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Friday, April 13, 2018

Communication with Bulk forces the liberals to vote for Putin

The TV channel “Rain” held a debate of two well – known blogger Alexei Navalny and Lebedev. First, as you know, long sleeps and sees itself the President, and another recently noted that the benefits of this Chapter as “toilet paper”. Most notable was the recognition Lebedev, who is considered a “liberal”, that he intends to vote for politicians like Vladimir Putin.

In the Studio of the TV channel “Rain” on Thursday evening held a demonstration argument of the radical opposition, the head of the Fund of struggle against corruption Alexei Navalny and the famous designer Artemy Lebedev.

“They got tired of the bulk in the long run. The bad thing is that it plugs the rest of the opposition, and the result is this bezrybe”

The first to speak at the debate gave the right of Lebedev, who was the initiator of the verbal duel. In a sign of peace designer gave Navalny during a live lemon bars, coffee, and a wall map and a coin. The designer is reminded that for eight years, reads the positions of the Bulk, but they met only once in life.

The main topic of conversation that led to Ksenia Sobchak, are contracts of “Artemiy Lebedev Studio”. Navalny has repeatedly called Lebedev a “major gospodarczym”. On this basis, is required to publish all contracts with government institutions, although in the end agreed that the law does not require it. Lebedev also stressed that trade secrets, that is, the contents of contracts, not whether legal or moral right.

But Lebedev, in turn, said that the Bulk instead of to spend money of the Fund of struggle against corruption, which is filled by donations from sympathetic citizens, on the really important things, let the funds of the FBC for a personal contracts – that is, in fact, himself involved in corruption, abuse their position. “You did something themselves struggling. Used for personal purposes of the FBC, which exists on money of your fans,” – said Lebedev.

Lebedev called the presidential program of populist Navalny, Navalny’s promise to raise the minimum wage to 25 thousand rubles. “Those are things that would make sense to promote in the country, they are very unpopular,” he said. At the end of the debate Lebedev said that his point of view about Navalny has not changed. He admitted that the Bulk fell into his eyes.

Navalny said that when he becomes President, Lebedev will still disclose this data, on what the designer said: “ha Ha, lol,” adding that Russia is not Zimbabwe. Lebedev said that he was in the elections are ready to vote for President Vladimir Putin, who has created a Russia where “you can now live.” Complementary responded to the blogger and the current mayor of Moscow Sergei Sobyanin, calling him a man who, maybe, says little but does a lot.

We will remind, the confrontation started after Navalny at the end of last year reiterated his desire to run for the presidency. Then in my LJ designer Artemy Lebedev doubted any electoral chances of the Bulk, and in very rough form – in particular, compared the policy with the “toilet paper”. “I can’t remain silent, because next year all the liberal press will be*at the brains of many people close to me, they will start again*racepath in Bulk, and I have to tell them that with the same success they can trust the roll of toilet paper, and they will again be mad at me. I have to give out the antidote from the face of the forces of good” – so described their feelings Lebedev.

Navalny described the post as “bright and interesting, full of images and epithets,” and in response began a campaign against Lebedev. “We took the open data and built the list of government contracts received by Studio Lebedev. And when made up, was shocked, because for most contracts, there is no information, which is contrary to the law and common sense, and, apparently, the Lebedev and his counterparties,” said Navalny. After the FBC has complained to the Studio of Lebedev in Federal Antimonopoly service. After that Lebedev has called the opposition “small,” an official who “begins to scribble denunciations and use of administrative resources” after criticism, and later caused Bulk to the debate.

Predictable boring Bulk

Professor HSE Oleg Matveychev believes that the debate had shown the inability of the Bulk to go beyond the narrow circle of the electorate. “All who believed that the Bulk of the smear Lebedev, was wrong. Nothing had happened. It was all boring. Navalny said it’s always the same,” – said Matveychev the newspaper VIEW.

According to him, the Bulk of the electorate is rapidly melting. “Getting away from him levoberejnyi citizens who were for the redistribution of property and against the oligarchs. The leaves and the young, all kinds of truth, for which Navalny himself is not too honest, too rich life. They would like to see the Holy unmercenary. The liberals are also turning away from him in large numbers, because the Bulk is not much meets the liberal canons, making a number of statements that they don’t like. Navalny is on the decline, it’s not promising, but the outgoing politician,” – said the expert.

According to experts, the debate showed that even the electorate, which was considered to be “liberal”, in fact, in recent years, moving from Bulk to the side of the incumbent. This, in particular, indicates the recognition of Lebedev that he is willing to vote for politicians like Vladimir Putin and Sergei Sobyanin.

In turn, the expert Ilya Craft also believes that the liberal audience begins to turn away from the Bulk. “They got tired of the bulk. The bad thing is that it plugs the rest of the opposition, and the result is this bezrybe” – he said.

Craft noted that the Bulk entered the debate with an obviously weaker opponent – and not a politician, and with the designer. “Neither Lebedev, nor do not ask leading Bulk sensitive issues. And at one point brought in a live broadcast of Yevgeny Chichvarkin, who began to accuse Lebedev that he once threw. Looked pretty funny,” said the Craft paper LOOK.

But the most funny Craft called seriously made a promise Navalny to pay taxes on gifts Lebedev. “I am very surprised by this. Any lawyer knows that such gifts do not pay gift, whoever they were donated. There is an article of the Tax code, which is reglamentary. This is especially fun to watch at the same time as Navalny spoke, that is very well versed in this sphere”, – said the lawyer.

Uses election “for the purpose of self-promotion”

Previously quarrel bloggers commented and former colleagues of Navalny. For example, former state Duma Deputy Ilya Ponomaryov wrote in his Facebook that “endless assaults of Alex all around, intolerance of criticism, and a continuous transition to the individual – a bad way to victory.” A Moscow municipal Deputy Maxim Katz has expressed confidence that “Navalny will lose all support, except the very very hamsters”.

Lebedev had previously held the view that the Bulk of anything specific in my life not made, but stubbornly aiming for leadership positions. In 2013, when Navalny participated in elections of the mayor of Moscow, Lebedev wrote that “Navalny uses polls only and only for the purposes of self-promotion”, and was advised that to start work in the housing Department, then the Prefecture, and only then to swing the mayoral seat. In 2015 Lebedev shared the idea that in the American system of values Navalny “never was born”, “because it makes no sense to fight the clown.”


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