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Thursday, February 15, 2018

The concern in Kiev about trump’s increasingly growing

The Ukrainian elite in mourning and anxiety. After joining the White house, Donald trump official Washington offices began to leave the people with whom they had established relations. However, the big claim “you owe us” and “we want” in politics not so much solve the existing problems but rather exacerbate them.

Victoria Nuland, who during the administration of Barack Obama has held the post of assistant Secretary of state for Europe and Eurasia, left his post at the state Department. She has acquired a very wide popularity, unusual for officials of this level, through active participation in the events of recent years in Ukraine since euromaidan, and even received a personal meme – “cookies Nuland,” in Runet.

“Joining the White house, Donald trump has considerably worsened and complicated the situation in Ukraine and its authorities in the international arena”

It looks symbolic that the resignation Nuland coincided with a landmark interview with Deputy foreign Minister of Ukraine Olena zerkal, the most important element of which was the requirement to provide the country the right to vote at negotiations of Russia and the USA on settlement in the Donbass. The exact quote reads as follows: “Ukraine should have a say in any deal concluded between Russia and the United States aimed at ending violence in Eastern Ukraine”. No less remarkable is another review mirror: “we don’t want to be a bargaining chip, we want to be a player.”

The arrival of the White house Donald trump had worsened and so difficult (and aggravating steadily in the last year) situation in Ukraine and its authorities in the international arena. The topic of “fatigue of the global community of Ukraine” sounds louder and more openly in the rhetoric of both experts and politicians.

The reasons are obvious.

On the one hand, Ukraine has always been “a bargaining chip” and a form of pressure on Russia, and since 2014, the Kremlin has proved that it will not allow you to use it as such (at least with the required degree of efficiency). On the other hand, and this is perhaps even more important, the Ukraine and its elite have managed to alienate almost everyone initially supported their power – their lack of professionalism, inability, failure to comply with obligations and a long list of other very least respected in the world of big politics qualities.

The process of allocating funds to Ukraine the International monetary Fund over the years turned into a joke and a clear illustration of the attitude of the West towards the South-Western neighbor of Russia. In any case, the expectations of the head of the National Bank of Ukraine that the next tranche will be received by the country in early February, once again did not coincide with the schedule of work of the IMF.

However, even in these difficult conditions and with increasing apparent distance from Ukraine to European leaders in Kiev remained an important trump card – the support of Washington. It was a question about the official political line of the United States, which was held by the Obama administration, and relations at the Washington summit. In Ukrainian Affairs he took an active personal part quite famous and influential figures like the above mentioned Victoria Nuland and even Vice-President Joe Biden.

Victory trump means for Kiev, not just the appearance of the new head of States, but the prospect of radically changing us policy towards Ukraine.

As you know, trump declares pragmatism as the basis of relations with Russia. According to many experts (and public fears of Ukrainian officials), that Ukraine can become one of the main objects of geopolitical exchanges that the new American President may propose to the Kremlin.

The situation is compounded by the fact that during the election campaign, Ukraine has managed to greatly annoy a Republican candidate. The Ukrainian leadership openly supported in the presidential race, Hillary Clinton. But it would be so bad, in the end, 99% of Americans does not affect the opinions of little interest to his country on the other side of the world. The problem is that the Ukrainian card was successfully played against trump in the election campaign, when the head of his election headquarters Paul Manafort accused of corrupt ties with Yanukovych, with the result that he was forced to resign. In addition to this during the election campaign, Ukrainian politicians excelled in public humiliation of Donald trump.

As a result, Ukrainian elites have reason to fear that trump has not only pragmatic reasons but also a serious personal interest “to give Ukraine to Putin to be eaten”. In particular, in order to punish Kiev for its political shortsightedness and playing dirty in the election.

Interview Elena zerkal most interesting in that it in the most blatant form said data fears of the current Ukrainian authorities. Well, childish “we must” and “we want” clearly show the level of maturity of the Ukrainian statehood as such.


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