VIEW that the political crisis in Romania is not a problem for Russia. Moscow is ready to cooperate with any political force in this country.

“Romania is part of NATO, there are military bases and infrastructure of the Alliance. Bucharest politically included in the sphere of interest of Berlin. Germany traditionally takes care of Romania both politically and economically. Russia, in its turn, Romania has good relations. But, maintaining smooth contacts with Bucharest, Moscow understands and keeps in mind that behind this country is Berlin”, – said Alexey Martynov.

The source believes that the processes taking place in Romania, are part of the political processes of the region of Eastern Europe. “It is very indicative in this sense, the presidential and parliamentary elections in Poland. There is a clear trend towards centralization of power. It is known that politically Poland watch over US. One political force, the party of Kaczynski, located in the most close relationship with the US Ambassador, has received all completeness of the power in the country. In the Sejm did not get, no left political party”, – said the analyst.

According to experts, in Romania is a mirror Polish political landscape. It is noteworthy that the resignation of the Prime Minister of Romania, member of the social democratic party, not the President – the leader of the liberal. Romania – presidential-parliamentary Republic. Of course, there is nothing extraordinary, but the trend is still observed.

“The political crisis in Romania is not a headache for Russia. Processes in Romania concern from the point of view that this country is the black sea, has a certain influence in Moldova and is an unofficial member of the Transnistrian conflict. Relations with Romania will remain, most likely, smooth,” concluded the analyst.


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