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Thursday, February 15, 2018

Louis Marinelli: trump – the best argument in favor of independence California

“California does not accept America trump, people are going to defend their way of life, to stand up for himself, and therefore is preparing to vote for secession from “the United States of trump,” – says in an interview with the newspaper VIEW Louis Marinelli, one of the leaders of the movement Yes California and authors the idea of a referendum on the independence of the state. On the eve of the plebiscite proposal was submitted to the state attorney General.

“While some expect that the left politics of California will affect the rest of the country (primarily in regard to “Amnesty” for illegal immigrants), others gave up hope. Given the victory of trump, they just want to secede – to withdraw from the United States the most populous state in the country and sixth largest economy in the world,” – said on the eve of the influential American Internet portal Breitbart.com close to the elected President of the United States Donald Trump.

Hillary Clinton was going to defend the status quo. But the fact that we want to secede from the United States because of the fact that the status quo is not the best option for California”

Indeed, reports of manifestations of separatism California moved from the heading “curiosities” in the category of serious political news. On the eve of the Los Angeles Times, and followed other American and world media, said: the movement for the independence of California from USA Yes California transferred to the office of the state attorney General a proposal for a referendum on independence.

Calexit (similar to the British Brexit) please outline for 2019. However, as RIA “Novosti”, the supporters of secession (separation) in California hope to hold a plebiscite already in 2018. After registration activists can start collecting signatures in support of the referendum. The band already has 13 thousand volunteers to collect signatures, says Vice President and co-founder of Yes California Ruiz Evans.

Evans explained that the reason for going to the office of the attorney General was a victory for Donald trump and it made Yes California to request a referendum a year earlier. In fact, the topic of California separatism, which is almost seriously discussed after Breccia, regained relevance after the announcement of the election results. Then in the suburbs of the San Francisco- Oakland (with a large proportion of colored people) and is known for its liberal traditions of the University town of Berkeley protests, and Twitter began to gain popularity hashtag #Calexit.

“In California, more developed economy than France and a population larger than Poland. According to various indicators CA is able to match and compete with the entire States, not just with the other 49 States,” said the initiators of the referendum on its website yescalifornia.org. In addition, the separatists, as well as supporters of the independence of Texas, believe that we are talking about the restoration of statehood in 1846 there was the California Republic.

An earlier edition of the Business Insider wrote that the group Yes California wants to open “Embassy” staff. One of the leaders of the movement Louis Marinelli visited Russia two months ago – at the international conference on the right of peoples to self-determination, organized “the anti-Globalization movement of Russia.” Marinelli often happens in our country, and during his current visit with one of the leaders of the Yes California spoke to the newspaper VIEW.

OPINION: Mr. Marinelli looked like a scene of submission of the documents on the referendum? Greatly surprised the officials?

Louis Marinelli: the Officials examined our papers, said something like “Well, if you want to do it, please.” It was not an expression of support for our referendum, but we have confirmed that we have the right to spend it and that they can’t stop us.

OPINION: are you Familiar with the Ruiz Evans, who now acts as the main “speaker” of the movement?

L. M.: Yes, Marcus Ruiz Evans – my friend and Vice-President of Yes California, one of the founders of our movement. We’ve been together since inception.

How many supporters of the Yes movement in the state of California?

Because you have already taken the initiative to create a state Commission on issues of autonomy in California, and to change the Constitution of California in order to name the head of state President, not Governor and to provide the California flag status equal to the US flag.

Why, in your opinion, these initiatives did not receive support and did not receive the required number of signatures?

California is a democratic procedure which allows any citizen to propose to hold a referendum. When we collect enough signatures, the state of California by law must agree to conduct the voting.

Last year, when we have taken the initiative to create a state Commission on issues of autonomy from California, United States, and to amend the Constitution of California (in particular, to change the name of the head of state from Governor to President, and provide the California flag status equal to the US flag), all this was for the most part a review of legislation in practice. We wanted to see the process and learn what our obstacles. We didn’t spend money on it and didn’t collect any signatures.

But now we are ready to act, we see that we have support.

OPINION: You stated that the victory of Donald trump on the election results will strengthen the desire of the people of California to organize a vote on the question of the withdrawal of the state from the United States. How do you feel about the trump candidacy? And if won by Hillary Clinton?

