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Thursday, February 22, 2018

Trump accusing McCain of trying to untie the Third world

American elite associated with big business, a traditionally combine hawkish rhetoric with soft attitude towards immigrants. Experts explained the sudden concern about immigrants from Islamic countries, manifested a well-known warmongering senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham. What else can be caused by their attacks on anti-immigrant decree of Donald trump?

The President of the United States Donald trump harshly criticized his own party in the Senate from the Republican party John McCain and Lindsey Graham, known for his consistent anti-Russian position. McCain and Graham should focus on combating terrorist group “Islamic state*” issues of immigration and border protection, “than to try all the time to unleash a Third world war,” wrote trump on Twitter.

“The softness on the issue of immigration on the part of these politicians-the”hawks” are clear. The workers – cheap labor to defense enterprises”

So the new American leader has responded to the criticism with which senators McCain and Graham collapsed on the immigration Executive orders trump. Senators in a joint statement, said that trump’s initiative in this area rather exacerbate the threat of terrorism, rather than reduce it.

We will remind, according to the decree of trump, which was signed last Friday, the United States suspended the reception for 120 days and banned the accommodation of Syrian refugees for an indefinite period. In addition, more stringent rules for entry into the United States, as well as 90 days suspended entry of the seven “problem countries” with the Muslim population of Iraq, Iran, Syria, Sudan, Yemen, Libya and Somalia. Earlier, trump explained its decrees on the restriction of migration. The US President said that the media introduced the public astray, presenting a temporary ban on entry into the country for citizens of seven Muslim countries as “real Muslims”, while the decrees are aimed at strengthening the security of the United States.

Note that restrictions on entry is not the first foreign policy initiative trump, who was awarded a harsh assessment on the part of John McCain. The other day the Republican Senator promised to secure sanctions against Russia at the legislative level. So McCain commented on the statement of adviser to trump, Kellyann Conway, which confirmed that anti-Russian sanctions may be revised. Prior to this, the Senator called “devastating” the U.S. withdrawal from the TRANS-Pacific partnership and demanded that the trump return in relations with Russia to the principle of Ronald Reagan: “peace through strength”.

Trump “stuck” the army of lobbyists and the military industrial complex

The scientist-americanist Victor Olevich, commenting on the newspaper VIEW call trump for Senate Republicans to foment a Third world war, recalled that the confrontation between the American President and these senators began during the election campaign.

“Lindsey Graham during the election campaign in the primaries of the Republican party was one of the contestants of Donald trump, reminded Olevich. – In addition, during his last before the inauguration press conference, trump spoke rather unflattering and ironic about Graham, saying that the maximum that he faces is to overcome one percent of voter support. As for John McCain, he has repeatedly engaged in skirmishes with trump during the election campaign, trump did not remain in debt and once even said that getting into a camp for prisoners of war is not heroism, what was unambiguous hint.”

As for today’s tweet about the Third world war, then, according to Olevia, it is not only anti-Russian position McCain and Graham. “Both policies are consistent supporters of the military interventions of the US around the world. When trump suggests that it would be better senators engaged in domestic problems, the reform of the immigration system, he means their total installation capacity of tension, not just anti-Russian rhetoric”, – said Olevich.

His colleague, americanist Boris Mezhuev said that Graham and McCain are engaged in lobbying the American military-industrial complex. “The softness on the issue of immigration from these politicians is understandable, since migrants are cheap labour force for defense enterprises, and the most active candidates in the U.S. army. Republican elites associated with big business, a traditionally combine hawkish rhetoric with soft attitude towards immigrants”, he explained.

A stranger among his own

According to Victor Olevich, with the conflict between trump and senators is a wider conflict between trump and the Republican party as well as between the White house and Congress.

“The issue of relations with Russia Trump is beneficial to keep uncertainty”

It’s not just about the conflict with the democratic minority, but a significant part of the Republican majority in both houses. “Just a few days ago in Philadelphia, the held charges of the Republican faction of Congress. There were many influential politicians, including Vice-President Michael Penny. According to eyewitnesses, behind closed doors, has been heavy debate on the key issues. In particular, funding key programs trump,” – said the americanist.

