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Friday, March 16, 2018

Agent about the arrest of the FSB officers: the traitors were caught on American tape recorders

Wednesday February 1, received an unexpected continuation the history with the recent arrest of the leader of the hacker group “Humpty Dumpty” by Vladimir Anikeev and several employees of FSB accused of treason. Press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov said that the arrests have nothing to do with the Washington about the alleged hacker attacks from Russia. And that Russia continues to deny involvement in any hacking attacks. Confirmed that the President is likely reported on the situation with the “Humpty-Dumpty” and accused of treason by the staff. How in the Holy of holies – the state security service – had so much more time to work, “spies”, “MK” talked to a KGB agent, retired.

photo: pixabay.com

In an interview with “MK” was told by the doctor of historical Sciences, Professor, chair of diplomacy, MGIMO Nikolai Leonov, Lieutenant-General of KGB in resignation, the Deputy of the State Duma of the IV convocation, Academy of natural Sciences.

– Nikolay Sergeyevich, in your opinion, is there any cases of high treason in the ranks of the FSB to disclose, or it is better to hide, to…

– …Not to shame. Yes, such misconduct is a disgrace to the Motherland. But the disease silence is not eradicated.

Traitors in the ranks of the KGB/FSB is a rare phenomenon or not?

Traitors were at all times, and one of the first Judas. The propensity to change lives in every human as the tubercle Bacillus. In the 35 years that I gave intelligence until 1991, on my mind the KGB among the scouts there were 12 – 13 traitors. Some departments tried to hide these shameful incidents, but they did not work. Even if the case came to publicity, their inside still knew everything.

– What were the motives of these people? That they were pushed to betrayal?

– Basically, human cowardice. They were recruited on the side threatened to expose some hard-hitting misdeeds – to take the Soviet party. And then it would be inevitable punishment and universal censure

– What could do a Soviet intelligence agent? It’s high school, well, as Stirlitz from “Seventeen moments”.

Yes, people of the highest standard, first grade. But all the people, not the hero of the TV performances. Let me give you a concrete example. Somehow my colleague was sent on a business trip in the US, and there, walking in her free time shopping, wanted to buy a music centre. In the Soviet Union are not allowed. The seller offered to pay him not in dollars and… a crate of vodka, which he, as a diplomat, purchased the Home for a lower price. One such extremely beneficial exchange, agreed, but did not have the right to resell at the price speculatively good, given to him as a diplomatic worker. This exchange on the radio are actually considered to be resale. Well, here it is the seller your the Americans and handed over their counter-intelligence has ordered all employees of electronics stores to report such transactions. Threatened to report all the Soviet intelligence my former comrade and recruited. A year and a half he was exposed. On returning Home, was sentenced to – death.

– If he admitted that he wanted the tape for vodka exchange – say, the evil one has beguiled what would it be?

– Definitely would not have shot him. I think even I would be fired. Chided would – be escaped with a reprimand. Although the fear of being humiliated the Soviet man was very great – here and chose betrayal.

– The lure today? In fact such a commercial bargain is unlikely someone will disgrace.

Yes, times have changed. Today scare, for example, exposing an intimate connection.

– It happens that threaten the family spy – wife, children?

– No threats, today anyone not entice – only selfish benefits, or a disclosure of something unpleasant.

– Why Dmitry Peskov, without waiting for the end of the investigation, hotly denies that our traitors could be hackers? Is exploration, and should not, in fact, engage in hacking?

– That’s it. Hacking is just a recommendation for everyone to see what is hidden. More surprising is the reaction Peskov, and America – why so afraid of Hillary and her party? Why she fears that was found in her soul information could ruin her election? Where is the openness, the transparency? She has something to hide?

– Who should carry out the investigation in this case?

– Usually, a Management of own safety of FSB.

– Investigation Committee must understand all of the details – for example, that for information was transferred traitors? Suddenly they know the secret – what then?

Don’t worry, these guys know how to keep my mouth shut.


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