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Saturday, April 14, 2018

The police are looking for one of the rescuers falling into the Moscow river women

“Looking for firefighters, police looking for” – the story Marshak was repeated in the capital of our days. Motorist from Kabardino-Balkaria did not hesitate rushed into the Moscow river to help the inspector to pull a fallen there with the car woman. The woman was rescued, the police will be rewarded. As, however, and his occasional assistant, who, fleeing from the scene, still doesn’t.

The incident occurred on Thursday evening on the Rostov quay in Khamovniki (Moscow), where the Subaru Forester has left on an oncoming lane – driving car 34-the summer woman has not coped with management, after which the face of Land Rover, struck a guardrail and flew into the river.

“We have everyone was ready to go down to the drowning car, not just me, with me still were three employees, who also already took off the jacket, I just was lighter, and was easier to get”

According to GU MVD of Russia in Moscow, “EN service territory of the Metropolitan traffic police officers saw the Moscow river, the car immediately took action to rescue a man who tried to get out of the cabin”.

At the same time, according to REN casually at the scene passing by in a car, was living in Moscow, the native of Kabardino-Balkaria Murat Shomakhov. The man was the only one watching motorists – there were about two dozen people who decided to come to the aid of the victim.

“She’s already under water was almost, told channel about what happened, he Shomakhov. – The machine is already under a roof. The back glass broke. The employee also went down, along pulled. It was just to the waist, at his throat. Down and all. It turned out, hands just touched and took out”.

As reported by the Metropolitan police, with trailing cables from service vehicles, associated together, the inspector of traffic police Alexey Konyaev came down to the Moscow river, where he was joined by the motorist. Men, hold on the ropes left on the shore by police and passers-by. With a piece of ice floes, they smashed the rear window of drowning car after which the police pulled the girl, who was in a state of shock. Also, noticing a baby seat, they are some time looking for the child, but children in the cabin, thankfully, was not. In total Konyaev and Shomakhov has been in cold water for 15 minutes.

Woman saviors conveyed to a waiting ambulance crew. According to REN, who contacted her husband, she avoids contact with the press, wanting to “be happy with my recovery and to spend time with his five daughters”. The inspector General hypothermia and frostbite on both hands and was hospitalized. The motorist refused from hospitalization, having left the scene in his own car.

On Friday the official representative of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia Irina Volk has informed that “the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia is preparing a presentation on awarding the state award of the captain of police Alexey Konyaev for the rescue of the driver from the sinking car.”

About the inspector of traffic police it is known that in the bodies of internal Affairs, he works since 1997 and is married with two minor children.

Commenting on his action, TASS, Konyaev said he did not consider it something extraordinary. “We have a solid crew, I work with experienced staff, and we each were willing to go down to the drowning machine, not only I told the police captain. With me still were three employees, who also already took off the jacket, I just was lighter, and was easier to get”.

At the moment the militiaman is in the First town hospital, and how did you find out the Agency at the chief physician Mikhail Tsarev, to its health threatens nothing.

Act Konyaeva and helped him of the motorist were noted and the mayor of Moscow, who wrote in his Twitter:

“I am proud of the police act Alexey Konyaev and motorists who saved a woman from a sinking car. People with a big heart. Thank you!”

Wherein the second member of the operation to rescue avtolyubitelnitsa, Murat Shomakhov, it seems, was even more modest than Alexey Konyaev, deciding to go into the shadows. Anyway, after the incident, he did not show himself, and the Metropolitan law enforcement even had to declare that they are looking for this person to thank and reward.

The press service of the Moscow Department of internal Affairs with the VZGLYAD newspaper reported that the leadership of the office decides how to award Shomakhova official order in this regard has yet been received:

“Similar cases have occurred, but, as shown, the premium range here is quite wide – from letters to medals, so to say something is now specifically difficult.”

In turn in conversation with the newspaper LOOK Chairman of the coordinating Council of the Interregional trade Union “trade Union of Moscow police” Mikhail Pashkin spoke about possible awards for participants in this story:

“Of course, you need to give medals, we also have a special “For the rescue of drowning”. However, like it or not, we live in the era of Mercantile capitalism and moral support should be associated with the material. For example, local authorities could put these characters in turn for an apartment. Or give a cash prize. The initiative for this must go not only from the interior Ministry, but from various levels of government”.

However, no matter what awards they decided to honor the heroes of the rescue on the Rostov embankment, to begin with, in fairness, need to find Murat Shomakhova.


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