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Monday, February 19, 2018

Congress and Mexico do not give Trump the money on the wall

Donald trump is not the first of the modern leaders, who decided to dissociate itself from undesirable neighbors wall. Examples are numerous: from a barrier between Israel and Palestine to a dummy, but expensive “euroscene Yatsenyuk”. But the “wall of trump” on the border of USA and Mexico promises to be the most expensive and ambitious of the barriers. Can the new US President to make first the Congress and then to Mexico to pay for the wall, as he promised before the election?

Mexican President Enrique peña Nieto will not cancel his visit to the United States, scheduled for January 31, even though many Mexican politicians urged him to this demarche. The reason for the disturbance of the southern neighbor of the United States was signed on the eve of Donald trump, the decree about the beginning of preparation for the construction of the wall from the Atlantic to the Pacific ocean on the border with Mexico.

“Unlikely to be similar to the project of Yatsenyuk. I doubt that trump will turn out as unceremoniously steal funds”

On Thursday it became known that the U.S. Congress refused to allocate funds for the construction of the wall, which was declared by the speaker of the house of representatives, the party of trump, Republican Paul Ryan. The Congressman explained that the approximate cost of the project ranges from 8 to 14 billion dollars. But at the same time, acknowledged Ryan, the Republicans share the idea of the new President that the United States should increase security on the border. However, “there are other ways” to force Mexico to pay above what is now and will the President of the United States Donald trump, said Ryan.

Decrees trump is devoted to the way of dealing with immigration from the South, which the President has made good his election program. As explained by the press Secretary of the White house Sean Spicer, Executive orders trump touch “physical barrier” to illegal immigrants, mass deportations of migrants with criminal records and halt financial support of the towns, sheltering immigrants from Federal authorities. Preparations for the presidential decree should be completed in a period of 180 days from the date of signing of the decree. After that, construction will begin.

Trump has repeatedly said that the pay wall is Mexico, despite the fact that President Enrique peña Nieto stressed that Mexico would not allocate any funds. With a sharp refusal and expression of regret, he answered this time.

“They don’t know yet, but they will pay.”

As you know, the wall on the border of USA and Mexico is already partially built. It was erected by the us government in several stages since 1993. In 2006, U.S. President George W. Bush signed Executive order No. 6061, ordering the construction of a fence length of about 1226 kilometers. Recall, the total length of the border is 3145 miles. However, the funding for this project was insufficient, and by 2009 was built less than a thousand kilometers. Now the authorities of the border States also complain that not enough money to repair the already built areas.

Trump visited Mexico at the end of August 2016, as a presidential candidate, where he discussed with Nieto the problem of illegal migration. And although the question of the wall, according to Nieto, while not discussed, the whole “the conversation was held in a respectful manner,” after your departure Nieto called it one of the main threats to their country. Trump, in turn, on the next day, speaking to his supporters in Arizona, again promised that the U.S.-Mexican border of the United States “will build the great wall… And Mexico will pay for the wall. It is one hundred percent. They don’t know yet, but they will pay for the wall,” promised trump.

Mexican officials never seriously considered the election trump President of the United States. And now when five days later the President trump follows the same rhetoric as the candidate trump Mexicans in a rage, said The New York Times.

“Now the Mexicans are not so important, will trump the approval of Congress. Insults Mexicans that were put forward during the campaign, has turned into actions,” writes the NYT. Actions trump’s Mexican policy called “slap” and “a crime against Mexico,” said the publication.

“War of low intensity”

“This is an unprecedented moment for bilateral relations,” said The NYT Professor at the Ibero University in Mexico city Genaro Lozano. “In the nineteenth century we were at war with the United States. And now we are at war, only with lower intensity”, – he stressed.

Meanwhile, during the election campaign, trump not only attacked the migrants from the criticism but promised to strengthen relations with the neighboring country, recalled the WSJ: “I want to emphasize that we will work in partnership with our friends in Mexico to improve security and economic opportunities on both sides of the border,” said trump.

Meanwhile, in the near future he intends to revise the free trade agreement in North America that links the two economies with each other and with Canada. In addition, the new President approved the “big tax” on goods imported into the United States.

The Washington Post meanwhile said that the obstacles to the construction of the wall puts not only Congress, but also, for example, landscape. In particular, the river cut through mountain in National Park big bend and numerous water bodies. In addition, unlike other States, most land in Texas is privately owned, it is in these circumstances, the state entered into the United States. Hundreds of Texans have already filed lawsuits against the Federal government, and the resumption of construction of the wall will only increase their number, will create new logistical challenges.

The creation of a barrier if it is not protected, it will not prevent migrants, the newspaper added. So, former Secretary of homeland security Janet Napolitano once aptly noted: “You show me a 50-foot wall and I’ll show you a 51-foot ladder.”

Yatseniuk not taught by trump to build walls

Political scientist, Director of the Center for Eurasian studies Vladimir Kornilov in his conversation with the newspaper LOOK compared the “wall of trump” with the “wall Yatsenyuk” – an ambitious project of construction of defensive fortifications on the border with Russia, which lobbied for the ex-Prime Minister of Ukraine.

“I don’t know whether to build something in reality trump and make in Mexico to pay, but (in the case that will be built at least part of this structure) it is unlikely to be similar to the project of Arseniy Yatsenyuk. I doubt that trump will turn out as unceremoniously steal budget money. Still, America is not Ukraine,” – said the analyst.

The trump and other world politicians, were taught to build walls, not Yatsenyuk, said Kornilov.

“Since the fall of the Berlin wall, a new barrier lines had been erected a great many. Suffice it to recall the wall around the Serbian ghetto in Kosovo, and between Israel and Palestine, Turkey and Armenia… the Scandinavians also decided to dissociate itself from the world by a wall. By the way, the original idea of the wall on the Russian-Ukrainian border, owned by Kolomoisky. Yatsenyuk also wisely cut down the dividends with this project and now feels in America,” – said the expert.

The draft trump, according to Kornilov, incomparable with these structures, since the size of the “great Mexican wall”, given the length of the border will be enormous.

Promise – not to build

The scientist-americanist Victor Olevich takes for granted the fact that the Mexicans flatly refuse to Fund the construction of the wall. “Labour migration in the United States best Mexico. Mexicans send home to relatives the money earned in the United States. In addition, emigration removes the social tension in the society. Mexico city quite reasonably does not intend to pay for the construction of the wall,” – said the expert newspaper VIEW.

As for trump, said Olevich, he is hiding something, how is going to force Mexico to pay. “Perhaps he plans to introduce increased duties on Mexican imports and at the expense of these funds to build a wall. In any case, he had previously expressed similar thoughts,” suggested americanist. On the other hand, the expert believes, it’s one thing to promise and another to fulfill the promise, given political realities. “Such steps can lead to the deterioration of relations not only with Mexico but also with a number of Latin American countries. And it is fraught with negative consequences for the American economy,” he explained.

In addition, Olevich reminded that the project of construction of a wall along the U.S. border and Mexico can cost billions of dollars, and Congress has not allocated funds. “In the end, at the moment we have signed a decree on the construction of the wall, but without any appropriations for this project. In the coming months we will see how the new us administration will resolve this issue”, – said the analyst.


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