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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Baikal kills Spirogyra: environmentalists warn about the disaster

Measures to save lake Baikal was voiced by environmentalists and officials at the site of the Public Council under the Ministry of environment, which was held on January 31. As stated by the experts, the situation with the legendary lake that is included in the list of world heritage sites is deplorable. From the sky on the once crystal clear water pouring formaldehyde from China. Under water like magic bloom of algae. And from the banks looms landfills left by the dashing tourists, and illegal building.

photo: pixabay.com

One of the main current problems of lake Baikal – it is frightening rate of clear mirror turns into something like a swamp. The reason – Alga Spirogyra that it is not clear where it came from and willingly stuck under the water surface. According to scientists, this plant is unusual for the Baikal nature territory. According to one version, the uninvited greenery appeared in the lake due to the sharp environmental degradation. In addition, data ecomonitoring also disappointing: the water and air in the area of lake ecologists regularly detect high levels of phosphorus, nitrogen, and even formaldehyde.

The reasons, according to scientists and experts, several.

First – utilities. As noted by head of the laboratory of modeling of surface kind of water problems Institute Mikhail Bolgov, water treatment plants around the lake are outdated and do not cope with the load. In the near future, they need to be updated, as well as to build systems of engineering protection and clean up illegal dumps. In addition, according to the expert, the lake Baikal presses illegal construction: how the private sector and tourist infrastructure. In the result the Irkutsk hydroelectric power station, designed to discharge 6,000 cubic metres of water, forced to give the lake just 3500 cubic meters. Otherwise, standing on the coast at home just flooded.

The second problem of pollution of the lake – the era of water shortage, which is already not the first year, say environmentalists and hydrologists. Meanwhile, the scientists noted that the force to regulate the water level impossible. The only scientifically sound way to maintain the natural level and wait for mother nature tired to act up.

The third disaster, which environmentalists were originally from China. According to experts, China has many coal plants and incinerators. Chemical emissions from them can easily reach the lake. As a result, data of environmental monitoring are regularly fixed in the air above the lake and in the water with a high level of dangerous chemicals.

However, as complain and specialists in the field of nature conservation and officials, to get the Chinese to stop burning of agricultural and other debris, it is impossible. With them they plan to hold a series of talks.

But in the Baikal basin, it is assumed the number of large-scale action. As told in Department, in the first place to eliminate the waste runoff into the waters of the lake. For this plan to create a water cluster, which will provide welcome economic and sewage, food waste and dry waste. And to operate such a cluster as to collect waste from the organized marinas and vessels.

In addition, it is planned to establish a system of environmentally safe and modern treatment facilities. The first step in this global construction should be the settlements located closest to the lake.

We will also create a so-called ekoflot that will not dump untreated waste into the water.

Finally, in the territory of the Baikal natural territory it is planned to prohibit the use of any detergent, which is phosphate. Well as dashing natural tourism with libations and fishing will be replaced by eco – friendly and eco-ethno-tourism, with special routes that do not harm nature.


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