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Thursday, February 15, 2018

Pale and trait forgiveness: return Isaac ROC

Unfolding with unexpected speed and force a discussion about Saint Isaac’s Cathedral Russian Orthodox Church was continued at the parliamentary level is an acclaimed TV presenter, and now a Vice speaker of the State Duma Pyotr Tolstoy said that de resist the return of the temple to the Church the descendants of the “jumped from behind the pale with a revolver” (well at least not with a shotgun).

Support immediately accused of anti-Semitism colleague hurried Duma Chairman Vyacheslav Volodin, who said that Peter O. meant, probably, “convicts”, and not those of whom all thought.

Watch the video on:
“Peter Tolstoy about immigrants from beyond the pale: “the Grandchildren destroy temples””


As a descendant (on the maternal side, of course) ever, “due to the pale” (not convicts and without a revolver), and a supporter of the return of St. Isaac’s Cathedral, Russian Orthodox Church, I would like to say, without going into evaluation of the preparation of the history of the leadership of the Parliament, following. Of course, to return to the Church selected during the revolution the churches is an important and urgent task of the state-based counter-revolution.

Moreover, it would also be true for States, which considered the October revolution part of its inherent history, simply because sooner or later, should be given to the selected property. This is at least moral.

The problem is that our state still has not found the strength and will to put an end to the history of the Russian revolution. To find the right words for genuine national reconciliation and accord. Because wherever you dig, we’ll crawl or animal (state-supported) anti-communism, or the animal (supported by liberals) atheism.

Unfortunately, we can only dream about the conclusion of your own Pact of Moncloa — Spanish Treaty signed between the Republicans and Franco supporters shortly after his death. We have passed 100 years and is still lacking a tiny reason for the resumption of fierce debate between the heirs to the “red” and “white” ideas, not a stone was leaving for understanding and forgiveness. But this is lacking in our country!

Here, for example, the recent story of the grandson of the repressed Stepan karagodina — Denis from Tomsk, found the descendants of the people involved in the shooting of his great-grandfather, and joined with them in correspondence, the results of which he received a penitential letter from the granddaughter of a former member of the Tomsk city Department of the NKVD Nikolai Zyrianova Julia. What is not a story of reconciliation of the two families?

And what is our country, not as a collection of tens of millions of families who have long been in the mass digested the events of a century ago and forgave unknown executioners? As a country, Yes, but the state — alas, no. Since the Russian state in its the latest (1991) version traces its history from the ban of the CPSU, the elimination of the USSR and the shooting of the Supreme Council, that is built entirely on anti-Soviet (post-Soviet) Foundation.

It is therefore not a cause for concern is the fact that the organizing Committee of the 100th anniversary of the revolution forms almost white guard and one of the initiators in St. Petersburg a memorial plaque to the Marshal Mannerheim (who served during the siege of Leningrad) Vladimir Medinsky (who is also the Minister of culture), in which government funding is allocated solely on tape, glorify the participants of the White movement.

At the same time in the regions where those in power are Communists (as, for example, in Novosibirsk), throughout 2017 will be held events dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the great October socialist revolution. And how is it to be distinguished Medina? Not to go to Novosibirsk?

On 24 November last year on the website of the “memorial” society has a database with the data of 40 thousand employees of the NKVD. A short time later to the President of the descendants of the KGB was filed a letter with the request to close access to such databases due to a simple fear of retaliation by the heirs.

It is not the recognition that no reconciliation of the results of revolution and Civil war in our society is still there? And how do you want to achieve, if the Deputy Chairman of the Parliament allows himself to think about the pale of settlement almost in the spirit of justificatory in the sense that left would come from this very features in the same place, and maybe would not have happened revolution.

Civil “red-white” the conflict continues to throb on state TV, but now with the opposite sign: a good “cadets” against the bad “Bolsheviks”. The revanchism of the February revolution in its purest form. And no one but Polonskaya, and did not think much to defend Nicholas II — modern anti-communism is much nicer mythologized Constituent Assembly than the Royal martyrs.

Finally, the most important question: when finally the time will come for forgiveness white and red understanding red white? Surely 100 years some people think a little? Whether it is the main function of our country as the main interested party of the national consent? I would like to hear the answers to these simple questions from the leadership of the State Duma and the Ministry of culture. Since they started this discussion.

And while we’d bring Isaac to the Church and show an example of civic reconciliation. Maybe it will help?

Read the story “Peter Tolstoy against Putin: the temple of the state Duma is crashing because of the Jews”


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