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Monday, April 16, 2018

“Successor” Nazarbayev dismissed from the post of Prime Minister of Kazakhstan

The Prime Minister of Kazakhstan Karim Massimov, who was considered the successor to Nazarbayev, suddenly transferred to the post of chief of the KGB. The new head became his first Deputy Prime Minister Bakytzhan Sagintayev, suggesting that Massimov has retained influence and the status of “successor”. Recall that he has long worked in China, is nicknamed Chinese and reputed advocate of closer relations with Beijing.

The Prime Minister of Kazakhstan Karim Massimov dismissed from his post and appointed head of the Committee of national security, reported the press service of the President of Kazakhstan. Acting Prime Minister of Kazakhstan appointed 53-year-old first Deputy Prime Minister Bakytzhan Sagintayev, RIA “Novosti”.

“Do not give to come to power a new generation who studied and was educated in the Western system and who do not care about national interests”

Earlier Thursday, the source said that the resignation will happen on Friday. “On Friday appointed an expanded government meeting held with participation of head of state. It is expected that the results of Prime Minister Karim Massimov will leave his post”, said RIA “Novosti” familiar with the situation source.

Newspaper OPINION previously noted that Masimov is formal and so is the second person in the country – many analysts predicted in a new Leader after the departure of Nazarbayev. Beginning in 2007, Masimov three times already perenaznachenie for the position of head of the Cabinet, in the end, having stayed in the chair longer than any of his predecessors. Only in 2012-2014, he led the Nazarbayev administration, and then returned to the post, saving it and after the early presidential elections of April of last year.

With regard to Bakytzhan Sagintayev, until 1998, he was engaged in business, and then moved to the civil service and was in charge of business development already in the rank of officer. By the way, born in the South of Kazakhstan Sagintayev during his career for nearly four years headed the Northern Pavlodar oblast, where about 40 percent of the population is Russian. Then he rose to the post of Minister of regional development. “Most notably, since April 2014, he was the first Deputy Prime Minister. That is, “a person in society”, which talks about “expanding space of influence in society. It is proof that it is not resignation, a strengthening of his group,” – said the newspaper LOOK Director General of the EurAsEC Institute Vladimir Lepekhin.

According to him, “Sagintayev conscientious Executive officer, brand panaservice. Reliable creature and Massimov and Nazarbayev. There are no surprises there.”

Still Massimov has played “a huge role” and were considered a successor to Nazarbayev, prevented only ethnic – “not a classic of Kazakh origin,” Lepekhin said. “Nazarbayev has always distinguished deep tunnels: what is on the surface do not necessarily correspond to reality, – said the source. – The point is that the search for and the President is forced to act, to designate the decisive steps in the personnel policy, including in respect of persons”.

The appointment of Massimov, head of the special services – the “good East”, said Lepekhin, explaining that it’s not about resignation, but about moving it horizontally into equal post. The post high and does not preclude his possible nomination for the presidency, said the source. In addition, “in the current situation when there is an exacerbation of the struggle of clans, attempts at destabilization, dramatically increases the role of security forces and, above all, of the Committee of national security, where there should be a reliable figure.” “Massimov is such a reliable person. Therefore, if we talk about strategy, and not a situational problem, it is even increasing in society”, – said the expert.

“At the same time expanding the circle of people you can rely on,” added Lepekhin. In his opinion, the increase Sagintayev increases for State space selection in the future, but also an element of healthy competition between isometric shapes.

Internal squabbles and “strong play outside”

Lepekhin said that Kazakhstan strengthened clan-based conflict, as never was created – for objective reasons – political system that would ensure a painless adequate succession. The President had made a huge effort to it, was constantly disturbed by a system of special elections, changing the configuration of the Parliament and so on, the expert reminded. However, “despite attempts to form a political system of the Western type, society is arranged clan”. “These contradictions are amplified from the outside: from the Islamic groups, China and, above all, the United States, Britain and the European Union is a very strong game,” – said the expert.

Lepekhin suggested that Massimov can “get into the development of one of these groups – perhaps under the influence of China.”

“In this situation Nazarbayev has made efforts to limit the influence of those leaders, politicians, which are not malicious vectors”, – explained the expert. We will remind, in China, Massimov had previously worked for about three years under the Kazakhstan commercial structures. That is why one of the nicknames that was given submitted to evil tongues, was Chinese. Some guys called a lobbyist for the business community of China.

Lepekhin also did not rule out that the resignation Massimov – a special course of Nazarbaev’s to show some differences that could in the future bring points Massimov to the political ascent, in an attempt to run for President.

Between clans and Westerners

Economic commentator Denis Krivosheev in an interview NUR.KZ a few hours before the resignation of saying a “big doubt” the veracity of the rumors. He stressed that the Prime Minister “a high level of confidence in the regions, and the government itself, he has quite a high level of competence, he is competent and well versed in the economy and almost all sectors of the economy,” concluded the source.

According to him, in Astana, no one’s resignation was not expected. “The President actively met recently with Ministers, and there was no strong resentment… to be Honest, for me it will be a big surprise if it did happen,” – said the source. The analyst also suggested that the rumors about the resignation can be a “stuffing”, Recalling that according to polls 70% of the population still support the government.

Lepekhin said that Nazarbayev is a tradition of people who were pushed into the background, again to put forward. Searching and constant experimentation indicated Lepekhin, and the President needs to move beyond clan politics. “On the other hand, do not give to come to power a new generation who studied and was educated in the Western system and who do not care about national interests,” he explained. Before Nazarbayev is a very complex task – need to find new shapes among the relatively young, which somehow needs to be associated with the clans and to achieve a consensus between them, and in addition, it should be people with national thinking. So “can appear absolutely unexpected figure, you can return the old figures,” he concluded.

Summed up, the “fifth column” – the origin

With regard to relations with Russia, they depend on the first-person, experts say. If we imagine that Massimov will become President, “we can assume that the relations between Russia and Kazakhstan will be more productive because he has the experience, contacts and credibility in Russia,” remarked Lepekhin. Massimov’s resignation “associated with global changes, historic shifts in the system of government,” said Krivosheev.

Massimov known for his devotion to Nazarbayev, which allowed him to stay so long. The Minister of transport and communications, assistant to the President on foreign Affairs, the Minister of economy, twice Deputy Prime Minister, Prime Minister, head of administration – this is an incomplete list of his posts. Massimov has a reputation as a recognized expert in the management of the economy and the banking sector (with the doctorate). Massimov also boasts a mean time of contacts and connections not only with Russia but also with China and the United States. By the way, in all three countries, Masimov studied (specifically in the peoples ‘ friendship University, the Beijing Institute of culture and language, Wuhan University and Columbia University, new York).

The origin Massimov I think his only, but very significant disadvantage, and in Kazakhstan it is an important question because the elites are strong nationalist sentiment. There is plenty of evidence that the origin Massimov – Uighur. He denies it, moreover, his office consistently creates him the “right” pedigree (this is for Kazakhs not least, the same Nazarbayev knows their origin to the twelfth tribe). However, the origin of society, according to political analysts, could be of critical importance in the selection of a successor to the President.


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