L. M.: I think Donald trump is a “daily advertising” California independence, the best argument in favor of independence. The fact that he will become President of the United States, dangerous. The people of California is not going to tolerate it, he is going to protect your California way of life, to stand up for themselves, and therefore prepares to vote on secession from the United States of trump.

As for Hillary Clinton, she was going to defend the status quo. But the fact that we want to secede from the United States because of the fact that the status quo is not the best option for California. We can ensure our future only when we become an independent country.

OPINION: Why do you believe Donald trump’s threat?


Voting in the US presidential election was like a movie with an open ending – as, indeed, the entire presidential campaign. Initially, the balance is tilting in favor of Clinton, but as the counting of votes, more and more fortune smiled Trump. According to the morning of 9 November (Moscow time), after processing of 80% of the ballots 52 million Americans chose trump.

Himself eccentric millionaire who became a favorite of “one-storey America”, voted in his native new York and showed composureLM: because Of the policies that he wants to spend at least the first 100 days of his presidency. Proposed measures will hurt our economy and affect the welfare of the people of California. His policies and decisions, threaten the rights of women and rights of sexual minorities in California, contribute to racism, anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim sentiments have become the norm here. California is not accept. California does not accept America trump.

OPINION: not one state has not yet managed to secede from the United States. Can this be achieved by ordinary people, or the American establishment too needs to change its position?

L. M.: Our plan is to vote. Let the people vote, and then, if the result will be support secession from the United States, we will inquire about the recognition of California as an independent state in the international community. In particular, the recognition at the level of the United Nations. We believe that the Washington government can’t do anything to stop us. The vote will take place, and based on its results we will act accordingly.

The LOOK: You said that the struggle for independence California you, in addition to Breccia, was inspired by the Scottish independence referendum on leaving the United Kingdom in 2014, but if Scotland refused to leave Britain?

LM: Scotland, as you know, is going to once again vote on the question of secession from the United Kingdom. Scotland, Catalonia, California and others – we are all trying to achieve the same goal. Our movement plays a role in the global process of the struggle for self-determination and self-government. We all want to choose their own future. Want self-government for their countries.

As happens in every civil rights movement, there are obstacles, setbacks, delays. But it is important that the movement for self-determination in California does not meet with obstacles to their activities.

OPINION: Mr. Marinelli, how is it that you hail from Buffalo, new York, but home think California?

LM: Actually, I consider myself an immigrant from new York who moved to California. California is a completely different nation now being a part of the United States. There has its own history and culture. It’s like the Catalonia which is in Spain, but in Catalonia they say that it is not Spain. We believe that California is not America, and Californians are not Americans. So I moved to another country as an immigrant. In California a large part of our population are immigrants, and immigrants we have a big and important role in our society.

LOOK: After you announced the intention to give up us citizenship, and the disappointment in the government and the political system of the United States, you worked in Russia as an English teacher and even graduated from St. Petersburg state University. Why did you choose Russia? What impressions about the country?

L. M.: Russia interested me for a long time. When I was 15, I began teaching Russian language and then dreamed to come to Russia a sort of overseas Prince and pick up a Russian Princess in a fairy tale. However, the government and the press said we should be afraid of Russia, that Russia is our greatest enemy and so on. And I honestly don’t believe it.

After I had the opportunity to study and live abroad, including in Russia, to see the world through their eyes and also look at his homeland from abroad, my views completely changed. I became a different person. I’ve experienced a lot of disappointment in his government and even wanted to renounce his U.S. citizenship.

In Russia, I do feel more free than in the United States, which, as is commonly believed, are the most free country. But what is there to loose? The government regulates almost every aspect of life, and there is, in fact, rapidly created a police state. Imagine, there can not by law to collect rain water! And children are not allowed without a certificate of public health inspection to sell in the yard for 50 cents homemade lemonade.

Yes, there are some of life’s inconveniences, and it is very cold. But I feel more comfortable in Russia, and it makes me happy. In that case, if California will become an independent state, I can go back there with pleasure, but I don’t want to live under the American flag.

LOOK: still in 2011, you decided to return to California. Why?

L. M.: I met a Russian girl, and we had a serious relationship. But still I was homesick, according to her warm, sun and sea.

By the way, California is called the “bear flag Republic” – and the bear is considered the symbol of Russia. On our flag shows a bear and the words “California Republic”, and I’m proud of this flag.


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