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Monday, March 19, 2018

The battle of France will be of particular importance

After Brexton and trump came the turn of France. Three months before presidential elections, the struggle for power in this country has escalated to the limit. In the battle for Paris face not only the interests of different segments of the national elite, but also the contradictions between global and national elites as such. And after the defeat in Anglo-Saxon countries, the stakes are getting higher.

Before the election of the President of France less than three months – on April 23 will host the first round. If you look at the French election campaign by, at first glance, it seems that now there’s the devil himself a leg break. In recent months, the internal party primaries to win not favorites, the ruling party has no chances to even reach the second round, while candidates more and more, and mutual compromising.

“The question of who will become the new French President, has far beyond national boundaries value”

This chaos is only partly explained by the specificity of French political life. To an even greater extent France have found themselves in the trend – in line with the processes taking place in the West. The battle of the nationalists and the globalists after the UK and the USA moved to France. Although in Anglo-Saxon countries took opponents of the erosion of national sovereignty, neither of which the rejection of the only true globalization of the question. Supranational elites are going to fight and reclaim and Britain, and the us back on track. That is why the April elections in France are becoming so important. It is not a question of the future of France, and even the problem of the crisis of the European Union. French vote – the question of the future of the Atlantic globalization per se, the question of the unity of the West.

The worst for the Atlantic elite variant is the victory of marine Le Pen. This is the best scenario for Russia. France is regaining full national sovereignty and or significantly reforming the EU (a Union of national States), or leaves it, thereby destroying it. Despite the fact that marine Le Pen remains the most popular politician in France and the undoubted winner of the first round (30-35 percent of the vote), to win the second round it will be very difficult. Against it merged the entire French elite, and actively playing all the supranational power.

Six months ago, it seemed that in the second round with Le Pen will meet a former President Sarkozy and former Prime Minister Alain Juppe. But the Republicans, the main opposition party, they chose françois Fillon, a former Prime Minister. Right, Catholic, skeptical to the EU, understanding the importance of normal relations with Russia, Fillon was part of the French ruling class and a much lesser evil to the Atlanticists than Le Pen.

It seemed that around him will rally a large part of the French establishment – to stop Marin is totally unacceptable that for the left that the right. But no – Fillon started to drown, and in the last days this process has become really dangerous for the prospects of the former favorite character. Fillon accused of that and so do all French politicians – that his wife had decorated his assistant and received a salary for nothing. Fillon did not hide that his wife was framed in his camera, but he flatly denies that she was slacking.

After Fillon began to even blame Russia – the leader of the French green Yannick Jadot stated that “the rumor is that Fillon has been working on Russian company. Not surprisingly therefore, his favorable statements about the Russian President.” The French media hinted earlier that Fillon could get big money for performances in Russia, but the former Prime Minister denied it. Now Jadot stated that it is necessary to pay attention to the fact that Fillon five years four times the increase in their income, in particular getting to 17 thousand euros per month “the client, the origin of which is carefully concealed” – and here supposedly hidden Russian money. The head of the election headquarters of Fillon in response, assured that “the consulting company françois Fillon is not among the clients of the companies or organisations from Russia”.

The reputation of the Fillon before that was above suspicion, and here the noisy campaign in the press began to affect his ratings. Previously, he is only slightly inferior to marine Le Pen, and now began to lag behind, gaining slightly more than 22 percent. And on his heels with 21 percent comes Emmanuel macron – 39-year-old former economy Minister for the socialists. People from which you are trying to make decapitation candidate – but which in reality was most satisfied with the ruling elite. This is the main candidate of the globalists in this election. And puts him as the ruling socialist party and the integration.

Although formally the socialists have their own candidate from their days on the outcome of the primaries became Benoit Hamon, another former Minister of economy of the times of Hollande. But Amon is too the left, and the status of the candidate of the socialist party after the disastrous presidency of Hollande drown any candidate. Yes, immediately after the nomination of Amon surveys have shown that it is ready to support about 15 percent of the electorate. But thinking of him as a President is absolutely impossible, even if in his favor with the elections will star the popular left candidate Jean-Luc Mélenchon.

