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Saturday, March 24, 2018

The British fleet returns in the Black sea for the first time since world war

Launched in Black sea NATO exercise only precede the implementation of the plan to strengthen its military presence in the region. Details of the plan remain secret, but can give to Russia a few unpleasant surprises. Including the attempt on the Montreux Convention, respecting which the ultimate insists Moscow.

Wednesday start naval NATO exercises in the Black sea, mainly in the area of Romania with a total area of about 80 thousand square km, they will involve 11 ships and 2.8 thousand military from the host country, as well as from Bulgaria, Greece, Turkey, USA, Canada, Spain and Ukraine. This will be “standard procedure for NATO anti-air, underwater and surface threats.”

The British fleet on the side of the offended

“HMS Diamond can take part in some “secret exercises” in Ukraine. Or rather, should protect 660 Marines that will be something to teach Ukrainian colleagues”

Exercises traditionally called “Sea shield – 2017”, and to similar allusions after the return of Crimea to Russia have all become accustomed. In Brussels do love the word “shield” in the names of demonstrative shares, it must emphasize the peaceful and defensive in nature as the presence of NATO ships from foreign shores, and of the Alliance as a whole. Here and now presence, for example, the canadian vehicle so distant from their homeland, the region considered to be peaceful, because directly in the Russian waters it is not going to invade, because want to live, but defensive, because “an attack on one country of the Alliance means an attack on the entire Alliance.” Really, who’s the victim here – is unclear.

Recently skillfully “play the victim” learned the Baltic States. On the official NATO channel once even posted a video that demonstrates the joint military exercises in Lithuania with the title “Response to Russian aggression”. The Colonel announced as the head of logistics of the joint staff of the Lithuanian army, explained that the actions of NATO’s deployment of us military units in Eastern Europe – again peace-loving and defensive because “the Russians have stationed at our borders entire new division and the missile system of distant radius of action, and NATO responds to only one battalion.” After that, caught by NATO a journalist on the Central street of Kaunas, intelligent-looking man in pure Russian laments that thousands of soldiers is very small. He wants another one.

On the southern flank so obvious “victims” no. Countries, this role proudly claim, not part of NATO, moreover, in the foreseeable future they do not Shine. More recently, this role is ably played Georgia, but the casting has not passed (in Tbilisi joke that “would be a blonde – would NATO mine”). Now her place was taken by Ukraine. Annual exercise “Sea shield” was invented in order to “support” Kiev, who are suffering in the face of Russian aggression. This “mission support” and bear the periodic visits to the Black sea taken separately warships and that there is in principle nothing to do. Some very distinguished “flying Dutchman” – like the American destroyer “Donald cook” had to be noted on both flanks, having been on similar exercises in the Baltic sea. With the same success, by the way.

Now “the flying Dutchman” Her Majesty’s destroyer Diamond is a very promising vehicle project 45, they are the same “type of Daring” the head ship of the series. In the UK, built six pieces, and they are considered a component of the so-called long-term forces 2020, the program of rearmament of the British Navy.

After the end of world war II is the first British warship coming into the Black sea. That in itself is a sensation. These things are really symbolic and, as a rule, have a political subtext. The defense Minister of Britain Michael Fallon said bluntly that London is that way “sends a clear signal” on “support for the sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity of Ukraine”.

Michael Fallon expressed about Russia as the main threat to the world (which “can withstand only NATO”), and TAVKR “Admiral Kuznetsov” – how about “ship of shame”, is commonly perceived as excessively talkative Scot, who happened to be in this position. In the UK this happens – the government’s updated entirely, and people shuffle in positions regardless of their education, professional specialization, and even life experience. To the whole system of state power in such a historically developed form of work with the staff collapsed, the British in the nineteenth century, invented the “permanent secretaries” – are professionals in the rank, approximately equal to our first Deputy Minister who fundamentally do not belong to any political parties, and not changed with the departure of a government. The work of the ministries and departments in the UK are in fact run by them and not – as in our case – the irreplaceable since 1997 the winner of the election in the district of Sevenoaks (Kent), which is still in the Cabinet of Margaret Thatcher worked.

