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Saturday, February 17, 2018

Colleague Bolotov: “Valera could have died 27 years ago”

Today on Mashkinskoye cemetery was buried the first head of the Luhansk national Republic Valery Bolotov. At the farewell ceremony, which was held at the troyekurovskoye cemetery, came relatives, friends, colleagues and many people who conducted in the last path of a person, embodying all the militia of Donbass.

photo: Evgeny Semenov

Valery Bolotov was one of the first who took to the streets of Luhansk and called on the people of Donbass to resist the forces of the Maidan, overthrew the government in Kiev. For the residents of Donbas, he became a true idol and face resistance. Abandoning the post of head LNR because of the numerous injuries sustained during the fighting, he moved to Moscow, where he oversaw the delivery of humanitarian aid to Novorossia. 27 Jan came the sudden news that 46-year-old Valery Bolotov died in his apartment. Presumably from heart failure, but his wife Elena does not believe that Valery has died a natural death. She believes that he was poisoned with a Cup of coffee, which he drank for a few hours before his death. Returning from the cafe, where he conducted a business meeting, Valery began to complain of feeling unwell, and then fainted. According to unconfirmed information, Bolotov took the tests, to verify the version of his wife — the results will be known in about a month.

The ceremony of the funeral, which was held in the memorial hall Troekurov cemetery, it’s more than 100 people. The lion’s share of them personally knew Bolotov, and some side-by-side with him fought against the Ukrainian military. Someone like Sergey Golikov, served with him still serving in the late ’80s — early’ 90s. Sergei remembered it as simple and faithful friend, as a reliable comrade.

“We served in the 103rd guards airborne division in Vitebsk. It was a special part — we were subordinated to the border troops of the KGB. We can say, were the paratroopers guards. In 89, the year we were sent on clearance of the cinema in Vitebsk. They wanted to reconstruct the building, but when I went through the old wall, found a German warehouse with mines and shells. Valera was the second-in-command of a platoon of sappers-miners. Officers cleared, and we stood in a line and passed the shells to each other, when suddenly Valerie caught one shell and he fell to the ground. After the fall of the mine is typical clicked, all scared, but we had passed — there was no explosion. In the end, we took out about half a ton of explosives and destroyed it on the ground. We then were given 20 rubles, and the officers at the 60 — at that time it was a lot of money,” remembers the years of service, Sergei.

After Vitebsk they parted ways — Bolotov went to the Caucasus, where that period began active military actions in Nagorno-Karabakh.

In addition to the old brothers-in-arms to bid farewell to the first Chapter of the LC came and those with whom he started in the resistance in Luhansk. They were talking about him as a person helpful and simple. “It could come any fighter with his problem. He always listened and helped, than could. He was never willing to power, wanted only to repulse the Kiev junta. He was not a star, but was the hope of all people of Donbass”, — said his farewell address to the militia under the call dad.

The death of one of the key participants in the conflict in Eastern Ukraine could not do without talking about what the situation is now at the front. Moreover, many came to honor the memory of Bolotov from there. Here is what we Valery Vasyukov, call Dolphin: “I fought until the summer of 2016, but after a serious injury, the war is over for me. However, I am in regular contact with friends and brothers who are on the front lines. Now the situation is tense to the limit. Dill has control half the village of Spartak. We are under constant bombardment from Grad. The most actively firing at Yasinovataya, went to Makeyevka to Donetsk. The Minsk agreement do not work — the APU is constantly firing at our positions. They are in the army many children and young men recruited for sabotage. While this horror seems to never end”.

But that says Lyudmila Bratko, a resident of Donetsk:

– Donetsk is now under heavy fire, to live there are now very scared. Half the city is without electricity, erratic water supply. The situation resembles the one that was in 2014-2015, when was the peak of the conflict.

Alexander Chuev, resident of Alchevsk, said that :the Minsk agreement has shown to be ineffective. “Ukraine is not going to comply with them, if they had fired at us at night, now opened fire in broad daylight. Pervomaisk is almost completely destroyed, killing not only militias but also civilians. In his native Alchevsk, the situation is relatively calmer in the moment, engaged in restoration of the destroyed buildings.”

In the words of Yuri Grekov, the commander of the reconnaissance, Ukraine now need to show active hostilities, to tell everyone that they have losses. “I’m from 2014 to 2016 regularly was on the front line. At the moment I constantly maintain contact with their fighters. Just yesterday I found out that under Svetlodarsk arc killed my comrade, a good guy was. Now began the escalation of the conflict. To work because someone has, so arrange provocations. At first the guys didn’t return fire, the Minsk agreement must be respected, but when you are constantly bombed, it’s hard to hold back. Was able to destroy two Grad, of whom fired on us. Sometimes actions by the Ukrainian army reach the point of absurdity. Many of the soldiers of the APU to fight it or not, and forcing them, threatening to shoot. Specifically drive them into a minefield, people to die, and then write reports that so many soldiers died. In my opinion, to all this horror came to an end — it is necessary to observe the Minsk agreement.”

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