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Sunday, February 18, 2018

Shooters commented about the deterioration in the Donbass, “the Donetsk may be taken”

The naive request of the leadership of the LC and the DNI, facing the Trump, Putin and Merkel to “stop Poroshenko”, alas, in reality it is unlikely that anything can change. The offensive of the ATO in Donetsk. The humanitarian catastrophe in the city. “Sit without gas, water, heat on the street about minus 20 degrees Celsius. Friends came from another area to visit, just to warm up,” talks about the current situation in the Donbass Andrey Purgin and former Chairman of the National Council of the self-proclaimed DNR, the founder of the movement “Donetsk Republic”.

In his words — the words of an eyewitness, the bombing does not stop for a minute, and the night became even stronger.

Thus, the “Minsk agreement” in the furnace? But what’s next?

“On the Donets no end flying drones. Ukraine launches these drones, and then at the very spot where they flew, begins to peel instruments – continued Purging. – In fact, their troops are in the suburbs. The situation deteriorated last week, last three days was really bad, last night — there is a war…”

On the question whether the open letter, Denis Pushilin and Vladimir Degtyarenko to world leaders, Burgin answer is: it’s all the usual political statements, something to say and offer, so they offer something.

Ordinary militia, representatives from DND and LNR arrived today for the funeral of the first head of the Lugansk Republic 46-year-old Valery Bolotov — he died suddenly of a heart attack three days ago in Moscow, and are more determined. “The deterioration is inevitable. Between Ukrainians and us a maximum of four kilometres of territory. Sooner or later, this distance of “eating” and start fights.”

“It was a delicate balance, and now even he’s gone, – continues Andrey Purgin. – Ukrainian air filled: yay, we release the occupied land. They are on the rise and are unlikely to stop now. In this situation, even if Poroshenko will call and say, “don’t shoot” to stop the bloodshed would be impossible, technically impossible.”

Igor Strelkov, the legendary commander of “militia” in the Donbas, the participant of military operations and the defense of Slavyansk, believes that no international community in this moment the situation will not improve, as it may treat: “Remember, in Soviet times was such a meaningless call for “Free Luis Corvalan”? Instead to urgently put all under the gun, trying to pass such are meaningless games…”

Strelkov explains essentially of: Ukrainian troops launched an offensive today at five in the morning, after a massive artillery barrage, attacked the industrial area between Avdiyivka and the Donetsk, attacked the roadblocks, took two strong points of the Almaz-1 and Almaz-2, repeatedly tried to break through the defense of the village of Kominternovo.

“On all fronts of the DNI who is their offensive” – sums up the Shooters. When I ask him why here and now, maybe something to do with the inauguration of the same trump, with changes in European politics, something that says simply: “a Few days ago Ukrainians officially and with permission to inspect our military facilities in the Rostov region, find out how efficient those. We do let them there… of Course, they realized that all the best shots are now involved in operations in Syria and the path is open. As far as I know, it’s flowers — and their battalion tactical group (BTG) — that is. reinforced by artillery and special forces battalions are in reserve. While this reconnaissance, but if they go on the offensive, Donetsk may be taken”.

“I believe that we must use all ways, including diplomatic, to defuse the situation – more positive Alexander Borodai, in 2014-m year, the former head of the Donetsk people’s Republic, now the head of the Volunteer Union of Donbass. – More than two years, the Donbass lives in a humanitarian disaster. For the civilian population this situation intolerable. Of course, people get used to everything, they are willing to endure hardship — but how can I? Maybe now that the situation at the front again escalated, the international community finally paying attention to this? Yes, the city has always ignored and will ignore everything that was signed in Minsk, but I think the format of “Minsk agreements” at the time, played a pretty serious role.”

“The civil war lasted very long and usually exhausting all parties, – said Alexander Boroday. And very rarely ends up without a convincing victory of one of the parties. The question is obvious: to win the Donbass impossible. Consequently, it remains to wait for the fall of the Kiev regime…”

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