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Friday, April 20, 2018

In the Donbass began a nightmare: the battle at Avdeevka paralyzed the region

The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko cut short his visit to Germany and immediately returned to Kiev. The reason — the difficult situation in the village Avdiivka, around which in the last days were artillery battles. In the result, the settlement was left without electricity, heating and water. Our own correspondent in the Donbass, reports from the scene: the battle at Avdeevka is already three days, Donetsk was under threat “dewatering”, mine them. Zasyadko miners blocked.

Photo: Denis Grigoryuk

Night Donetsk did not sleep, at around 3 a.m. the cannonade reached the peak and went the volleys of “Grads”. Fired in the direction of the Town, where the third day does not stop the fight. All the stress listening to the sounds of battle and trying to anticipate possible complications. A flask of water and full baths in the apartments are stocked with Sunday, residents of the 14-storey houses, where there are electric furnaces, try to enlist the support of relatives and friends from homes with gas stoves in case of power failure. In Donetsk is relatively stable communal situation. Short-term lost light, no water in Northern parts of the city, on the outskirts of periodically exploding shells, but still better than now in Avdeevka.

The fighting in the industrial area of the Town has undermined the situation in the Donbass completely. Monday that “everything is bad” said no military commander and civilian Director of Avdiivka coking plant Musa Magomedov. At 19:00 he posted that interrupted the last of the four energomodul at our plant. Avdiyivka – the most “koshcheeva egg” of Donbass.

Then all at once – and Europe’s largest coke plant, without which will not live five days of the Mariupol metallurgical complexes, and the complete dependence of the utilities from the smooth operation of coke batteries. Before the war the free heat from the plant was a competitive advantage for the city, and now…

Stop Coke fatal, because the deactivation of the coke battery fire brick from which they are made, forever crack and need to build a new battery and a new plant. Now the plant is de-energized. With him de-energized and the famous Donetsk filter station, which means the cessation of supply not only the Town, but Yasynuvata, North of Donetsk. For completeness I should add that the shells are still de-energized and the threat in Europe, the Zasyadko mine in the Kiev district of Donetsk, where the ground remained trapped 200 miners. On the evening of Tuesday, 98 of them have already raised manually, rescue work continued.

On the street minus 20, in the houses of the Town – plus 15. Due to the still hot coke oven gas of the plant administration managed all night and day to keep water in the batteries at a temperature of 40 to avoid irreparable freezing of the entire heating system of the city with the destruction of the tubes and batteries.

Coke battery saving as I can. The recipe worked out – “Armageddon” with the fighting and the destruction of all four energomodul the Coke has happened in February, 2015. Then raised the pressure in the gas lines and burned large quantities of natural gas that batteries are not cooled. The problem is. that Avdeevka is under control of Ukraine, and the gas pipe to it is just from the self-proclaimed DND. Well, in the midst of the fighting to agree on the limits of the gas is extremely difficult, here though the highway has survived.

In Avdeevka went all the regional leadership, declared a state of emergency, brought in police and the emergencies Ministry, deployed heat points. For dinner in town drove a couple of trains and 80 buses, which together can take on Board 4,500.

How many people in the town? Police say 25 thousand, the plant’s management said that due to the ongoing two years of fighting in the city of 16 thousand people. Under the blows of artillery in the town I live in 2 thousand. children. Night with generators were able to supply the electricity to the hospital, two schools and kindergartens. In the event of a disaster refugees from Avdeevka are going to take 10 surrounding towns North and West of the region. There is an urgent secured 9000 seats. Another 500 are also urgently looking for a in Mariupol.

But emergency measures are palliatives. Need to fix power lines. But the point where peerwani line – somewhere between the Reds and the route Donetsk-Gorlovka, in the thick of the fighting. The head of the Ukrainian military-civil administration Paul Zebrowski on Tuesday reported twice about the “written guarantees” the Joint center for monitoring the ceasefire (there are Ukrainian and Russian military officers) about the truce for leaving maintenance crews at 10: 00, and then at 12-00.

