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Saturday, March 17, 2018

Right-hand drive cars buried in the “ERA-GLONASS”

Primorye again protested in connection with the difficulties with the import of used Japanese cars. The new restriction was the system “ERA-GLONASS”, the import of cars in Russia recently banned completely. Although some experts are threatened by a social explosion, in reality “ERA-GLONASS” will only help domestic automakers.

Information about the statement of the Governor of Primorye Vladimir Miklushevsky to the Deputy Prime Minister – Plenipotentiary representative of Russian President in far Eastern Federal district Yuri Trutnev appeared on Thursday. As reported TASS, the essence of this appeal was a request to defer at least six months the introduction of mandatory equipment of foreign cars of the Russian systems of the emergency notification of accidents “ERA-GLONASS”. From 1 January this year put on the account of foreign cars in Russia became possible only in the presence of this equipment.

“The cost of car innovation, of course, affect, because the costs of crash tests will eventually be incorporated in the retail price of cars”

No one explained

In defense of his proposal Miklushevsky gave the argument about the fact that Primorye is still nobody explained what the structure should include installation, health checks and technical support “ERA-GLONASS” used cars. Thus, according to him, the region is traditionally dependent on imports of foreign vehicles, “which sold not only in personal use but also for various kinds of work, cargo and passenger transport.”

The Governor is right – the far East because of the remoteness from centres of the Russian car industry has traditionally supplied the Japanese avtohlama, used cars, bought for a penny at auctions in Tokyo and forwarded to Vladivostok. The avtohlama tribute second-hand Japanese right-hand drive cars efficiently perform the tasks for which they are bought from the far East. Japan is interested in getting rid of road debris. By the way, used RHD cars are popular not only in the Russian far East, but even in such a safe country like New Zealand. A few years ago the government had imposed additional import duties on such cars, and their number began to decrease. The emergence of the norm about obligatory presence in imported into Russia the machine system “ERA-GLONASS” in fact introduces new constraints.

According to the chief of far Eastern customs administration, Yuri Ladygin, the regional customs warehouses accumulated about 800 cars from Asia – all this technology, which was supposed to bring into the territory of Russia, are not equipped with system “ERA-GLONASS”. However, as betrays RIA “Novosti”, the customs officer doubts that the appropriate equipment can be installed on cars abroad, because under existing rules “crash test need to spend at least twice”. We are talking about the test the vehicle before installing the system. The situation became so serious was the outcry that the presidential envoy to FEFD Yuri Trutnev promised to personally deal with her.

“In the far East and in Siberia, almost all the equipment, from personal cars to machines employed in the housing sector – Japanese, – commented the newspaper VIEW first Vice-President of the Duma Committee on state construction and legislation, the leader of the party “Automotive Russia” Vyacheslav Lysakov. – Since the nineties the local population developed a system of import in the region of the Japanese automotive “second-hand”. And now the people were, in fact, hitting below the belt. They did not explain, who and how will establish the “ERA-GLONASS”, did not create the infrastructure for it.”

According to the Deputy, inhabitants of Siberia and the Far East have made a choice in favor of Japanese cars because they fit perfectly under the conditions of the region:

“What good Japanese car? The fact that in any weather, whatever the quality of the roads it takes to get from point a to point B, says lisakov. – And in Siberia and the far East the roads are bad and the climate is harsh. Plus the Japanese make a whole group of AWD vehicles on diesel, which have no analogues in the domestic automobile industry. Why to deprive people of equipment which to them is perfect and they can’t buy in Russia?”.

Because the new rule is introduced ill-conceived, agree and head of the society for the protection of the rights of consumers “Potrebkontrol” Evgeny Kozik, as he told the newspaper VIEW:

“Somehow forgotten that in addition to the installation there is still repair and maintenance, and who should do it? – asks the public. – Again, when consumers are forced to put on purchased vehicle to any part is a violation of his rights.”

Who benefits

In turn, Vyacheslav Lysakov convinced that a mandatory installation on vehicles of emergency response was adopted to restrict the flow of imported of vehicles. In fact, this motif is the state and not too secret, although the official reason is concern about security, because the “ERA-GLONASS” allows to obtain the coordinates of the vehicle in the event of an accident and to send for emergency help.

Such protectionist measures in favor of Russian industry, the state began to take back in those days, when it began to fight with right-hand drive cars:

“In 2005, the year I initiated a protest against the attempts of the extrusion right-hand drive cars from the country, in many cities of Russia motorists left on the streets with the included emergency gang – says lisakov. – All the arguments against the right rudder was frankly far-fetched. The last successful move against import cars from Asia duty steel, the size of which was set depending on the engine capacity. This was done with reference to the standards of the WTO. The merchants answered that were imported to Russia in small cars. But now made a control shot”.

The MP believes that such measures will not benefit the Russian car industry, because “no country in the world, the restriction of competition is not impacted positively on quality”.

Business will suffer, customers will suffer

The largest Russian car dealers expressed concern about the fact that the mandatory installation of “ERA-GLONASS” can have a negative effect on their business.

“Innovation had no effect on the company, some models that were quite unit sales have gone or will soon leave the market, so as to certify them with the system “ERA-GLONASS” is economically inexpedient, – has shared information with the newspaper LOOK rukovditeli the direction of new car sales of group of companies “Avtomir” Michael Marakushev. – All expenses will be on buyers in the form of new prices, the range of changes in models may be different: contributing to the rise in price makes not only the electronics of the system “ERA-GLONASS”, but also a change in trim levels, the new model year.”

In turn, General Director of “advans-Avto”, a member of the Group of companies “Avtospetstsentr” Sergey Yanchuk also confirmed the idea of mandatory installation of “ERA-GLONASS” aimed directed against the import of used cars:

“The problems mentioned Miklushevsky, associated with a regular import of used cars, on new cars they do not affect, – says the entrepreneur. – For the European part of Russia any significant impact these changes will bring. The last few years, cars imported from abroad, do not affect this market and for good reason. A lot of budgetary foreign cars were sold in Russia in previous years, many enterprises appeared in the country, domestic cars have reached a new level of quality. In the far East the situation is somewhat different, that is why the Governor of Primorye and has proposed postponement of innovations”.

According to experts, the introduction of “ERA-GLONASS” did not affect car sales on the Russian market since January, to sell the 2016 model year, imported into Russia to the mandatory installation of the system.

“Overall, the impact of ERA on sale we do not expect, – says Yanchuk. – The cost of car innovation, of course, affect, because the costs of crash tests will eventually be incorporated in the retail cost of the car. The increase in prices associated with the “ERA-GLONASS”, for mass brands will be 0.5-1% of the car value. Impact the introduction of the ERA and the range of dealerships – a number of European manufacturers has not yet made the decision to equip some models of cars the system specifically for the Russian market, consequently the importation of these cars into the country is suspended.”


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