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Monday, February 19, 2018

Leonid Roshal: onf is perceived by people as the last resort of social control

The state Duma has never been such a large number of doctors in the Committee on health. We are closely watching the state Duma will accept the budget… If they don’t find the possibility to increase the share of health in GDP, nothing good will not” – said the Director of the research Institute of emergency children’s surgery and traumatology, member of the Central headquarters of the popular front Leonid Roshal.

Leonid Mikhailovich, how, in your opinion, during its existence, the popular front took place as a public institution? Turned whether he is in a meaningful and effective platform for discussing and solving problems?

“Unfortunately, not all instructions are executed primarily by the Ministry of Finance. We believe that the lack of funding: only 3.2% of the GDP, is very low”

When created all-Russian people’s front, I hardly imagined that it will turn into an organization that plays a role in the public life of Russia. Some believe that our strength is that we can “complain” to the President for those or other ugliness. But from my point of view, the onf has grown so much and structurally, and qualitatively, that he has himself, without recourse to the head of state, can solve many issues. It performs the function of social control, but here we need to replace the concept. We have organizations that are engaged in the control of the Prosecutor’s office, investigative bodies, court of auditors, and our job should be primarily to respond to the requests of those who approach us. We in fact the last resort, where people come after treatment in one organization, second, third, and people just sees us as the function of social control.

Which topics, in your opinion, are paramount? As accumulated during the work of the popular front experience can be used in the future?

– I think the most important is the work on the law “About bases of health protection of citizens in Russian Federation”. I want to remind you that when at the time the popular front was created and the national medical chamber (NMP) was one of the first came in onf, we have set demand that the draft law, which vigorously promoted past the Ministry of health and social development, not good, it has a number of disadvantages, and as such make it impossible.

The law has already passed second reading and was to be adopted, however, at our insistence, with the support of Vladimir Putin we have come to the Duma, began to look for ways to improve the law. We have already made significant changes, but still the law is not perfect. We continue to make adjustments, which once again underlines that we were right, that the law was crude. Meanwhile, the law contains the main questions concerning the health of Russians.

In 2015 and 2016 has provided funding for the Federal medical institutions providing specialized high-tech assistance are not included in base program OMS. And in connection with the execution of the order about strengthening of control over the conduct of prenatal diagnosis in pregnant women failed to reduce infant mortality.

The most important event conducted by the onf on the subject of medicine, was the forum of the popular front for health 2015, after which was given a number of presidential instructions. How do you evaluate these requests?

– Unfortunately, not all instructions are executed primarily by the Ministry of Finance. We are concerned about the level of health financing. We believe that the lack of funding: only 3.2% of the GDP, is very low. We have just returned from China: there is 5.6%, and abroad, somewhere up to 10%, there is all in euros, in dollars, but in rubles of 3.2%, and of course, with this funding to make healthcare a powerful is very difficult.

During the year held several joint field meetings of the onf and the Ministry of health in Birobidzhan (the Jewish Autonomous region), which discussed the problem of idle medical equipment. Whether to run this equipment? How big problem with the idleness of equipment in other regions?

– The fact that an incredible number of CT scanners, MRI, ultrasound, lab equipment was received in the regional healthcare modernisation programme, this never happened. And today we equipment unable to compete with many foreign countries. But the problem is that all this equipment requires constant adjustment, control, repair, replacement of certain parts.

And all this is in connection with the fall of the ruble. Everything is now much more expensive than it was before. The money to cover that difference, no one stands out. As a result, a large number of medical equipment stands idle, and the whole effect of the modernization of health care can go in the sand if we do not ensure the conditions and additional funding for the purchase and operation of this equipment. The attitude of the Ministry of Finance to health care, to us, physicians, is absolutely unclear. I have the feeling that those who today solves the problem of financing health care, don’t care much about it, because they themselves don’t know what’s going on in General hospitals and clinics, as served in the elite hospitals.

Health desperately needs a system of laws that will regulate and maintain the medical sphere. This requires the presence of medical professionals at all levels of the legislature that will not pass are not fully implemented laws. In the current Duma, for example, from onf got enough of these professionals?

The state Duma has never been such a large number of doctors in the Committee on health. We are closely watching the state Duma will accept the budget that was developed by the government. It will be interesting how all these people will vote against the budget and what the decision of the party “United Russia” for this reason. It will be a litmus test for all of us. If they don’t find the possibility to increase the share of health in GDP, nothing good will not.

The country remains a serious shortage of doctors. How can I solve this problem?

– Shortage of medical staff is that over the last 16 years we have abandoned the practice of compulsory distribution of graduates who are trained at public expense in hospitals, and switched to free distribution. All attempts in other ways to solve the issue will not result in the near future to deal with the staffing issue. Now in personnel matters, especially in primary care, we have a disaster. There are villages where there is not even one doctor. It’s a threat to national security.

The positive solution is the expansion of the program “Zemsky doctor” and the increasing age of those who have the opportunity to become members of this program.

Generally positive are stopping the elimination of midwifery points (FAP) and the translation in some areas General practitioners. The number of doctors in rural areas is gradually increasing. Putin’s decision to allocate one million roubles to the physicians who move to the countryside, moved the situation forward. However, without additional work of the local authority personnel and governors we will not solve the problem.

How do you think the attention to prevention in domestic medicine, as you refocus attention on her?

We must find a solution to this complex social issue, because without the responsibility of citizens for their health we make health care high quality. Human health is closely linked to health, but health also greatly affect things like the environment, water, food, way of life, social tension, poverty and so on. And in a lifetime of the same. A Prime example is long-lived mountain areas that do not have sufficient medical care, but live a very long time. I think that now in front of the front faces many challenges and problems that we invent, and set before us the population of the country, and we need to be on top, to work so that was not a shame for us and for all onf.


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