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Saturday, April 21, 2018

Famous for his wedding the Deputy suspect in major Scam

The investigative Committee intends to bring a criminal case against the Deputy of the state Duma from the Communist Denis Boronenkov and has already appealed to the Prosecutor General demanding the lifting of his immunity. The Duma is a Communist and a fighter against corruption, the suspect is now in undertaking a major real estate Scam, not so long ago became famous for a luxury, inter-married with the other Deputy of the state Duma Maria Maksakova. In the guilt of the husband Maksakova does.

The official representative of SK Russian Federation Vladimir Markin said that the investigators intend to initiate a criminal case against state Duma Deputy Denis Boronenkov. A member of the Communist party is suspected of organizing the fraud, in which he and his accomplices illegally got possession of the building cost 127 million rubles, reports “Interfax”. The investigative Committee has sent to the Prosecutor General required documents for entering into the state Duma the proposal on deprivation of immunity Boronenkov, marks RIA “news”. It is noteworthy that the MP is a member of the Committee for security and combating corruption.

The history of a fraud

“If he feels confident, would specifically remove their immunity and ask that a test was conducted. Then his good name – if so – it would be restored”

“The investigation established that the group-which included two former law enforcement officers, realtor and other partners, in 2010-2011 committed criminal actions in which the sole LLC member “TOM” was deprived of the right of ownership of 100% share in its authorized capital”, the statement said Vladimir Markin, published on the website of the Investigative Committee of Russia. Investigators know the name of the founder of the company, ownership of which was this building. It is on the testimony of the founder “TOM” Otari Kobakhidze based on the findings of the investigation.

“Forging documents, the partners in crime stole the building cost 127 million rubles, and also belonged to this organization. Six accomplices have already been convicted under article 159 of the criminal code (fraud) in respect of another case is considered in court, two in the status of the accused,” continued Markin. The main suspect in the organization of this fraud is the Deputy Boronenkov, according to investigators RF IC.

Note that the Investigative Committee had intended to bring a criminal fraud case against the Deputy Boronenkov in 2014. Since December 11, the newspaper “Kommersant” wrote that “investigators are seeking the withdrawal of immunity of a Deputy Boronenkov on suspicion of involvement in the raider seizure of the building in the centre of Moscow”. We are talking about building International.

Itself illegal scheme was carried out in 2010-2011. Then the founder “TOM” Otari Kobakhidze, who owned a bakery and a shop on the street International, decided to transfer his property to the management of the General Director of open company “VOLUME”. That, in turn, has taken a number of illegal actions for the purpose of selling real estate. Using his friendship with a former employee of the interior Ministry, the Director General made contact with some officers of the FSB. Those, in turn, appealed for help to Voronenkov.

Next, Boronenkov, according to the RF IC, has found a buyer – businessman Vitaly Kachur. He agreed to buy the bakery and shop for two million dollars, while the market value of the building was five million dollars. In advance businessman handed over Voronenkov in April 2011, 100 thousand dollars. Then the Deputy helped solve the problems with re-registration of the building to another firm in exchange for these services from Kachura another $ 1.2 million, the newspaper notes.

Founder “TOM,” asked the court, which has returned the building in his possession. All the participants of the illegal fraud appeared in court on charges of fraud. They testified against the Deputy Boronenkov. The Deputy confirmed that he was familiar with the buyer of the building, but his involvement in the illegal transaction denied.

Now in defense of Boronenkov, made his spouse, the Deputy of the state Duma Maria Maksakova-Eigenberg. “I can say that actually there is no material, it is fabricated story that has no judicial prospect” – she said to Interfax. “Since 2011, attempts to attract Boronenkov in this case, but none of them were crowned with success,” she added. “Looking at the attention to this situation, which now surpasses the impression that it is an end in itself,” said the wife of the Deputy from the Communist party.


Has not passed also month since that day as MP from the Communist Denis Boronenkov married to the Deputy from “United Russia” Maria Maksakova. This solemn event took place on March 28. The media immediately dubbed the event “the main political wedding of the year” for the first time in the history of the Russian Parliament had married each other representatives of different political parties.