But in 11-30 came more volleys of “Grads” in the direction of Avdeevka, just before 152 mm shells fell in Donetsk close to the Russian observation post the JCCC, and then the observers the number of Russian officers came under shelling in the Kievsky district of Donetsk.

The war rages fiercer. In Donetsk classify the death of ordinary soldiers, but Sunday has already killed two well-known militia commander – battalion 11 regiment “Greek” and former commander of the brigade “Somali” Consul, talking about the shooting of the “Givi”.

In Kiev on 1 February at the independence square will host a farewell to the 23-year-old captain sarcomata 72th Andrew Kisela and three other soldiers of his brigade. They died on Sunday. And Alexander Turchinov said about the death of 7 soldiers and 35 wounded in the past two days in the APU.

Will it be possible in this bloody battle for the nameless strong points along the route to quickly come to a truce due to the freezing of the Town – a big and sensitive issue.

The evacuation of the Town, if it starts, will just be a signal that hopes to negotiate anymore.

Read the story “Under the plant in the Donbass region went into battle tanks”


Who benefits from the escalation of the situation in the Donbass and what may cause a new round of bloody confrontation in the East of Ukraine? This question of “MK” asked the experts:

Denis Denisov, a political scientist: “We see the blatant provocation from the Ukrainian side. It’s clear that in the current situation in stability interested just DND and LNR, because the international situation is changing, and soon the European Union and the US will start to put pressure on Ukraine to fulfill the Minsk agreement. In this context, to talk about the fact that these provocations are DNI and the LC, is just silly. Does Ukraine need the time to capture a bigger piece of the “gray zone” to change the front line, while her power was not seated at the negotiating table. While Kiev wants the DNR went to the attack on his army. Subsequently it will be presented as aggression on her part. Therefore the wisest in this situation will endure these tragic events and to put pressure on Kiev by diplomatic means.

How Kiev will be able to carry out his plan, we don’t know. Need to rely on the reaction of the international community. In the end, the new foreign Minister of Germany, Sigmar Gabriel has repeatedly stated the necessity of fulfilling the Minsk agreements by Kiev, that is. If the West reached a consolidated position, Ukraine will have to leave all the occupied territories in a “grey zone”.

Rostislav Ishchenko, the head of the center of system analysis and forecasting: “Everything that happens is beneficial Poroshenko, as at the end of January he finally lost his coalition in the Verkhovna Rada. From “Blok Petro Poroshenko” was released 10 MPs, and now by the opposition to demand early elections. In this case, the President will lose control of Parliament, and then will lose loyal governments.

Then the opposition will demand early presidential elections and Poroshenko will be sent to the dustbin of history or even in jail. Any other arguments, except for the war in the Donbass, it does not. The intensification of the conflict gives Poroshenko the opportunity to close the mouths of his opponents by saying that in war you need not to hold elections and impose a state of emergency. Poroshenko just sends people to the slaughter to prolong his rule.

All this does not affect the implementation of the Minsk agreements, negotiations on which had been practically frozen. To resume this process requires political will, which can be achieved only after the member countries of the “Normandy format” – Germany and France – will choose accordingly new Chancellor and President. Either Ukraine will fall apart even sooner.”

Andrew Buzarov, the Ukrainian political scientist: “Who was the initiator of ceasefire violation, it is difficult to say, as the two sides blame each other, and the observation mission of the OSCE is not able to perform their duties. This escalation in average occurs once every two or three months. Every time these fights end as suddenly as it starts. During the clashes in Kiev and samoprovzglashenny Republic bear heavy losses, about which they are silent. But in spite of that, it does not affect the image of the parties to the conflict.

Only that Poroshenko met with German Chancellor Angela Merkel. She knew about the situation in the Donbass, but instead of condemning once again stated the importance of the Minsk agreements and the work of the “Normandy group”. In the region are unable to establish a basic truce. It seems that in the fighting in the Donbass cease to pay attention in the United States and the European Union. Even the Ukrainians began to get used to a permanent state of war. We remain worried about the number of dead soldiers, but none of the excitement that was before.

Watch the video on:
“”How do you like the fireworks?”: a resident of Donetsk released video of the shooting “the city””



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