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Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Conspiracy: the shard in February of Nibiru would cause the Earth catastrophic tsunami

A number of media with reference to the self-proclaimed astronomer Damir Demin reported that the space Agency hide from people the truth about the Earth approaching space object under the name 2016 WF9. According to conspiracy theorist, the asteroid is a fragment of the planet Nibiru in February, will collide with our planet. The result of this fall will become a tsunami that can destroy entire cities, predicts Demin.

photo: pixabay.com

Celestial body 2016 WF9 was discovered in November last year, and experts are not sure, is it a comet or an asteroid. As reported in late December, February 25 will be from our planet at a distance of about 51 million kilometers. This alone was clarified that the trajectory of the cosmic body are well studied and that in the foreseeable it will not pose any danger to the inhabitants of the Earth.

However, the astronomer, the professionalism of which I doubt even causes his words to foreign media, made a statement that NASA and other space agencies deliberately hide the real information about 2016 WF9. As stated by the Demin, the outer body is an asteroid, “breakaway” from the planet Nibiru and tending directly in the direction of our planet. The collision will trigger a tsunami and massive destruction, says the self-proclaimed specialist.

It is worth noting that the planet Nibiru is in reality not existing, often appears in a variety of “apocalyptic” theories. Recently appeared in the media the words of the experts of dubious qualification, claiming that this planet decelerates the rotation of the Earth, and in the foreseeable future this could lead to powerful storms and volcanic eruptions. In reality, these myths are not based on any available scientific data, nor even in the ancient Sumerian-Akkadian mythology, the “inspired” theory of this kind. At this, the planet Nibiru should not be confused with a hypothetical ninth planet of the Solar system, the possibility of the existence of which some years ago theorized the specialists of the California Institute of technology Michael brown and Konstantin Batygin.


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