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Friday, March 23, 2018

The residents of Avdeyevka and Donetsk told about life under shelling

The main victims of a new aggravation of the conflict in Ukraine again became civilians in the area on both sides of the front, which is subjected to intensive attacks are hundreds of thousands of people. What is happening in the Donbass from an everyday point of view and from what is primarily affected local residents?

Krasnogorovka, Avdeevka, as of the first half of the day Wednesday, was the most hot spots in the Donbass, said on Wednesday the representative of the Ministry of defense of Ukraine Col.

“And there was again war at 2014. Grads to both sides beating, people leave who than can, at checkpoints the queue have to stand for 12 hours”

“The fighting in the town lasted almost around the clock, with the exception of a short break between three and four o’clock in the morning,” he was quoted by UNIAN. In addition, Motuzyanik said that in Avdeevka damaged eight houses, wounded one civilian Tuesday night was broken the last thread of power that fed electricity to the city. “So the item is without stable electricity, water and heat supply”, – said the Ukrainian official.

On the other side of the front, the DNR recognize that the bumps can be applied to the plant, since the position of the APU is located among houses. As explained on the eve of the newspaper VIEW, the founder of the battalion “Vostok” (DNI), head of the public organization “Patriotic forces of Donbass” Alexander Khodakovsky: “the position of our enemies are either in the vicinity of the Town, or in the town, in the village is already the third day no light and water”.

Please tell me how Kyiv “helps them”

Who wished to remain anonymous resident of the Town told the newspaper VIEW that the shops in the city are powered by generators. Also from the benefits of civilization, according to the citizen, the city maintained water, gas and partly heating. “Partially,” since the battery according to local, “barely warm” and the temperature in the apartments at night is reduced to approximately plus 15 degrees.

Another problem to the environment has been regular attacks: mainly exposed to the private sector in the South-Eastern part of the city – streets Kolosova, Levanevskogo, Red, Metallurgists and others, the source explained.

According to him, the city has several points of heating: discovered, in particular, in kindergartens of the city. “You can drink hot tea, get a bowl of porridge, fresh bread, but the main thing – to charge the phone from a generator. Service charge mobile phones and also offer some Avdiivka shops, working from their generators. However, often it takes the money of the order of 10-15 hryvnia” (20-25 rubles – approx. OPINION)”, – said the resident of Avdeevka.

In addition, said our source, from city hospitals evacuated patients also make up the lists for the evacuation of children. “Adults offer to evacuate on their own. Those who do not have transport to do this is problematic: buses go regularly, and those that are, are overcrowded. Trains don’t go at all. Closer to the evening promise some buses in Slavyansk and Mariupol from charitable organizations,” he added.

However, according to a resident of the Town, on the streets of many visitors – journalists of Kyiv and foreign channels, officials and employees of the OSCE and other international organizations. “Journalists are literally attacking the locals with requests to talk about how the help of the authorities”, – the interlocutor told.

“Again, the war began in 2014, – said the Ukrainian “Vesti” resident Yasinovataya, which is located in the DNR. – “Grad” in both directions beating, people leave who than can, at checkpoints the queue have to stand for 12 hours. Carriers prices were raised several times, and now, to leave, you have to pay up to 500 UAH. But leaving only those not holding a job. Of the company and the railroad continue to operate. School closed until Monday.” According to local residents, this whole week disappear the light, the heating, the water.

Renewed attacks on Donetsk

Later on Wednesday evening the Ukrainian security forces resumed massive shelling of Donetsk from heavy howitzers, despite the decision of the contact group on conflict resolution on the ceasefire, said the Deputy commander of the operational command proclaimed Donetsk national Republic (DND) Eduard Bacurin.

And earlier on Wednesday at the shelling of the Ukrainian army hit the hospital № 2, and the private sector, killing two citizens, reported “Interfax” the representative of the municipality of Makeyevka. According to him, the shells fell in the private sector near the hospital building, resulting in one person died and another was wounded. “In the same area near the ingress to the private sector. One woman killed, another injured by shrapnel,” – said the source. In addition, on Wednesday in Donetsk in the shelling damaged the ambulance crew.

Despite the lull in the Donetsk, said Wednesday evening the command of the DNI, the position on the front line continues to deteriorate, quotes RIA “news” a summary of the Ministry of defence DND. Meanwhile, renovation work began in the Donetsk filter station. Let’s remind, that the fire station has led to the shutdown of heating and water in the Donetsk and the surrounding towns and villages. In total there live about 40 thousand people.

“In Donetsk, the tin is going on”

Last night a resident of Donetsk, Julia, Gavrilchuk this phrase described what was happening in the city in your Facebook. “Hail, +/-, direct hits. Tanks, fortunately, no. Like” – she wrote. “Half of the Kiev and Kuibyshev part without light, water and MTS (mobile connection – approx. OPINION). Here are just a few moments ago, even me on the other side of the city with beds planted. Center, they say, is also not sleeping. It’s been a while, and I haven’t read as many addresses in the reports of arrivals,” added donchanka.

Donetsk blogger Denis Seleznev in Facebook told how to survive artillery attack children in a school. “Call the teacher said that today, when too ripped, bleated the whole class, like a lamb, and tried under their desks to hide. Poor guy. His calm, but he still is afraid and it shows”, he said.

“Not to let children out of the house”

Donetsk journalist Ramil of Sadyhanov in an interview with the newspaper LOOK told me that his house is almost on the Northern outskirts of Donetsk, then have to start villages, which are active attacks. “Until Wednesday, I had electricity, and heating, and water. It is now reported that as a result of stopping verhnekalmiusskaya filter station, now the water will be given only at night. Now neither hot nor cold water, but heating works,” he said.

With food, range of products on the shelves of urban transport, according to Semdyanova, problems in Donetsk. “The buzz in the shops, I also watched salt, matches, sugar and other commodities no one is in panic buys”, he explained.

With regard to the work of educational institutions, Sadyhanov told that the school, goes to his eldest daughter, has announced that until Monday, there will be no class. “In other schools until recently the classes were held. Some institutions declared a holiday,” he said. In any case, according to Donetsk journalist, is best not to let children out of the house.

“People recently accustomed to civilian life, to the fact that life is getting better. Now many, especially of those in the last year and a half returned to Donetsk, to the shock of cannon fire. The last four days, began arrivals on civilian targets”, – shared with the newspaper VIEW Donetsk journalist Sergey Belous. He noted that yesterday he in the Kiev district filmed a report about the death of the pensioner. “Journalists who came after us, came under fire. And journalists are so unaccustomed to attacks that went without helmets and body armor,” added the reporter.


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