The wedding ceremony was held at the newly opened luxurious Banquet hall “Philharmonie 2”, which the Minister of culture Vladimir Medinsky has called “the ground level of the new Mariinsky theatre”. At the feast, walked many national pop stars and government officials and state Duma deputies. But the most memorable greeting “Golden voice of Russia” Nikolai Baskov, who, standing in a brocade jacket, cried the whole huge hall: “Bitterly!”.

Love noisy events even as it brought Boronenkov to injuries. So, in December 2013, the Deputy was beaten in a restaurant in the centre of Moscow, on Petrovka street. Statement of fact the attack was handed over to the police.

“One law for all”

“No one yet does not blame Boronenkov – only the court can say, he is a criminal or not. But the fact that this verification is carried out, it is a good idea, given that Voronenkov is the Committee for security and combating corruption”, – said the Director of the Center for socio-political research “Aspect” Georgy Fedorov in an interview with the newspaper LOOK.

The response of the Boronenkov can demonstrate the extent of his innocence. “If he feels confident, I would have to place specially took off his immunity and asked a special statement that has been audited. Then his good name – if so – it would be restored – involves Fyodorov. – And if he is involved in the fraud, he must bear the responsibility, though to what party he belongs – be it the ruling party or the opposition party. We must strive to ensure that the law was one for all”.

The expert also noted that in recent time we can talk about strengthening the fight against corruption in the government. “Lately there have been many corruption scandals, and it pleases. I hope that these cases will be brought to the end. This is a good signal. Everyone knows that there are people who are not very honest with me in life. And if they have any questions on the part of the investigating authorities, they have to answer,” concludes Fedorov.

“The deputies have immunity, and the procedure for its removal requires efforts by the Investigative Committee and the state Duma. The fact that SKR made this statement, says that he has this for some reason,” – said in his turn, political scientist Alexander Skates in comments the newspaper VIEW.

In the field of fight against corruption there is a clear positive trend, he said. “The declared political will that all are equal before the law. And any information that suggests that officials, deputies may be suspected of corruption crimes, of course, should be considered and those responsible be held accountable. Must be taken action by the investigating authorities, based on the information they own. It is important that society approves of it, and no obstacles to the work of the TFR does not” – said Konkov.

The expert considers important the fact that information becomes known to the General public. “It is important to see what specifically accused certain officials, he stressed. – It is necessary that evidence became public, and then no one would have any doubts.”

Statements that were made by Vladimir Putin, that in power there are no untouchable persons confirmed, the expert added. “We all know the story of the Sakhalin region Governor Khoroshavin. The policy declared by the President, consistent and logical. Equality before the law is proved with concrete examples, including in the fight against corruption,” he concluded.

The fight against corruption in action

Recall that this is not the first high-profile case of SK of the Russian Federation against government officials and deputies of the state Duma. So, March 26, 2015 a spokesman for the Investigative Committee Vladimir Markin stated that “Duma Deputy Ilya Ponomarev, who was suspected of involvement in embezzling 22 million rubles of the SKOLKOVO Foundation, took “an active part” in the crime. We are talking about the conclusion of the contract in 2010 with Ponomariov agreement for 450 thousand dollars to conduct scientific works and on 300 thousand dollars on the course of lectures and seminars.

Earlier all over the country thundered the arrest of Sakhalin region Governor Alexander Khoroshavin. He was arrested in early March during the investigative audit. His house was searched, seized documents and a large sum of money. Now Khoroshavin charged with accepting bribes in the amount of 5.6 million dollars. The investigation conducted by the Investigation Committee.

May 8, 2014 was arrested, the General-the Lieutenant of police Denis Sugrobov. Snowdrifts became the highest-ranking police officer arrested in Russia. By the way, he was the head of Department on fight against economic crimes.

On 3 July 2013 on suspicion in extortion of a bribe of 14 million rubles were arrested the mayor of Yaroslavl Eugene Urlashov. In 2012 he won the mayoral election in Yaroslavl, running under the slogan “Against crooks and thieves.” Currently, Urlashov is in a Moscow prison “Matrosskaya Tishina”.

August 15, 2011, investigators opened a criminal case against the sacked Governor of the Tula region Vyacheslav Dudka (2005-2011). He is suspected of receiving in 2010, a bribe of 40 million rubles to the CJSC “Corporation GRINN” land that was used for the construction of the hypermarket.


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