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Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Starts the dialogue between two of the most influential people in the world

Scheduled for Saturday the first talks between presidents Putin and trump – Yes, yet another phone, but no less important. Although on the eve of their conversation even has information about walking in the White house the project of the decree about removal of sanctions from Russia, it is clear that talk will not be about it. The issue of sanctions are now generally not important in relations between the two countries.

Conversation Putin and trump finally agreed – interview will be held on Saturday, likely in the evening Moscow time (in Washington, there will be morning).

“The main outcome of the negotiations will be the establishment of normal interaction between the two presidents”

The day before, on Friday, trump had the first meeting at the highest level – he was visited by British Prime Minister may, on the same day that Putin, trump will speak by phone with Merkel and Hollande. That is, the foreign policy of the new President begins. In the conversations with Berlin and Paris, Putin’s name will also be sound – already announced, the Chancellor will discuss Russia and Ukraine.

The conversation with Putin thus has the important and fundamental value. This is not a short greeting, as it was on the 14th of November, a few days after the sensational for Western elites trump’s victory in the elections. Now we are talking about negotiations, let and phone, two of the most influential people in the world, heads of two powers that are at opposite poles, powers who until the last days was hard geopolitical adversaries, almost enemies.

While both men vie for first place in the ranking of the most hated Western elite people – that is, Putin, in recent years the uncontested leader in the nomination “the main threat to the free world, human rights and the peace sky above a head”, appeared in more than a serious competitor. Tramp no, the week the President just a year and a half in politics, but the rate of growth of its “hitlerowskie” he has no equal. And now these two people, the two “fiends” for the global elite, now I start to talk. And from their conversation, depends the fate of the entire world – it is clear that the mere contact of such a wrong people is already completely unacceptable, “fascism.”

But alas! Trump became President of the United States, and forbid him to do anything not can not a single person in the Western world. This position is the highest in the hierarchy of the unified West. Yes, it is largely nominal and a lot of what is balanced – but this rule fails in the case that the world is in a state of serious turbulence and transformation, and the post of the President is not a typical trained representative of the elite and the upstart anti-globalization.

And that’s what we are seeing now – the presidency was occupied by the person, which in any case wasn’t supposed to be there. And now he’s going to transfer the administration of U.S. ship off autopilot mode (i.e., configured of the Board of the globalist financial and political elite) in the manual. What causes panic among the Board of Directors of the Corporation, “the World-American”. But while trump is alive and will speak with Putin.

What will be the first conversation? It is clear that the middle East – the war in Syria and Iraq is too important to us all and as trump said, it’s good if “we go along and it knocked the breath out of LIH*”. The format of cooperation is yet unclear – but at least you can rely on the coordination of the fighting, and the joint coercion of the armed opposition to the truce and the beginning of meaningful negotiations in Geneva.

It is clear that Ukraine – it is the desire of Washington to steal a part of the Russian world under the NATO umbrella and called outdoor geopolitical conflict between Russia and the United States, lowered our relationship to the level of the cold war. The United States will not abandon Ukraine, but will offer the neutralization, the creation of a buffer zone between Russia and the West. It does not meet Russian national interests – but it is an important change in the US position.

Of course, about Europe – which is a geopolitical colony of the States, but relations with whom trump wants to review, including allowing the EU to restore ties with Russia.

Of course, on the far East – China, Korea and Japan. But what they are likely to say no, it’s about sanctions. Why?

Putin will raise this issue – his position is clear: sanctions – is the problem of those countries that imposed them against Russia. We will not negotiate about their cancellation, the more there will be no concessions on our part for their removal. Is you introduced, now your problem is how to remove them.

And most tellingly, that trump is really a customized try to get along with Putin, sanctions relief is now a serious political issue. Inter-decomposed such that Trump is very difficult to make a conciliatory gesture towards Putin – it will immediately be accused of betrayal. However, there are accused of – so nothing to lose? There is therefore no immediate withdrawal (or weakening) of the sanctions and is now out of the question.

Messages two us sources (the website Politico and an expert from the Atlantic Council) that in the administration of the tramp prepare the decree about the weakening of anti-Russian sanctions, is not necessarily an invention of the opponents of the trump and Putin – is not likely such a project really is. That’s just announcing it now, after the first conversation between the two presidents, the White house, of course, will not.

Because in response he will receive not just the tightening of sanctions against Russia, which will go to Congress, but the conflict has not yet formed the administration with the Capitol. Trump not yet approved by Senate Secretary Rex Tillerson recently received approval from the relevant Committee on foreign Affairs, but he must pass another vote in the Senate. If trump immediately after the conversation with Putin will announce the abolition of the sanctions against Russia, it is very likely that Republican senators McCain and Lindsey Graham will vote against Tillerson, leading to the rejection of his candidacy. Why would Trump make a problem out of the blue?

After the appearance of information about the project of the decree of trump, a prominent American diplomat, former zamgendirektora of NATO Alexander Vershbow urged Congress to take urgent measures for complications of the procedure a quick one-time lifting of sanctions. Vershbow recalled prepared the bill under which the President must apply to the Senate for each item of the sanctions and to explain why it sees fit to abandon it. That such a bill was planned to introduce to Congress next week, 23 January the leader of the democratic minority in the Senate, Chuck Schumer.

It is obvious – based on the nature of trump – which is just what this kind of action against Russia would be perfectly natural: in the course of the first conversation, to say to Putin that we begin to build a normal relationship without any aggravating and totally unattractive and meaningless sanctions.

But Trump will have to restrain their desires – the only order Obama that he could cancel right away, without much damage to relations with the Congress, can become the new year the decree on the expulsion of Russian diplomats. Then Putin pointedly refused responses – in fact, ignoring the outgoing President and passing right next move Trump. Now trump may cancel this order Obama to thereby define its new approach to relations with Russia not only in words but in concrete, albeit symbolic. Although, of course, in the case of trump cannot be completely ruled out that it will aggravate the game with the Congress and do in the coming days, will cancel several of Obama’s Executive orders on sanctions.

In any case, now the main result of the negotiations will be the establishment of normal interaction between the two presidents – and then begin the countdown to their first meeting. On the way to it they will periodically call their representatives to meet at formal and informal levels, the main topics (Syria, ISIS, Europe, Ukraine) will be discussed. That is, the relations of the Kremlin and the White house will begin to line up according to the rhythm of the relationship of Putin and trump. And this is bad news for their enemies.

In the meantime, speaking with Mae on Friday, trump called it premature to talk about lifting sanctions. When he expressed hope that his relations with Putin will be “fantastic”.

* Organization in respect of which the court accepted entered into legal force decision on liquidation or ban the activities on the grounds stipulated by the Federal law “On countering extremist activity”


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