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Friday, April 20, 2018

Scientists teach umbrella-drone “myself” to follow the owner

As well sometimes it prevents in the hands of the umbrella in rainy weather! Especially when riding a bike or it’s required to answer the mobile phone call. To release the owners of the umbrellas need to carry them on ourselves decided the employees of the British company, specializing in the creation of drones. They decided to connect the umbrella with a drone device and taught him to fly for his master.

It turned out the drone with an umbrella that can fly everywhere. When he stops, his umbrella hangs over him, but every time he starts to move, like an umbrella, too, begins flight-support. Controls the flight of the umbrella program associated with GPS system is downloaded to the smartphone. In addition to selecting the direction of movement it is provided with the function of collision avoidance, is to ensure that in the event of a sharp turn of the owner aside, the drone crashed into the wall of a house or a tree.

From flying overhead umbrella is convenient to walk to the dog or Cycling machine is capable of speeds up to 70 km/h. But the flight duration is just 30 minutes, for this period of time have enough charge its battery. The gadget is being tested, its serial production will begin not earlier than next year.

Review the chief designer of the NGO “Androidnye machinery” Alexei BOGDANOV:

– First, this proposal is interesting only for walks in the Park or country road, when there are no other people with umbrellas. Surrounded by his hand – “brothers” umbrella drone is “not comfortable”, despite the system that warns you of collisions. Second, it is doubtful that the drone, bearing the wet umbrella, able to work within half an hour, – the most that it is enough 15 minutes of flight. Thirdly, the GPS system is hardly effective in this device. The fact that satellite navigation has an accuracy of about 10 meters, and therefore it may happen that your “smart” umbrella suddenly change and you’ll fly away to cover from the rain, a completely different person. Much more logical would be to teach the umbrella management system “follow me”, which is already embodied in some “smart” household items, for example, in a suitcase. It works through the wireless communication system installed in the smartphone, and devices for determining the speed of a moving object (i.e., the host), the distance and the right direction.


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