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Saturday, February 17, 2018

The main rich people of America are ready to put pressure on trump via his entourage

Donald trump has barely begun his new duties, and the main movers and shakers of the U.S. business community is already beginning the push for its policies. Brothers Charles and David Koch pledged to spend up to $ 400 million in U.S. domestic politics. Qax always financed the Republicans, but to get along with trump has not succeeded yet. But many of the players of his team directly or indirectly related to the Move.

One of the most influential in the United States clan Koch has promised to spend up to $ 400 million in the next two years to influence American policy, said on Saturday TASS with reference to the representative of brothers Charles and David Koch, James E. Davis.

“Qax and their big money allies hope to gain more influence than ever before during other presidencies, which they tried to prevent”

Recall that the brothers own Koch Industries conglomerate, which ranks among the largest private US companies. In addition, the Koch take second place in the ranking of the richest families in the United States. Their fortune is estimated at 82 billion dollars. The brothers do not hide their interest in politics and is traditionally put on the Republicans. More recently, they were considered as one of the main opponents of U.S. President Barack Obama in previous elections strongly supported MITT Romney.

Many left-wing critics – including Obama himself – accused Charles Koch at a concentration of too much power and using it for personal economic interests through the network of secret organizations, which is called Kochtopus. Charles responds to these attacks that follows the law and uses secrecy as needed.

“We get threats of massacre of our people, threat of destruction of our enterprises. Anonymous and other groups trying to hack our IT system and – quoted him three years ago, the Russian version of magazine “Forbs”. – While we live in a society where we are attacked the President and the us intimidated the members of Congress, and is transmitted to the outside and becomes part of the culture – say, we are evil, so we must be destroyed, why do we have to disclose information about themselves?”

In the previous two years, the “Koch network” has already spent about $ 250 million on politics, noted AP. Now the amount of spending will increase. So, at the winter meeting of the representatives of the organizations listed in the “Koch network”, on Saturday in California were about 550 sponsors willing to chip in from 100 thousand dollars a year for the needs of different political trends and groups supported by Koch. “This is just the beginning,” – said, welcoming the participants, Charles Koch.

“Kohi useful meeting with the puppets than with me”

“These investments will play an important role in challenging priorities trump,” said the Associated Press (AP). The brothers Koch annually brings together donors and politicians in private. The organizers said that this time the participants included five senators, including three governors and two congressmen. They are all Republicans, but particularly worth mentioning a prominent critic of trump, Senator from Nebraska Ben Sasse, the Agency said.

As a candidate for US President, trump turned down the opportunity to move closer to family. “I refused to meet with Charles and David Koch. For them to be much better to meet political puppets, it would be much more useful,” said trump. Qax has repeatedly provided financial support to politicians-Republicans, but trump criticized because he did not approve of his views on immigration and trade, reminded Reuters.

Meanwhile, the situation may change, as Mike Pence, the new Vice-President, was formerly closely associated with the Work. In particular, six billionaires that support the Republican party, and trump has made active attempts to persuade Koch to side with trump, said Reuters.

When trump refused to communicate with Koch, another member of the family, mark Holden, told NBC that in fact they have and had no plans of rapprochement with the candidate. He stressed that the Qax decided to reduce to a minimum the participation in the presidential race and focus instead on the upcoming elections in the Senate of the U.S. Congress.

We will remind, in November of the following year was appointed mid-term elections-thirds of the Senate and all members of the house of representatives. Many experts predict the Democrats a majority in the lower house, since Americans usually don’t want one party controlled both the President and Congress. To promote voter education and to achieve accountability of elected officials – the main purpose tranche of $ 400 million, according to Koch. However, details are not disclosed.

Baton Koch

The press reported that the Koch and many other “donors” in the end, refused to support trump in the polls because they questioned his willingness to power and commitment to conservative values. What are the signs of tension in relation to the Trump preserved, showed Saturday’s conference, said the AP. So, trump’s name never was mentioned neither Koch nor other speakers, they ignored the new administration, saying only merit “the Koch network” that has managed to retain the Republican majority in the Senate. “Use this as an opportunity to help us move forward in advancing the country towards a bright future until this is available. It is possible that then such possibility as it is today, will not be,” concluded Charles Koch, again without mentioning the name of the President”, – said AR.

The portal reminded that the brothers and their allies are particularly focused on the reform of the health system and the elimination of Federal regulations – their views coincide with the views of the new President. However, they are, contrary to the calls of the administration to trump, in defense of free trade.

“Recent actions of the Koch do not indicate that the family and their partners are ready to turn into total opposition in the nearest future”, – said the portal The Time and brought the word “megadonors” North Carolina’s Art Pope, who said: “There are limits to what parties can and should do.”

However, the move may not go into opposition, and to go the other way. So, a third new team, including persons who are already occupying or while applying for key posts like Vice President, Secretary of state, attorney General, Secretary of energy and CIA Director, “through a personal acquaintance, a career or business associated with the Koch brothers,” said the portal “Business capital”. In addition to Vice-President of the Pence, the list includes the Director of the CIA Mike Pompeo and the chief Agency for environmental protection Scott Pruitt, and not yet assigned to the candidates: Rex Tillerson (Secretary of state), Rick Perry (Minister of energy), Jeff sessions (public Prosecutor) and billionaire Wilbur Ross (Minister of trade). However, the list is far from complete, noted the American edition.

With such close ties with the new government. will be able to implement your ideas, I’m sure the Explorer Billmoyers.com Richard Eskow. “Although trump disagreed with the Move on some key issues, including trade, social security and Medicare, they have always agreed on deregulation, privatization, climate, taxes and Obamacare,” said he. In his opinion, Kochi will be able to get closer to trump and other issues. “One thing is clear: the Qax and their big money allies hope to gain more influence than ever before during other presidencies, which they tried to stop it,” he concluded.


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