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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Cleaning of the Department of state will benefit Russia

More than a thousand employees of the US state Department signed a petition condemning the US President for a signed decree. Previously unthinkable situation became possible due to the collision of the new administration trump the old guard of the state Department, or nominees of Clinton. Should I expect that the criticism of the decree trump the migrants – which has already fired the acting head of the justice Ministry – will cost of posts of officials of the state Department?

The administration of Donald trump has not considered all the consequences of presidential decrees to tighten immigration policy. This was stated by the head of the Senate foreign Affairs Committee Bob Corker, who on Wednesday was quoted by TASS. The Senator stressed that the administration trump runs the risk of spoiling relations with congressional Republicans, if not will inform about the decisions. “I think they (White house officials) realize it, but I don’t know that bothers them or not”, – said the head of the international Committee of the upper house of Congress.

“For Russia, the purge of diplomatic personnel of the Department of state will only have a positive effect”

Earlier it was reported that about 900 employees of the US state Department has signed and sent the document criticized the immigration decree trump. As the New York Times to 16.00 Tuesday (environment around 1.00 GMT) letter received about 1 thousand employees of the state Department. Note that, as previously reported, trump’s measures to limit the migration was supported by about 49% of Americans and opposed by 41%.

Press Secretary trump’s Sean Spicer on Monday said that he was aware of the Memorandum gosdepovtsev. However, he stressed that the foreign Ministry staff who do not agree with the agenda of the President, “must either accept the program or to leave.” The diplomat, the source, The New York Times, stressed that such statements are “intimidation at the highest level.” “The President’s obviously bad,” he said.

It is possible that “dissidents” from the state Department may suffer the fate dismissed Sally Yates, who had recently been appointed acting Minister of justice. Appointee of Barack Obama Yates temporarily headed the Ministry, as nominated by the trump – Jeff sessions – not yet approved by the U.S. Senate. The reason for the dismissal of acting head of the Ministry of justice was the criticism of the decree trump the migrants – which the new owner of the White house regarded as a betrayal.

Also we will remind that the former head of the state Department, in the recent past the candidate in US presidents from Democrats Hillary Clinton supported the protesters against the decrees trump. The same opinion was expressed, and who recently left the White house Barack Obama.

“It’s our culture, we even reward you for it”

Internal Memorandum, compiled by the “rebellious” employees of the foreign Ministry, began his journey through the official email addresses of the employees of the state Department in Washington. Then through dozens of us embassies, he went to the Indonesian capital Jakarta, and from there throughout Africa.

Later one of the copies appeared on Facebook. The main message of the letter was the fact that trump’s decision on a temporary ban of entrance of citizens of seven Muslim countries will not improve the situation in the country.

According to employees of the state Department, remained unclear who was responsible or who was collecting signatures for the letter. A source in the Department, who wished to remain anonymous, noticed that those wishing to sign the letter would have been much more, “if they knew who the initiator of the Memorandum”. On the other hand, a state Department official working in Africa, said: “the Sending of such memoranda is our culture… we even reward you for it.”

Meanwhile, a letter in the mailing process several times edited, in particular, was added the phrase “continuing shame”, says The NYT. The Memorandum stresses that the visa ban “would alienate allies” and hit “America in economic terms, because the influx of foreigners brings to the country an additional $ 250 billion, providing more than a million jobs.”

Reason beautifully to resign

The Deputy of the State Duma Leonid Kalashnikov in comments to the newspaper OPINION noted that the question of the appointment of the head of the US state Department Rex Tillerson is actually already solved.

However, Kalashnikov does not see much danger that this rebelliousness will grow into an open sabotage of the new American administration. “To this fronderstvo in the American diplomatic corps was not, and there is the leadership of the state Department,” – said the Deputy. Moreover, given the activities of the us Department of the times of Obama, for Russia such a purge of diplomatic personnel, according to Kalashnikov, will have only a positive effect.

Political scientist, Professor of political theory at MGIMO of the MFA of Russia Kirill Koktysh noted in turn that the purge of the state Department from the old frames would have positive consequences for the United States.

“Indeed, in the past the state Department most of the staff did not hide their political sympathies, reflected the interests of the old, globalist administration. The administration of the same trump, as you know, is the anti-globalization positions. The issue of resignations in the us diplomatic service was in the air. So, for most signatories to this Memorandum, this gesture is just a nice reason to resign,” – said the expert newspaper VIEW.

However, in his opinion, such a politicization of self-resignation is unnecessary, because the policy of the trump and the balance of power will not be affected. Besides, reminded Koktysh, the challenge for any diplomat not to formulate policy priorities, and do what they say and formulate political leadership of the country.

“Unhappy is the right to resign. But, sorry, not to write various memoranda and petitions. No country in the world diplomatic corps to such things do not”, – concluded the expert.

Cleaning waiting for the leadership of the state Department and the Embassy in “key countries”

The analyst, americanist Victor Olevich, conversing with the newspaper LOOK of the demarche of members of the American foreign Ministry, noted that the state Department now there are many staff as direct appointees of the Obama administration, and as those that brought Hillary and appointees of John Kerry.

“In addition, appointed to the post of Secretary Rex Tillerson has just passed through the relevant Committee of the Senate, so his place is acting Thomas Shannon, also a protege of Obama,” – said the expert. However americanist noted that the state Department also has career diplomats, the people who stay and work regardless of what administration is in the White house, however, and among them many opponents of immigration reform trump.

Speaking about the prospects of the upcoming layoffs in the state Department, Olevich indicated that a number of figures who held key posts in the U.S. foreign service under the Obama administration, has already been dismissed, and several awaiting replacement. In addition, he noted that ambassadors and diplomatic staff in key countries are usually political appointees.

“This applies to the UK, France, Germany, Italy, and several other States. In 2014 who financed the campaign of Obama and appointed U.S. Ambassador to Norway George Tsunis actually caused an uproar, because, as he himself admitted, didn’t know the country where he was going, and made in a speech a number of factual mistakes”, – told the americanist. In his opinion, trump will likely also deliver to these countries for their own political appointees. But as countries less comfortable to stay there, says Olevich, most likely, will continue to work with career diplomats, regardless of their loyalty to the new President.


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