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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Alexander Khodakovsky: the beat will be likely in the direction debaltseve

“The escalation was provoked by the Ukrainian side. It all started three days ago with the attack was in absolutely poor condition of people on militia positions,” – said the newspaper VIEW, the founder of the battalion “Vostok” (DND) Alexander Khodakovsky. He described what is happening in the Donbass in connection with a sharp aggravation of the military on the fronts.

Ukrainian security forces since the beginning of aggravation of the situation in the Donbass took six attempts to break through the militia positions, and three of them – on Tuesday, said a defense Ministry spokesman of Donetsk people’s Republic. According to him, three attempts to break the two were taken to the South of the Republic, one at the Donetsk direction.

“To evacuate the local population with a view to ensuring security – in General this is a reasonable action on the part of Ukraine”

As reported TASS, Ukrainian authorities announced a partial evacuation of residents of the city of Avdeevka, located in 20 kilometers from Donetsk.

Former commander of the battalion “Vostok” (DNI), head of the public organization “Patriotic forces of Donbass” Alexander Khodakovsky said in an interview with the newspaper VIEW about the direction in which the Armed forces of Ukraine (APU) could cause in the coming days, the brunt of the DNI.

OPINION: Alexander, a mass evacuation of the inhabitants of the Town may mean that the APU is prepared to leave this city?

Alexander Khodakovsky: there is no reason to believe that the Ukrainian side is preparing the plant for commissioning. Over the past three days on the initiative of the conflict became more intense. Increased artamon, and in the course went armed with the calibre of which exceeds the envisaged by the Minsk agreements 100 mm, multiple rocket launchers. This artillery duel is a very devastating consequences. The position of our enemies are either in the vicinity of the Town, or in the town, in the village is already the third day no light and water.

Exacerbating the situation and causing us to return fire, the APU thus subjected the civilian population of the Town at serious risk. Not only that there was a humanitarian problem, and there is a risk to suffer from the “arrival” artillerijskogo shell from our side. To evacuate the local population with a view to ensuring security – in General this is a reasonable action on the part of Ukraine. At the same time, this suggests that the Ukrainian security forces are not going to reduce the activity and are configured to continue in the same tone began military dialogue.

OPINION: As reported by the defense Ministry of the proclaimed DPR, in the middle of the day on Tuesday, the armed forces has made several attempts to break through in the southern section of the line of the front on the Mariupol direction, near the village of Kominternovo. This may be the main direction of impact?

A. H.: It is certainly not the main impact, as well as the events in Avdiivka. The main impact, I think we can say that, based on survey data, can be applied from the side of Svetlodarsk. Or we should expect there is a very large armed provocation. According to the information from two days ago, after Kramatorsk was the column APU, moved through the city for about two hours. With the passage of the column was taken counterintelligence measures – shut off the electricity, the wilderness cellular phones. This column was in the area of Svetlodarsk. Apparently, it was not a planned rotation, and to strengthen the group in the area of Svetlodarsk. Accordingly, the beat will be likely in the direction debaltseve – with the goal to recapture the city, which, according to Ukraine, was not included in the list of cities waste of the DPR at the Minsk agreement, because he was busy with us after the claims of the basic terms of those agreements.

There is another option: they just decided to increase the tension on all fronts in order to solve some political tasks.

OPINION: under the Kiev head of the Donetsk military-civil administration Pavlo zhebrivskyi said Tuesday about the first signs of an easing of tension in the area of Avdeevka. However, according to him, in the industrial zone attacks continue. But the silence regime is observed in yasinovatskiy area. How this coincides with your data?

A. H.: the fact that Yasinovataya and Avdeyevka is located in the area of one axis. If we say that the tension remains in the area of Avdeevka, therefore automatically it is saved and in the area Yasinovataya. She Yasinovataya subject to periodic attacks, there are hits in the residential areas and industrial infrastructure, but now there is a struggle in one specific point – forward position. This is the so-called industrial zones, in fact, open space. The position is dug in the middle of the field. In this area the situation has not changed. On both sides there is a powerful barrage.

Lookbut Kiev reported that his troops eventually moved in this direction.

A. G.: In fact, everything is static. No one is not moving forward. I can only say that this exacerbation was provoked by the Ukrainian side. It all started three days ago with the attack was in absolutely poor condition of people on militia positions. According to our sources, it was the soldiers of the battalion “Azov”.

The escalation in fighting in the area of Avdeevka in our plans was not indicated. We are not accumulating in this area, additional forces, did not enter into battle the reserves. Suddenly developed attack, which demanded a response. Statement of the Ukrainian side about the fact that the conflict was allegedly initiated by us, the truth is not consistent.

Now we have strengthened presence in the affected positions. The third day of the increasing presence there of artillery, increase this kind of “military discussion”.

OPINION: According to eyewitnesses, used heavy artillery, until the MLRS. Greatly affected the frontal region of Donetsk, what were the casualties among civilians?

A. H.: Exact data on casualties among civilians, I do not. The use of artillery on civilian areas was sporadic and chaotic. Mostly artillery was used locally for positions in the same distance from all human settlements Avdeevka, Yasinovataya and Donetsk. From direct artillery Kontakt civilians do not suffer, but due to the fact that the heavy artillery and MLRS do not always hit it right, there are “arrivals”.

In one of the districts recorded attacks by the enemy, located at a distance about 12 kilometers from the front line. This means that were involved in guns of large enough caliber because the guns with a caliber of 122 mm is less than such range, just don’t shoot.

OPINION: is it True that part of Donetsk Kievskiy district, which adjoins the plant – remains without light and water? Have you changed in the last days the situation in the city from an everyday point of view? Panic, mass Exodus of residents is not observed?

A. H.: Indeed, the outlying districts of Donetsk, such as Kiev, the village of Oktyabrsky and others suffer from attacks, which alternately turn off the electricity, the water. But, thank God, our technical services work quickly, problems can be localized, avoiding the severe humanitarian consequences. Panic among the population is also not observed. Besides the militia of the DPR is actively working with the population, he reports that no signs of large-scale offensive, or the more the breakthrough of the Ukrainian troops there. It all came in a timely manner to the public, and thus we avoid unnecessary disturbances.

VIEW: You mentioned about fighters of “Azov”. What, to your knowledge, the degree and nature of participation of territorial battalions in the current fights?

A. G.: Before these units are multidisciplinary tasks. If you believe some came to us captured soldiers APU, the soldiers Turbat act as protecting groups. Now because the conflict has become protracted, and the Ukrainian military arriving on rotation, I want to serve my rotation without losses and go home. Accordingly, the motivation among the soldiers of the Ukrainian regular army is not very high. And nationalist battalions, formally integrated into either the national guard or of the current Mat, thus supporting the desired tone. They, unlike the majority of the Ukrainian military, ideologically motivated.

OPINION: What is the approximate ratio of casualties on both sides in recent days?

A. H.: I’m not going to answer this question. Among the people one way or another involved in the fighting, there is a tacit agreement to end the fighting not to sound real losses. We do a vow of silence not breaking any laws. Will end the active phase, and then calculate and call the exact number of dead and wounded.


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