A former socialist Jean-Luc Mélenchon in 2012 gained 11 percent to the nomination of Amon had the support of 15 percent, and now seemingly slipped to 8-10 per cent and even if he was persuaded to abandon the struggle, more than 20 percent of the “United left candidate” and not to gain. Yet in favor of trying to persuade Amon to star green candidate – even though he was two percent already precisely do not make the weather.

It is at first sight strange. In France, the strong left-wing traditions, and even a disastrous five-year reign of socialists should not, it would seem that so dramatically affect the chances of the left candidates. But the fact is that many on the left – the real left not: it is rather the liberals than socialists. So is Hollande himself and his Prime Minister Valls, who tried to run for President. There is nothing surprising in the fact that voters do or vote for mélenchon of the left, or go to the candidates, speakers on top of the barriers.

So the main snag in these elections participates with Emmanuel macron – a former Minister of socialist government, the ideologist of liberal economic reforms Hollande, while not a member of the party. Six months ago he organized his own party “Forward” and moved from her presidential – feeding yourself as an alternative to the establishment:

“Inside I saw the emptiness of our system, which makes it difficult for many ideas to be realized. In recent months I realized how expensive costing us the clan system, which has become a major obstacle to change in our country. I’m more than determined, I’m against this system.”

Parallels with trump’s call to get rid of the entrenched Washington lobbyists was more than obvious. But, unlike billionaire, Makron still, his entire career was part of the political system. Believe his insight was hard – especially since his support began to speak a number of prominent socialists, including the former party leader and ex-wife of Hollande, ségolène Royal.

What would it be? Against marine Le Pen trying to get to the second round of the Emmanuel Macron, as if the center-left – to stage a battle “all good France” against the dreaded “nationalists-isolationists”. In favor of Macron mobilise left-wing voters, the media and the stars of show business, despite the fact that everyone understands that it inflated figure and, as said by the former Minister of culture Jacques lang, “betrayed once, will betray twice.” Furthermore, Makron with its deeds – that is, its current programme of “democratic revolution” has nothing to do with what he was doing before the government of the socialists or the investment Bank Rothschild.

If the ruling socialists will be able to drown a rating of françois Fillon, rival Le Pen will be the Makron – the man whom three years ago (he became Minister in the summer of 2014) in France, no one knew. Neither his program nor his statements cannot be trusted: its main function is to prevent the power of Le Pen. And all the French nationalists, some of which, with all the nuances and affiliation to the ruling bureaucracy, is Fillon.

His presidency is highly undesirable for the Atlanticists, not only because of his attitude to reconciliation with Russia, but also because it will be the correction of the foreign policy of France. Not as strong as with Le Pen, but quite noticeable. Moreover, after right-wing President Fillon transition to the far-right (in liberal terminology) the President Le Pen could be quite acceptable for most French companies. So the liberal Atlanticists want to stop “right Bank” of France at the first stage.

In relation to Russia macron takes a balanced position – which, however, is another confirmation of the fact that he’s just trying to meet the expectations of voters. Confrontation with Russia is unpopular in French society. About the need to build close relationships says Le Pen, the partnership said Fillon. Macron, while trying to stab the Fillon – “I am not enamored with Mr. Putin, I don’t pretend to be his friend” but advocates that “to normalize relations with Russia as a partner with which we have to discuss the Syrian issue… Need it to be independent of the dialogue… Not that the US was dictating French policy on the international arena.”

On the Macron puts the ruling bureaucracy, supranational elite, after you press and liberal “rulers of minds”. He is not like Clinton, and even tries to play the role of the Iconoclast elite – but his confrontation with a real “French tramp”, with marine Le Pen, will be a “moment of truth” appeared out of nowhere candidate. Very soon we will see whether the French are catching the spirit of Breccia and trump.


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