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Thursday, March 15, 2018

Trump intends to tame the “fourth power”

The new US President continued his “crusade” on CNN. The white house refuses to communicate c channel. However, for the next step extravagant trump is hiding a lot more. The campaign showed that the “fourth power” to openly abuse their power, and trump is going to teach journalists a lesson.

President Donald trump took the next step in its “war” with major us media, and specifically CNN. The white house refused to send their representatives on the CNN program, thereby depriving the TV station of the voice of the administration in its broadcast.

“Ethical and professional decay of mainstream media occurred exactly on the same pattern as the corruption any other has the power structure”

This was a continuation of the story with the anonymous publication of the report, which claimed that the Russian authorities have dirt on Donald trump. CNN, which actively supported the election campaign of Hillary Clinton became one of the purveyors of this information, which caused extremely sharp reaction of the then President-elect. At his first press conference, trump has refused to provide the opportunity to ask the reporter, calling it “fake news.”

However, if all the previous steps can be attributed to the emotional reaction of the new American President, which gradually change the temper justice with mercy, after the news about the position of the White house against the channel becomes clear that the case is more serious. It’s not the offense trump and not so much in CNN. Apparently, the new owner of the Oval office wants to reshape relations with the media by changing their place and position in the modern political system.

The fact that the system of traditional media for many reasons – from social networks to the appearance of fundamentally new technologies – plunged into a deep systemic crisis, is not a secret. However, the presidential campaign in the US revealed another serious layer of problems that was obvious before, but not manifested in such a degree of frankness.

We are talking about abuse of power by the “fourth estate”.

This theme is manifested with a maximum sharpness because exposed these abuses of the most serious and respectable media, whose reputation is built on decades, and in some cases even centuries of work. Curiously, ethical and professional decay of mainstream media occurred exactly on the same pattern as the corruption of any other with the power structure. Happened gradual shift of boundaries, until it was crossed some trait, which revealed that the case went too far.

In the case of the American media this feature was the presidential campaign. The most respected and serious of the country’s media have become participants so disgusting and not knowing any boundaries antithrombosis campaign that their bias and the bias caused sharp rejection in American society.

But now, apparently, the example of CNN Donald trump intends to give the us media another very painful lesson.

Among the reasons that gave rise to such radical self-confidence in their abilities from the media, a considerable part is established in the West, the situation in which for certain people, especially politicians and statesmen, to quarrel with the media unprofitable. A quarrel with the influential publication could adversely affect political and public career, even at the senior official of opportunity to inflict really serious damage to media no.

Donald trump seems to have decided that found a way and went for broke. Yeah, CNN may be the whole period of his stay in the White house (and then) to use a trump as a target. But what damage will incur itself the world’s leading news media, if it is valid for several years will be cut off from direct access to the most important source of information in the world? Will this damage ultimately unacceptable?

The answer to this question is not currently known to anyone. The management of CNN demonstrates the bravado and willingness to withstand the pressure, claiming a record high ratings. However, what in reality will be the effect of this decision, only time will tell. The media experts show much less confidence in the forecasts. CNN’s lack of direct access to the White house, according to their estimates, in the long term can cause serious damage to the channel.

It is also important that, by taking such a radical confrontation with the most important and influential global news teleholding, Donald trump is sending a transparent message to all the rest of the world media. If he was not afraid to challenge CNN, then certainly for others it will not.

However, the most important is the outcome of this confrontation. And if CNN admits its defeat, it will mean a massive shift in the positioning of the media and a noticeable decline in their influence in world politics.


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