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Monday, February 19, 2018

In the Crimea conducted a sweep of a terrorist cell

“There is no authority other than that of Allah!” – these words greeted the FSB, conducted in Crimea a special operation to eliminate the local branch of one of the terrorist organizations, remaining from the Ukrainian times. How big is Peninsula support Islamic extremists and how they can be resisted, in addition to purely power methods?

A message stating that the FSB in the Crimea holds a special operation to eliminate the Peninsula is a cell of the terrorist organization “Hizb ut-Tahrir al Islami” (Islamic liberation party), received on Thursday. As reported by RIA “Novosti” with reference to the head of the Crimean government Committee on inter-ethnic relations Zaur Smirnov, the law enforcers carried out searches, checks and detentions in the places of residence of citizens suspected of involvement in the movement, and the operation itself took place on the territory of Bakhchisarai.

“The previous Ukrainian government favored the Islamists, knowing the mood of the Russian population of the Crimea, the case will start Russian spring”

Later in social networks there was a video of detention of one of leaders of the Crimean Islamists Seyran Salieva, apparently made by one of the associates. In the video you can see how the crowd consisting of about two hundred people, tries to hinder the work of law enforcement, showers FSB curses. And one of the women, presumably, the wife Salieva what she says, egged the audience violent men speeches that “there is no authority other than that of Allah.”

Subsequently, the Bakhchisarai district court Saliev was was found guilty under article 20.29 of the administrative code of Russia (“Distribution of extremist materials”) and 20.3 of the administrative code of Russia (“Propaganda or public demonstration of Nazi paraphernalia or symbols or paraphernalia or symbols of extremist organizations”) and arrested for 12 days. Characteristically, the courthouse was literally encircled by supporters of the convicted person, and when law enforcement officers after the verdict, organized living wall, drew it to the special, these people chanted “Takbir! Allah Akbar!”

At the same time in the Crimea was detained the lawyer of the Islamists and activists of banned in Russia, the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar people Emile Kuberlinov, which was heading to the house Salieva, where at that time there was a detention. Subsequently, the lawyer was found guilty under article 20.3 of the administrative offences Code of the Russian Federation (“Propaganda and public demonstration of Nazi paraphernalia or symbols”) and arrested for 10 days. The day before in Simferopol was detained another lawyer figures of the banned Majlis – Muscovite Nikolai Polozov, who after the poll was released, however, on his page on the social network Facebook called the actions of the Russian special services “attempted abduction”.

It should be noted that detention “hitbutton” in the Crimea, occur regularly, as in the period when the Crimea belonged to Ukraine, the organization freely operate on the Peninsula and actively recruited supporters.

“You notice that these people constantly make noise, provoke, leaving the police no other way but to conduct the detention, – commented the newspaper VIEW of the Crimean Tatar public figure, a former volunteer DNR tanai Cholhanov. – I regularly read Turkish and European press, and see how after every episode, one after another articles and news about that in the Crimea the Russian administration infringes on the rights of the Crimean Tatars. View – FSB only came to detention, and they are already there waiting a couple of hundred of supporters of “Hizb of ut-Tahrir”. It is obvious that this whole situation was orchestrated in advance. And what are these people? To throw stones? No, picketed. And literally an hour after these events on the West feeds have news relevant content. Then the lawyers will talk about how their clients are being tortured in the dungeons, and three days later formed another Committee of relatives of “prisoners of conscience”.

According to Alhanova provocation – style “hitbutton”. In particular, in his opinion, they are responsible for the arson of the office of the Crimean Tatar businessman and patron of the Pro-Russian public figure, Ibrahima Width.

“These bawlers will never be able to raise the people, – says social activist. – 300-500 people is not the whole Crimea. I live in the village, half of the population is Crimean Tatars, and if I now as an experiment, knock on a neighbor and ask if he knows about what is happening in Bakhchisarai, then he certainly will answer that knows. Normal people care what they have in greenhouses is happening now! A “chipbutty” is a common subculture that are directly related to Islam do not have. Previously, for example, was a subculture of punks and metalheads, and now in the Muslim world appeared “chipbutty”.

The idea that “Hizb ut-Tahrir” has no relation to Islam, in conversation with the newspaper VIEW was supported by the Chairman of the Tauride mufti of the Central spiritual administration of Muslims of Enver Artemov:

“This is a conventional political organization, which, under the guise of Islam, is spreading ideas that are not in our religion, – says the spiritual leader. We are not interested in politics, so in this direction they are not opposed, but always denounced the religious aspect of their ideology. And constantly talked about the danger of such organizations.”

Enver of Artemov convinced that the spread of influence on the minds of Muslims of Crimea polisetty can be countered only by educational work of the representatives of traditional Islam among the Crimean Tatars:

“They raise a cry that, here, again, the Tatars and the Muslims are detained, – the Chairman of the Tauride muftiat. – But we understand that all who are detained and for what”.

In turn, the Russian theologian, doctor of historical Sciences Roman Silantyev, in conversation with the newspaper OPINION was expressed conviction that the activity of “Hizb ut-Tahrir” in the Crimea is a remnant of the previous policy of Kiev:

“They had not been banned in Ukraine, they were active on the Peninsula, conducted a large-scale congresses in Simferopol, – says the expert. – Kept them, knowing the mood of the Russian population of Crimea, in case, if you start a Russian spring. But the Islamists did not have time to counter the national movement, because it all happened very quickly. Then a “chipbutty” fled to Ukraine, but who is left. And this rest and will catch, I think, for a long time, as well as in Tatarstan and the Northern Caucasus”.

As if to confirm the words of the theologian, on Wednesday, the Board of the interior Ministry of Tatarstan the head of the Ministry Artem ceremony was attended reported that the country had 13 criminal cases against 30 members of “Hizb ut-Tahrir” among which was the activist of “women cell” of the organization from Almetyevsk and “a group of natives of Tatarstan, living in Sweden”, which was engaged in propagation of its ideas in the Internet. Also in November of last year, several alleged members of a cell of “Hizb ut-Tahrir al-Islami” were detained in St. Petersburg.


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