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Saturday, April 21, 2018

Onf creates a project for the elimination of illegal dumps

In the Year of environment onf presented the project “General cleaning”, which “veterans” are going to fight illegal waste dumps and grey polygons. The last one turned into a profitable business, they often prefer not to see even the local government. To help in the destruction of illegal landfills, anyone can.

Presentation of the project “General cleaning” took place on 30 January in the press center MIA “Russia today”. As noted by the co-chair of the Central headquarters of the onf, the head of the Duma Committee on ecology and environmental protection Olga Timofeeva, Russia now has only 2 thousand legal landfills, which the authorities say, and another 20 thousand, which they say only men. Meanwhile, she recalled that one cigarette butt to decompose for 12 years, not to mention the fact that a plastic bag requires from 300 to 1000 years.

“Heads of government optometrist to nearsighted officials to prescribe need glasses”

Earlier, President Vladimir Putin reported that landfills in Russia is 48 thousand hectares. the Head of state called “an important task” processing and disposal of wastes of production and consumption, whose total number in the country has exceeded 30 billion tons.

Interactive map in a mode “one window”

In the framework of the project “veterans” announced the creation of “an Interactive map of the landfills,” which the regional authorities will be used for the elimination of landfills. This project will be of public service “one window” in which people will be able to appeal, explained the project coordinator, the Deputy of the state Duma Vladimir Gutenev.

“Interactive map of the landfills” will be tied to “Yandex-maps” and will cover all subjects. From the citizen is only required to specify the coordinates of a dump or landfill, accompanied by her photo – or video materials, and also specify whether he is ready to personally take part in the elimination of landfills. Internet users will be able to send all the information on the identified illegal landfill on the site, then work will start on its liquidation, said the Deputy. Citizens do not need themselves to make appeals and send them to the authorities, it will make experts of the Russian popular front, noted on the website front.

In the future it may launch mobile app to report illegal dumping, said the expert of the project Dmitry Mironov. “The project can grow into “something more” than just a register of illegal dumps… this can become a social network for environmentalists,” said he.

The map will be designated three categories of landfills and natural landfills, large landfills, and gray polygons (which have a license, but the legality of obtaining it causes issues). Such, for example, is Kulakovskiy polygon located under Chekhov near the village Manushkino. The area of the landfill already covers 30 hectares, the volume of imported garbage has been exceeded dozens of times, every day it attracts up to 300 truckloads of waste, but on paper they are only 17, said in a video presentation “veterans”.

“This landfill has permits, but the legality of obtaining it, we have doubts about… the Dump has reached far beyond its limits. It has a negative impact on the lives of citizens, – said Mironov. Polygon Kulakovskiy should be closed. The popular front sent a request to the state office of public Prosecutor, Rosprirodnadzor, the Investigative Committee and the chief sanitary doctor, demanding the immediate elimination of the landfill”, – he added.

“To force the Governor to become a doctor-optometrist”

To combat the “gray” municipal solid waste, whose license was wrongfully obtained, the onf will make a demand for immediate removal of the violations, explained Gutenev. If they are not eliminated, onf will deploy an information campaign, during which the community will require government agencies to deny licenses and to exclude from the State register of waste disposal facilities specific polygon that violates the law, said the MP.

There are cases when officials didn’t notice or pretend not to notice – violations with the “gray” landfills and illegal dumps. “In this situation, the leaders officials must be optometrist to nearsighted officials to prescribe the necessary glasses, – said in an interview with the newspaper LOOK Gutenev. – Heads of administrations of cities, governors surely know what happens in their territories. Intolerance by the public and implementation of the direct guidance of the President – a very good reason that the same Governor had become a little doctor-optometrist, forcing his subordinates to carefully look at all violations, that is to notice them.” This also applies to Supervisory bodies of Rosprirodnadzor of the territorial services, Rosselkhoznadzor, if the territory is agricultural land, Federal forest service, said the source.

It is no secret that various business and other structures on the “gray” areas as just cashing in. However, to win business with the “grey” polygon to illegal dumps – “this is not just real, it needs to be done for this to be political will and public support. As for political will, the President gave the necessary settings on the forum of the popular front on November 22, I am sure that regional authorities these installations are heard, now we’ll see action,” said Gutenev.

“Serious conclusions and staff turnover”

All detections of illegal landfills and will be made a request to the Prosecutor of the region, he added. “We are very active in helping the Prosecutor General’s office and Investigative Department of the Ministry of interior has provided very significant support. As for services, the Ministry of natural resources, Rosprirodnadzor, the number of Ministers of the entities that should be responsible for this unit, it is necessary to carry out or any serious conclusions, perhaps even staff rotation,” not ruled out the MP. In any case, “opublikovanie problems will make inevitable the adoption of a serious, including sometimes tough measures,” – said Gutenev.

To influence governors and heads of districts, the Deputy did not rule out the establishment of a special rating, and not governors, namely territories.

“Not the rights of the onf to make some administrative conclusions, – said the source. – (However) it is clear that there will be parallel because the Governor is responsible for the territory.” Here, the frequency of this rating, so we can see how much is revealed on the territory of violations, how quickly, how effectively these violations are fighting. “If this violation was in the territorial scheme of waste management, this is a definite achievement. If we saw that these dumps are supplied to the register and entered in the calendar schedule to eliminate, this is the result. But the basic result is, of course, the reclamation, when, instead of dump we will see bushes, trees, flowers. This will be the factor in ranking these regions will be higher,” – said Gutenev.

“Not to change the laws, and the brain”

At the end of the press conference Olga Timofeeva reminded that the problem of landfills in the first place depends on the citizens, the garbage itself does not come himself is not clear, we must begin with ourselves, said the co-Chairman of the headquarters of the popular front, reminding about the basic need to sort the garbage. Some laws in the field of ecology will not solve the problem, she said. “It is necessary first of all to not change the laws, and the brains. Need thanks including the support of media to promote fashion on the environment. Changing the law will not lead to anything. We really need to change the attitude of each of us to the problem”, – said Timofeeva.

Meanwhile, the National front has managed to achieve the elimination of illegal waste storage near the village of Good Suvorov district of Tula region, noted on the Agency’s website. “Almost half of the activists of popular front regularly visited the landfill site and checked the work. Repeatedly garbage collection was suspended at the landfill site were garbage, had violated the terms of execution of orders. And only the autumn of this year, the activists of the popular front has made the reclamation of the landfill. Now in a former quarry is planted over a hundred young pine-trees,” – said earlier, the coordinator of the regional group of public monitoring of the popular front for problems of ecology and protection of forests in the Tula region Budenkov.

We will remind, the decision on the beginning of the project “General cleaning” for the suppression of unlawful dumps through an appeal to the Supervisory authorities, to the local authorities and with the help of volunteers was accepted on January 26 at the meeting of the Central headquarters of the popular front.

On the eve of Vladimir Putin instructed the Prosecutor General to verify compliance with legislation in terms of waste management first and second classes of danger. Test must be performed before July 1, responsible for the execution of orders assigned to the Prosecutor General Yuri Chaika.


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