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Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Source: Maria Maksakova after the scandal with the Voronenkova canceled a performance in “Mariinsky”

The Deputy of the state Duma of the fifth and sixth convocations from the Communist Denis Boronenkov not only moved to Kyiv for permanent residence, but, apparently, testified against the ex-President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych. Allegedly, the former Deputy confirmed that the Ukrainian leader was invited during the Maidan, the Russian army in their country. Such an act is a “model officer” (pictured in his profile on Twitter he is in the uniform of a Colonel of militia, with numerous combat awards) and former member of the Duma Committee for security shook not only his party.

photo: facebook.com

Denis Boronenkov and Maria Maksakova married in March 2015. At their wedding, the speaker of the state Duma Sergey Naryshkin sang along with the newlywed song “Petersburg-Leningrad”.

As told “MK” the press-Secretary of Communist party Alexander YUSHCHENKO, he knows Boronenkov as well-educated officer, who never would exchange Russia for Ukraine:

— All the information about the readings Boronenkov, we learned from media in which there is no word on what was said by our party. Instead, we are offered the statements of a Lutsenko, which presents itself by the General Prosecutor of Ukraine. In this regard, the veracity of the news is questionable, since the past three years Kiev constantly generates some fantastic ideas. We await the comments of Boronenkov. When he was a Deputy of the state Duma 6-th convocation he was charged by the investigating bodies of the Russia, and he boldly expressed its position, not hiding from anyone. In those times we sat and talked a lot with each other.

If everything will be exactly as it is to us Kiev, I want to emphasize that he has always voted so, how to solve fraction, including supported the annexation of Crimea to Russia. At the same time, we actively helped the Donbass humanitarian aid, advocated the recognition of the DNI and LC and so on. Voronenkov was not involved in this, but never was against it. In addition, he always presented himself as a well-educated officer. And I don’t see how in the current situation, given the victory of Donald trump in the presidential election in the United States and its attitude to Ukraine, it was possible to do something like that. Political structure in this country is unsustainable… If something is confirmed, his party will not keep, as it goes against our policy.

— Boronenkov had access to the information that would be of interest to the Ukrainian authorities?

— Former MP, member of the safety Committee knows about Yanukovych only what I read in the Newspapers. That is, he knows no more than all the other inhabitants of Russia and Ukraine. To use his testimony, even if they were, is just silly. Second, no event in December 2014 Voronenkov is not precisely known, as in the negotiations with Yanukovych was not involved. It at all anywhere not overlap with the events in Ukraine.

Meanwhile, the officer and Communist Boronenkov, along with his wife, Opera singer (and also ex-the Deputy from “United Russia”), Maria Maksakova, has gone to Ukraine at the end of last year. Most likely, the move was caused by the fact that in 2014, the Investigative Committee began to accuse policy to participate in the raider seizure of the building in the center of Moscow, for which the politician allegedly received 100 thousand dollars. However, to initiate a criminal case prevented parliamentary immunity (security forces twice appealed to the Duma and twice was refused). This time, after losing the elections in single-mandate constituency in Nizhny Novgorod, Boronenkov, apparently decided not to tempt fate.

What Boronenkov could tell the Ukrainian investigator of mystery. Reported only that his testimony is partially confirmed by the recognition of another fugitive Russian politician Ilya Ponomarev, who, however, is also irrelevant to the events in Crimea and Ukraine had, in the negotiations with Yanukovych was not involved in the breakaway republics of Donbass never was.

Sources “MK”, close to the family Boronenkov, saying that the former MP and his wife turned off all the phones and refrain from any comments. Judging by social networks, the last two weeks they were on vacation in Paris. However, the ex-Deputy of the “United Russia” Maksakova said earlier that in may last year she got out of politics and never again it will not return. Despite this, knowing that the scandal may affect her, she decided to cancel their upcoming performance at the Mariinsky sources of stress.

However, the press service of the Mariinsky theatre “MK” said the wife of the immigrant performances are not canceled and continues the cooperation with the theatre this season. The closest with her performance of “Queen of spades”, where Maksakova will play the role of the Countess, is scheduled for January 30.

In turn, the Prosecutor General of Ukraine Yuriy Lutsenko announced that the March broadcast of all Ukrainian TV channels will begin broadcast of the trial on the case of treason Yanukovych. Enlisting the testimony of two former deputies of the state Duma, Kiev will prove that the former President wrote a letter to Russian President Vladimir Putin, asking him to send troops, first in Crimea and then Donbas.

However, the purpose of the court will be quite mundane. According to Lutsenko, thanks to the guilty verdict, the Ukrainian authorities will be able to seize all the prisoner capital of Yanukovych in Ukraine and abroad.


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