Accordingly, says Olevich, it is likely that the trump will face opposition from not only Democrats, but also Republicans in both chambers. “This does not mean that the key initiatives of the American President will be rejected by the Parliament, but their adoption will be long, difficult and will require compromise solutions,” he added.

Boris Mezhuev, in turn, noted that, on the one hand, it is clear that for the Republicans trump is an outsider, but, on the other hand, he now began to articulate themes that resonate with the mood is not so much a business-oriented elites of the party, as the Republican conservative majority.

“Given that representatives of different minorities headed antithrombosis protests, is now an open confrontation between trump and the party or between the trump and most of the Republican faction in Congress is unlikely. Now trump’s position on immigration, terrorists, torture, the questions about the cultural identity of the Americans coincides with the main position of the Republican party, with the position of American conservatives,” – said the expert.


Donald John trump was sworn in as President of the United States of America, becoming the 45th President. 70-year-old politician and billionaire was sworn in by the President of the Supreme court of the United States John Robertso opinion mezhueva, in this situation it is important to first plan did not go the issues of relations with Europe and Russia, which may split as the Republican party and Congress. “But now, in the same issue of relations with Russia Trump is beneficial to retain some of the uncertainty, avoiding as active rapprochement with Moscow and the hard fights,” he said.

McCain and Graham – the last of the Mohicans of antitrombina

The employee of the project “Russian idea”, the political scientist Dmitry Drobnicki said that trump’s tweet calling for McCain and Graham to not unleash the Third world is not talking about trump’s relationship with Congress in General, with the Senate or with the Republican party.

“It is the relationships trump with two specific policies. The position of these people as against the Tramp, and against the improvement of relations with Russia, as well as their support of “free trade”, for anybody not a secret was. They are, in fact, represent the latest mouthpiece of the opposition to the Trump among the Republican party,” – said the expert newspaper VIEW.

Drobnicki believes that, although Graham and McCain in the future will remain antithrombosis the frondeurs, but by and large this will not any in the confrontation between trump and the party, especially between the White house and Congress. “Rather, Republicans together will address those issues on which their positions converge on that card, in fact, hinted in his tweet,” suggested americanist.

Who are the judges?

Measures to limit immigration, proposed by trump, has been criticized not only on the part of Congress.

Before the initiative the new American President has condemned German Chancellor Angela Merkel. She stated that the active fight against terrorism “is not a reason to suspect people of a certain origin or religion”. Recall that the trump in mid-January, said Merkel’s migration policy is “catastrophic”. Similar evaluations were expressed by not only the U.S. President but also the Cabinet members of the Merkel.

That day, when the Chancellor gave a rebuke to Trump, German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble has acknowledged the wrong course of the German authorities in the field of migration policy, which allowed in 2015 to arrive in the country for almost 900 thousand refugees.

Simultaneously with Merkel in decrying the role of the Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau on Sunday, he said that the Northern neighbor of the United States is ready to accept all refugees, regardless of their religious affiliation. “For those who flee from persecution, terror and war. Canadians salute you, regardless of your faith,” wrote Trudeau in Twitter.

The evening of the same day in the canadian city of Quebec there was a shootout in a mosque in which six people were killed. According to Radio Canada, the unknowns in masks and screaming “Allahu Akbar!”, shooting into the crowd.

“The immigration decree” trump condemned and the Prime Minister of great Britain Theresa may, which the President of the United States was found last Friday. May, however, spoke rather cautiously, and only after she herself was criticized for evading reviews – these accusations were made not only from the lips of the opposition labour party but also from the ruling conservatives. “The immigration policy of the United States is a matter of the US government and our policies have to be defined by our government,’ said Mae. But we do not agree with this approach”. Note that the Theresa may once called the priority of the fight against illegal migration and control of state borders, even if it requires “hard” “Breccia”.

* Organization in respect of which the court accepted entered into legal force decision on liquidation or ban the activities on the grounds stipulated by the Federal law “On countering extremist activity”


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