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Thursday, February 22, 2018

Polish-Ukrainian antagonism continues to grow

Series of scandals have again complicated relations of Poland and Ukraine. This is what happens when radical nationalists running the show on both sides of the border – not always it turns out to combine their Russophobia, or at least distract from each other. Apparently, this tension will increase and sooner or later will result in a real tragedy.

Polish-Ukrainian relations have once again worsened – and once again appear in scandal the city of Przemysl (Peremyshl), the national affiliation of Lviv and other historical problems, to solve which only one signing Russophobic declarations impossible. But instead of trying to talk and negotiate (this was solved seemingly insurmountable Anglo-French or Franco-German contradictions), Ukrainians and poles behave exactly the opposite way.

“Polish owners refuse to surrender to the Ukrainians of the apartment, and for embroidery on the streets of Warsaw, you can also get in the face”

Ten days ago, on January 17, the SBU has banned entry to Ukraine the mayor of Przemysl Robert Thomas. “The grounds for such a ban, there are many, this is all public information in the media in Poland and Ukraine. The decision to ban the entry was made when he participated in anti-Ukrainian events in Przemysl. It was not a one-time Fluke. We came to the conclusion that this person openly and deliberately stoked inter-ethnic and inter-ethnic enmity and purposefully work in this direction, but it harms the bilateral relations between Ukraine and Poland”, – explained the situation UNIAN the chief of staff of the Chairman of the SBU Oleksandr Tkachuk.

After waiting and not waiting for the official reaction of the Ukrainian foreign Ministry, the Polish government moved to retaliatory action. Deputy Minister of foreign Affairs of Poland, Jan Dziedziczak threatened to start his country will cancel the Polish-Ukrainian forum in Rzeszow, another border town, if the decision to ban the entry of mayor of przemyśl will not be cancelled. And then there are more serious measures. “Without explaining this situation, without the cancellation of this decision we do not represent the further cooperation”, – said Zajicek.

By the way, the names of cities. Ukrainian media and a Russian called Przemysl Przemysl, and Rzeszow, Rachamim. Indeed, in the times of Kievan Rus the city is called that way, and in that short period of 1939-1941, when Przemysl was part of the USSR, he also called Przemysl.

But if you call these cities their ancient option, then you need to write Tallinn, and revel, not Tbilisi, and Tbilisi, not Vilnius, and Vilnius and so on.

It is significant that the post-Soviet countries regularly require Russia to change the established name in accordance with local state language – to replace the ultimatum “Kyrgyzstan”, “Tallinn” and disputes “in” or “on Ukraine” came “Belarus” – for some reason, some citizens of this country is outraged by the Russian name for Belarus. Georgia went even further, requiring third countries to be called an anglicism “GA” and not Russism “Georgia”.

But no one sees no problem that Ukraine on its own calls the Polish city and Kaliningrad on the Lithuanian maps specified as of Karaliaucius.

Moreover, in Germany, despite de-Nazification, is still in force (with slight modifications) act, 1938 on the priority of the German historical names with the name of this Polish, Czech, French and Russian cities.

In Russia such there is no law. Modern Polish name Ryasheva Przemysl and the Przemysl and Rzeszow, and for consistency should probably call them in accordance with the language of the country whose flag many decades flying over the town hall of a city. Either at the same time to return to the use of revel, Tiflis, and at the same time Helsinfors.

The scandal with the announcement of the mayor of the border town persona non grata not only in the last days. As writes the Ukrainian edition of “Correspondent”, in Rzeszow were beaten by Ukrainian students. According to the newspaper, injured in unspecified quantities back to the hostel. On the road they were stopped by five young men and asked the students where they are. Hearing the answer, the men asked who owns Lviv – Ukraine or Poland. Hearing the answer “Ukraine”, the poles called students of Bandera and beat them.

In addition, the Polish owners refuse to surrender to the Ukrainians of the apartment, and for embroidery on the streets of Warsaw you can also get in the face, said “Correspondent”.

As with real modern Ukraine is able to fight pretty bad and the dead – much better as a “otvetku” unknown persons desecrated the Polish military cemetery in the village of Bykovnya near Kiev. Monuments wrote oil paint “SS Galicia” and the OUN-UPA*, and damaged scrap input.

The Polish Embassy in Kiev has sent the Ukrainian foreign Ministry a note in which he demanded clarification of the circumstances and the disclosure of the identity of those who destroyed the cemetery in Bykivnia, reported the press Secretary of the foreign Ministry of Poland Joanna Wajda.

On the note of the Ukrainian foreign Ministry said: “Ukraine strongly condemns the act of vandalism on the Ukrainian and Polish parts of the National historical and memorial preserve “bykivnya graves.” The Ukrainian authorities are taking urgent measures to investigate this shameful act and bring the perpetrators to justice. We are convinced that with joint efforts Ukraine and Poland will not allow any attempts to harm the Ukrainian-Polish friendship, which is based on shared history and European values”.

There are other scandals. But it’s time to summarize them: the problem is that the common Ukrainian-Polish history and modern European values flatly contradict each other. A common history is war and the Volyn massacre. And European values – a rejection of revanchism, inherent in Warsaw, and Kiev, and regionalization, which in Ukraine are more afraid than “the Buryat soldiers”.

As we have noted, the only unifying modern Ukraine, and modern Poland is a factor of Russophobia. Other reasons for the friendship they have.

Ukrainian migrant workers in Poland more than a million, and their number continues to grow steadily, despite the preservation of the visa regime, because Ukraine continues to get poorer. It has fuelled nationalism on both sides of the border, so that the “shameful deeds” will be more, as well as harsh statements and persona non grata. Of course, the Central government will continue to talk about “European values”, but at the regional level, there is no “friendship” there may be too much divides those who consider Bandera a terrorist, and those who consider him a hero.

And the longer this problem would be to ignore and gloss over the more serious the incident on a national basis sooner or later it will lead.

* Organization in respect of which the court accepted entered into legal force decision on liquidation or ban the activities on the grounds stipulated by the Federal law “On countering extremist activity”


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