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Saturday, January 20, 2018

The collapse of the US threatens to start with California

The number of supporters of the separation of California from the United States is more urgent than ever: according to the latest Reuters poll, are in favor of it 32% of Californians. While California promises to become the heart of the fight against trump in this clash between the interests of the local liberals, illegal immigrants and big business. Why is the richest state of the United States became the main threat to their integrity?

Champion trouble for the 45th President of the USA Donald John trump promises to become a CA. The cities do not cease mass protests, and the local legislative authorities have prepared a special package of bills to block the President the opportunity to fulfill their campaign promises: if the President will try to implement some of their initiatives in California, local legislators announce that they are contrary to the laws of the state.

“Migrants believe that quietly occupy America’s own territory”

This also applies to the construction of the infamous wall on the border with Mexico, and deportation of illegal migrants and combating global warming. According to the American media, California “led the fight to blue States (that is, democratic – Republican States are called red) against trump”.

At first glance, this fight looks epic and even noble. In particular, in California to defend the rights of socially vulnerable layers of the population, the benefit of a third of recipients of social benefits in America (34%) reside in this state. But if you look closely, behind beautiful slogans are hidden interests, primarily business. A lot of them, and they join the poorest and the richest residents of the state. Only infusion from the Federal budget and some infrastructure projects on which you can earn, is still interested local authorities. In all other respects they feel completely independent from Washington.

The reasons for this are. In 2016, the economy of California had become the sixth in the world, ahead of France. California boasts the image of a progressive American state and its freedom-loving San Francisco – a city of the legendary Harvey milk and the LGBT capital of the Americas. About the rights of other minorities are also not forgotten. The second language of the state became for a long time Spanish: in 2014, immigrants from Central and South America and their descendants have evolved from a minority in a relative majority, and towns such Anaheim were mostly Hispanic. As a result, the economy of the state (primarily construction and services) were tied to “hispanicos”, and about 27% of the total number of illegal immigrants in the U.S. accounts for California (about three million).

Also in the state there are 13% of all American liberals (10 million people), that is, those who identificeret himself with the liberals in the framework of sociological surveys. California became the second state where it was legalized gay marriage, and the fifth, where it is completely legalized marijuana. Here is Silicon valley, with all its “leaders” – from Facebook to Tesla. California fights global warming, and faster than all of the American States reduces harmful emissions. Here is Hollywood. The glamorous image the West coast, which works hard in the local press, almost completely controlled by the Democratic party, makes an unforgettable impression.

And at the same time in California built polurealisticheskie economy, reminiscent of the dystopian type of “the hunger games”. It was her and trying to protect the state, are firmly soldered with big business.

Take, for example, the struggle of Governor Jerry brown, against global warming. Today he promises to do everything not to allow Donald Trump to implement the decision on the abolition of measures to reduce harmful emissions. It would seem that the Governor advocates for clean air. But in reality – lobbying the interests of his good friend John Watson, head of the oil company Chevron (the second speed in the country after Exxon Mobil). Despite quotas and prohibitions, Chevron continues to produce oil in California. A couple of years ago along with two other major oil companies Chevron of the state sponsored election campaign brown for a total amount of 9.8 million dollars. And the President trump their benefits for oil can strengthen the position of competitors Watson. Here’s Governor brown with him and fights.

Opposition against trump with illegal immigration also has a simple economic justification. For the construction industry, service industry, restaurateurs and farmers of California legal migrants is much worse than illegal. A legal migrant is educated, qualified, he demands a high salary, medical insurance, and other bonuses. It is much better to hire someone without papers and pay him the minimum, be able to drive at any time. Such is not always just a consequence of the ill will of the capitalists: taxes and social contributions in California bullied to the limit, so we have to save. But a similar clause applies only to small and medium businesses – large companies have the money, but because they set their own rules.

“In California “Herbalife” has powerful defenders. For example, one of the leading consultancy company for a long time, including former mayor of Los Angeles”

How intertwined the interests of large corporations and the poor illegal immigrants, exemplified in “Herbalife”. The homeland of this infamous company – Los Angeles. Here also lives the great majority of staff “Herbalife.” From 60 to 80 percent (550 thousand) of them are Hispanic immigrants, often – unemployed illegals. 99.5% of the distributors of “Herbalife” receive less than the minimum wage and 88% – nothing at all. Meanwhile, the company gets billions of dollars in profits (more than $ 4 billion in net revenue in record for her 2012).

In fairness, the Federal government and when Obama tried to shut this down, accusing the company that it operates essentially as a pyramid scheme. However, in California the “Herbalife” has powerful defenders. For example, one of the leading consultancy company for a long time, including former mayor of Los Angeles Antonio Villaraigosa. He successfully resisted any attempts to investigate its activity on the state level.

The son of a Mexican immigrant, Villaraigosa became the first Hispanic mayor of Los Angeles. As a student he headed the local cell of MEChA, a radical Hispanic organization, whose main goal is the “Reconquista” of the United States – former territory of Mexico. Now he’s going to fight for the post of Governor of California– and has good chances to win.

Actively flirts with MEChA and the local elite of the Democratic party, is also very interested in the arrival of new crowds of migrants. The party takes “Hispanico” the huge rallies under the slogan “We came here to stay”, using them in his war against the President trump your and mobilizing the Hispanic electorate. At the time, it was the support of “hispanicos” has allowed the democratic party to lead the Republicans before this conservative state Governor who at the time was Ronald Reagan.

Thus, in California, with the full approval more recently, the ruling democratic party and big business has developed a huge layer of the lumpenproletariat – the uneducated and unskilled illegals working just for the food. Dumping these workers displace outside of the state and marginalizing is the middle class, for the preservation of which is trying to fight trump. In this fight for jobs, illegal immigrants lose and black and white, and “Hispanic” – regardless of skin color.

Related to this is, by the way, trump’s support among some immigrants in the second or third generation. Legalized and became Americans, the Mexicans realized that trump is, in fact, protects their jobs from the “newcomers”. Knowing what effort it cost their parents to find their place in the United States, they see the former compatriots of the usual freeloaders. A portrait of one such dissident – Mexican supporting trump, even published this summer the New Yorker magazine. In an interview with this resident of California admitted that dares to even hint that he intends to vote for the Republican: “otherwise, after all, and can dismiss”. These are the realities most progressive state in the US.

Symbiosis Hispanic lumpen, big business and the Democratic party was not formed yesterday and is sturdy enough. All participants in this food chain Washington is a real threat. This is a much more serious threat to the integrity of the United States than in polyarticular the separatist movement Calexit.

The very logic of economic development pushes from California USA. Years to build the structure of life directly contradicts the traditional American way of life, which hopes to restore trump. This is exacerbated California-esteem and belief in its own progressiveness, which diligently support local media. Add to this the belief of migrants is that they are slowly winning America’s own territory and promotion of this idea vociferous intellectuals. All this creates the preconditions to the separation of the “island of California” in one form or another. Yet The New York Times calls this trend “secession in slow motion”.


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