But Fallon is famous for the fact that at the age of 25 years worked as a Secretary of the so-called Committee for the future of the house of lords, so that the symbols and their practical application familiar. Frequent rotation of its ships in the Black sea NATO bypasses the Montreux Convention, which prohibits warships nachimovsky States can stay in the waters for more than 21 days. But for the first time “the flying Dutchman” in the Black sea has become a British ship, which may be considered a symbol rather internal NATO or even the European. London suddenly decided to take on this function, after the flag fell from the hands of the valiant 6th fleet of the USA.

In addition, HMS Diamond, according to British media reports, may participate in certain “secret teachings” in Ukraine. Rather, he must guard 660 British Marines that will be something to learn from their Ukrainian colleagues. However, it is unclear whether you end up believing Sunday Mail and how you can “secretly” deliver on the “secret doctrine” of the British battalion of the marine corps with the equipment, armament and supply service. Now, the destroyer is only 60 Marines.

Plan Stoltenberg

Mid-February in Brussels scheduled meeting of the defense Ministers of NATO countries where the head of the Alliance Jens Stoltenberg has announced a package of measures to strengthen NATO presence in the Black sea and in the black sea region as a whole. Voyage of the destroyer Diamond stated including in the framework of this plan. But the Montreux Convention’s kind of like not canceled, and to follow the disastrous path of the German Empire, with its famous “military cunning” during the First world war (the”transfer” Turkey cruisers “goeben” and “Breslau”) it seems like no one is going, and rumors that the Diamond was going to “give” of Romania, it seems, was not. And so the pride and beauty of the Romanian Navy – destroyers “King Ferdinand” and “Queen Mary” is the former HMS Coventry and London respectively, who still remember the Falklands war.

Accurate data on NATO plans to strengthen its southern flank yet, but you have to be ready for almost any eventuality. Stoltenberg is more politician than military (if so to be completely honest with ourselves, it has nothing to do with military matters nothing), and a distinct Scandinavian politician as we know them the last 50 years: unscrupulous, ambitious from good family, pampered in youth, leftist ideas, and then taking the “Scandinavian socialism” as a convenient mechanism for climbing the career ladder. The most significant move in his career Stoltenberg was forming his government in 2009, according to the principle of gender equality – 10 men and 10 women. Beautiful, but pointless.

As the head of NATO Stoltenberg may well build a plan that will be formally circumvent the Montreux Convention. Imagine offhand what it could be (forget the incident of “Goeben” and “Breslau”), is extremely difficult. You can go the way of the restructuring of infrastructure, for example to build in Romania shipyards and shipyards. It is possible to drastically increase the presence of bomber command in Northern Italy, relocate back a couple of squadrons of the Royal “Tornado” from out of Marhama or Lossiemouth, hanging them on missiles “air – surface”, but then gives way and the edge of the native Stoltenberg of Norway. You can (God forbid) vigorously to arm Bulgaria (by the way, its defense Minister a few days ago about something were whispered with Stoltenberg in Brussels). And the concept of the current commander of U.S. 6th fleet, Vice Admiral James Foggo, who offered to extend the patrol of NATO ships in the Black sea to four months, demonstrates only the level of General education of this worthy seaman with degrees from the University of Strasbourg.

In Moscow called these actions of NATO are provocative and violate the existing balance of forces. “Increased activity of NATO in the Barents, Baltic and Black seas is a destructive, provocative character”, – said the chief of the General staff army General Valery Gerasimov. And on 12 December, foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov stressed that Russia is firmly and rigidly in favour of compliance with the Montreux Convention on the status of the black sea Straits, while the US is trying illegally to prolong the stay of their ships in the region. Earlier, Russia’s permanent representative to NATO Alexander Grushko expressed the sense that if NATO wants to conduct a dialogue on arms control, it should refuse to strengthen the Eastern flank.

It remains to be seen what creative will demonstrate Stoltenberg in two weeks. In any case, the active participation of naval forces of Ukraine is not provided. It’s a trough not to patch.


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