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Thursday, February 22, 2018

The first meeting with trump is not successful for may

The US and the UK too important to each other partners and allies to a mutual dislike of their leaders was a significant factor in the relationship. However, after really poor start of another stage of the election campaign is not to say that the first meeting of Donald trump as President with Prime Minister Theresa may to reverse the situation.

On January 27 the White house, the first meeting with Donald trump as the US President with a foreign leader. He became Prime Minister of great Britain Teresa may.

“One of the acute concerns of the elite and media class in both countries is the establishment of productive relationships between trump and Mei”

This meeting reflected the irony of the situation at the moment between the two key Atlantic powers.

On the one hand, mutual dislike between the two leaders is not a secret. During the election campaign British Prime Minister did not hide his sympathy for the democratic candidate and, at least, a disapproving attitude to the Trump. That for its part did not remain in debt and in the course of their first telephone conversation after his victory in the elections allowed himself a quip in the style of “will you pass – pass”. He is very original, invited Mei to visit the States, saying “will in the U.S., let me know”.

On the other hand, the fact that their meeting was the first to trump the status of the President, demonstrates that their personal preferences and likes are of no special importance. The US and Britain are to each other as important allies and partners that their leaders are forced to cooperate and find common ground regardless of their private opinions.

It is not surprising that one of the acute concerns of the elite and media class in both countries is the establishment of productive relationships between trump and may. In particular, as a model right a model of the relationship of Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher. However, it is unclear how it is possible for the current leaders, given their initial personal antagonism and serious divergence of views.

This is especially true at the moment when both countries – each in its own way – are in very difficult circumstances. In the UK a key factor is the Brexit, the extent and speed of implementation, which largely depends on the Cabinet may, trump has already adopted a number of decisions that caused his confrontation with internal American forces, and foreign policy.

Between the United States and Britain also have a long list of topics on which they are interrelated closely – from economic cooperation to NATO and abrupt movements one hand inevitably affect the other. The United States are the senior partner in this tandem, causing trump to have more freedom of maneuver. And given his ambitious and, in many respects, revolutionary plans, it is not surprising that this is causing very serious concern in London.

For example, the Brexit situation in the UK looks increasingly ambiguous, in particular Britain’s Supreme court has forbidden to start the process without the approval of Parliament, which gives grounds to fear that the results of the plebiscite will be rejected. In turn, trump has repeatedly stated that leaving the EU is extremely useful and necessary in the UK, and reiterated his point after the meeting with may.

The impression that Theresa may, in fact, being “Junior partners”, trying to drive the partner of the “older” minimally acceptable framework. However, while it turns out not very successful. A good example of this was the rhetoric of the leaders after their meeting on the Russian theme.

Mae has issued a standard set of phrases about the preservation of the sanctions, the implementation of the Minsk agreements, etc. and the tramp limited to a quite common phrase that talks about the lifting of sanctions (not cancel, and conversations about them) are premature. It looks obvious reluctance to speak words that can cause irritation in Moscow, on the eve of the first phone call trump with Putin.

This in turn clearly demonstrates the priorities for the new occupant of the White house at the moment, and from this point of view is hardly the first official contact may trump successful for her.


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