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Friday, February 16, 2018

Words about the “terrible massacre” trump covers the police

Chicago because of the rampaging street gangs in recent years acquired in the US the sad reputation of the capital murders. The core of the problem lies a complex set of reasons – from economic to racial. However, it is curious that his promise to send “the feds” in the city of Chicago trump rather protect the police, rather than accusing her.

Took less than a week ago in the Oval office Donald trump immediately took “the bull by the horns” one of the important points of his campaign – reducing the level of crime in the country.

“In the phenomenon of “the Chicago massacre”, like a drop of water reflects the entire complex of socio-economic problems of modern America”

Among the changes that occurred with the White house after his assumption of office, was the following: section on civil rights, was replaced by a page titled “Support our law enforcement community.

The reasons for this approach are clearly described in fact, the presidential website: the growth of number of murders by 17 percent in the fifty largest cities of the country in 2015, what was the record for a quarter century, for example, the growth of murders by 50 percent in Washington.

A new step has become trump’s Twitter account: “If the government of Chicago can’t handle the “horrible massacre” in the city – 228 incidents of firing in 2017 and 42 killed (by 24% more than in 2016), then I’ll send the feds.” This is not surprising since Chicago has become the symbol of the mentioned trends.

The phenomenon of wild growth cases use of firearms and killings in Chicago has long been known. Anyway, all of 2016, this issue is regularly raised in the American media. In the phenomenon of “the Chicago massacre”, like a drop of water reflects the entire complex of socio-economic problems of modern America.

As you know, States have a high degree of segregation of the population, members of different racial and (sometimes) ethnic groups settle in accordance with their affiliation. In Chicago, the shootings are concentrated in the “black” areas of the city, and the victims, respectively, also are mostly blacks. And it is not only members of street gangs, but also just random people that fall under the fire of warring factions.

The “black” areas are the traditional focus of social distress – from high unemployment (and as a consequence – citizens sitting on welfare benefits) to, again, high levels of crime. Social lifts for young people in these neighborhoods do not work well, starting from schools, most of which can not boast of a high level of training, which automatically puts serious obstacles to their graduates for life. As a consequence, membership in gangs becomes difficult to be avoided for the majority of the young residents of these neighborhoods.

As a result, the system begins to reproduce itself: poverty, poor education, gang as a form of socialization and a way to earn a living, prison and/or a violent death.

This well-known vicious circle worsened recent years because of economic problems of the country. Despite the formally positive statistics, the reality is much more dismal – de-industrialization and, as a consequence, the reduction of employment in the real sector of the economy, and jobs with full employment, the reduction in real incomes. Of course, such realities are aggravated by the first and reveal problems in already disadvantaged areas.

However, an additional factor in the sharp deterioration of the situation was the problem between the police and society. Recent years, the wide resonance was received by cases of inappropriate use of violence by the American police, until the absolutely unmotivated murder, against citizens. Another video egregious cases appear almost weekly.

The situation is aggravated by the fact that very substantial (disproportionate share) of such cases is observed in relation to black Americans. This resulted in large-scale civil protests and increased pressure on the police. Usually the police who used violence (including murder), are not responsible. At the same time for several years now as the police in the United States is exposed to an intensive information campaign on charges of racism and wanton persecution that the African Americans.

From Chicago in these events is also a special place. January 13, 2017, one week before ended the authority of the Obama administration, issued a statement of the head of the U.S. Department of justice, Loretta Lynch. In it the justice Ministry acknowledged that the city in recent years has allowed serious human rights violations as a result of systemic deficiencies in the organization of the work of the local police Department.

Large-scale testing, as well as serious civil and political pressure on the Chicago police began with the end of 2014, after in October of that year, a white policeman was shot and killed 17-year-old African-American. For more than two years the Chicago police exposed a large-scale pressure due to accusations of racism and improper use of violence. Critics argue that this has led to the demoralization of the police and inability to perform their duties on a proper level. And this in turn has provided the “operational space” for street gangs, of which the murder rate in the city is prohibitively increased.

This creates the impression that fresh tweet trump solves two problems at once. On the one hand, it really draws attention to the problem of murders in Chicago. On the other hand, in fact, protects the Chicago police, as a result of pressure which some areas of the city became the setting for a shooter.


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