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Friday, March 23, 2018

Candidates for the post of Chancellor of Germany compete in the criticism of Russia and the tramp

The main candidates for the post of Chancellor of Germany demonstrated the unity of views on the world around us. Angela Merkel and Martin Schulz actively criticize Russia and the new US President Donald trump, and at some point it becomes unclear why one of these politicians is considered “right” and the other “left”. But in Germany there is a third way, which was not before.

While in France the candidates are ranked, or otherwise Express sympathy for Russia, in Germany, the situation is the opposite. And Chancellor Angela Merkel, and her main rival – the candidate of the Social democratic party of Germany (SPD), former speaker of the European Parliament Martin Schulz is acting in compliance with the covenants of the previous Washington administration.

“Russia will mount a campaign of misinformation to influence the choice of the Germans, it will be the election campaign of a new model”

“What makes trump is anti-American,” said Schultz, adding that the United States as no country in the world supported education, democratization and freedom.

“If trump will continue to erode these values (Schultz used the term “use of iron woman for the demolition of buildings”, obviously hinting at the building’s past trump), then I, as Chancellor, will say to him: “It is not the policy of Europe and Germany!” – quotes its words Reuters.

The candidate of the social Democrats, also spoke out against lifting the sanctions against Russia: “until the Minsk agreements are not fulfilled, sanctions can’t be lifted. We have to say to Putin is very clear: Russia is obliged to respect and protect international law.”

Recall the official position of Moscow: Russia is not a party in the Donbas conflict, the observance of the Minsk agreements primarily depends on Kiev, the second – from Donetsk and Lugansk, the comprehensive effect which the Kremlin has not. In Germany, it is also understood. So, in Suddeutsche Zeitung published an article in which the author directly blames Poroshenko in the desire to thwart the US plans to ease sanctions against Russia and warns that the Ukrainian President is ready for everything just the warming of relations between Moscow and Washington did not happen.

Even more remarkable, The New York Times published an article about what is happening in the Donbass, entitled “the Civil war in Ukraine,” but soon the word “civil” has disappeared from the site (Google remembers the original version of the name). This text draws attention to the paragraph which States that evidence of the participation of Russia in the conflict are messages coming to phones Ukrainian soldiers, saying: “You cannon fodder for your commanders.” Of course, the rebels themselves to such “psychic attacks” would think of such a secret ability to speak only in Moscow.

But back to Germany. According to Reuters, the position of Schulz and Merkel about trump and about Russia are similar. Chancellor criticized the American President for his anti-immigrant decree. And being one of the “architects” of the Minsk agreement, continues to demand from Russia the unconditional implementation of those agreements, only occasionally drawing attention to the fact that the main saboteur in this case is Kiev.

Thus, they seem to be very fair assumption of analysts that Schultz goes to the polls as a convenient sparring partner for Merkel, in order, like his predecessors (Frank-Walter Steinmeier in 2009 and peer Steinbrueck in 2013), solemnly to play with obviously higher-ranking Frau kantslerin, and continue to bargain for seats in the government or EU institutions.

However, there is one difference. Before Merkel and the candidate of the SPD really had no alternative. Now it is, it’s called the “Alternative for Germany” (ADH). And the statements of Schultz’s clearly talking about the fact that its headquarters and the headquarters of Merkel intend to play in the elections classical political scheme, when the “home” candidate is only “white” campaign, cutting ribbons, kissing babies and respectful about the opponents. A “technical” candidate actively criticizing competitors, with the exception of “main”, gathering this way over the entire film.

“Which can lead to blind nationalism, we have known the example of the history of the first half of the twentieth century. Therefore, the party Hecke, Howland and Petri (representatives of ADH) – this is no alternative for Germany but it is a disgrace to the Federal Republic”, – quotes TASS Schultz.

According to January’s survey research Institute INSA, the current rating of the ruling coalition headed by Angela Merkel is 32%, Schulz and the SPD have 21% support, ADG, headed by Frauke Petri – 15%. While in the local elections in Mecklenburg – Vorpommern, held in September, the results looked different: the SPD gained 30.5%, the ADG – 21%, and forming the basis of the ruling coalition of the CDU only 19%.

It is not surprising that the full power of the propaganda machine in Germany, the European Union and the faithful of the democratic party publications USA now directed against ADH. While Der Tagesspiegel, citing data from intelligence services, writes that Merkel may be “the next victim of Russian propaganda” because “Russia will mount a campaign of misinformation to influence the choice of the Germans, it will be the election campaign of a new model”. The author hopes that the Germans will be quite “Mature” in order not to draw attention to the “fakes”, and still re-elect the incumbent Chancellor.

Financial Times, in turn, writes that the Kremlin intends to “influence public opinion and political processes” in Germany, a minimum – spend of ADH in the Bundestag, and as a maximum – to ensure the defeat of Merkel in the elections. “Germany Merkel with a strong economy and the lowest unemployment rate and crime is difficult to destabilize, and the chances of the Chancellor to lose the election to the Bundestag are considered to be small. However, just think about the victory of Donald trump in the United States” – concludes the author of the article in FT.

It is significant that, despite the complete failure of technology to demonize trump and the announcement thereof, “Kremlin agent”, in relation to ADH, as in the case of the National front in France, their opponents use precisely the same methods. Or they basically do not know how to learn from the mistakes of others, or hope that the French and the Germans are afraid of Putin and the “Russian hackers” are stronger than the Americans.

In any case, the elections in Germany will take place on 24 September, after four and a half months after will know the name of the President of France. It is possible that, given the French campaign the German will be slightly adjusted.

If the German media and politicians will continue to devote 90% of their time demonizing “Putin’s agents” in the face of ADH, and the remaining 10% – the criticism of trump, do not be surprised if by September it’s so bored to German voters that they really will vote to Chancellor was still a woman. That’s just her name is not Angela Merkel, and Frauke Petry.


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