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Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Omali Estela: US Police is an occupying force for Africans

“The election of Barack Obama, the President was to show that America has experienced racism, murder of blacks in the past. But this is the trick: they manipulate the face of Obama, saying that we don’t have apartheid, we have a black President,” – said the newspaper VIEW leader of the African people’s socialist party USA Omali Estela. He told how come to the conclusion that his enemies are not Russians and white Americans.

One of the leaders of the African-American community, fellow fighter for the rights of black Americans Martin Luther king and the leader of the African people’s socialist party Omali Estela arrived in Moscow at the invitation of the “anti-Globalization movement of Russia.” His arrival he wanted to Express solidarity with the Russian people, which, according to him, never did anything wrong in relation to Africans.

“American police force is an occupying force for Africans. Police look at Africans and see them as an object of colonialism”

The recent events in Ferguson, Baltimore, and a permanent fixture of media reports about another zastresenom us police of unarmed black teenager have become commonplace. And 74-year-old fighter for the rights of blacks Omali Estela, who is called “the mastermind of the uprising in Ferguson” and sometimes even “the manipulator” is the most suitable figure in order to talk about the problem, which has successfully silenced the American media and government.

It is noteworthy that a politician can’t stand the term “African American”. According to Omali Esittely, there is no such nation. There is a simple and clear term that describes all black people: African. That is exactly what should, in his opinion, called the all blacks.

Omali Estela was born in St. Petersburg, Florida, which was the subject of constant jokes from his side during the interview. He served in the U.S. army at the time of the construction of the Berlin wall, which almost froze to death in a tank to death, he served time (and so little) in an American prison, worked with the black icon, Martin Luther king and created an international pan-African organization with representation in more than 10 countries around the world.

Omali Estela never afraid to speak her mind. So, the African guest assured the author that the us government is guilty of murder in the world famous fighter for black rights Malcolm X. Moreover, according to policy, there are documents and letters that show that the government was trying to push Martin Luther king to suicide.

OPINION: You lead the African people’s socialist party (ANSP) and the movement “Uhuru”, which translated from Swahili means “freedom”. English sources says that your movement – radical the left of the pan-African organization. What is it that your party and movement?

Omali Estela: , ANSP – African revolutionary organization, which was established in the United States, in Florida, at a time when America was waging war against its own citizens. Initially, our party and the movement were fighting inside the US in order to protect the rights of the African population. Later we realized that the fight should not lead to isolation from other people, and with them, and the only way we can succeed.

OPINION: Your activities are focused on fighting for the rights of African people in the USA, Africa or around the world? And where do you get money for your work?

O. E.: In the first place in the US, second worldwide. Our international organization. We have major offices in France, UK, Germany, Belgium and Sweden. Moreover, we have offices in Kenya, South Africa, Sierra Leone and Senegal. All of our organizations – African, and our goal is to achieve complete liberation and unity of Africa. In addition, our task is the conquest of power. In the framework of today’s democracy, we are unable to protect their interests. And conversations about democracy – it’s all fairy tales.

Very often, we are recruiting members of our organization in the USA and ship them to Africa. We organize trips of doctors, engineers in Africa. We have built several schools and hospitals.

The money we earn ourselves. We have furniture stores in California, Pennsylvania and other States. We have a network of cafes and restaurants, where we sell African food. The American government, as you might guess, does not pay us, we have no grants or financial assistance.

OPINION: Omali, you have an interesting biography. You were born in the United States, participated with Martin Luther king and his brother Alfred king “Movement for the rights of blacks in the United States,” was jailed for “civil disobedience”.

O. E.: I was born in Florida, where slavery flourished, however, as in all the southern States of America. I grew up in a period when Africans were lynched, killed, hanged and burnt without any reason. All my childhood and youth were spent under the impression of slavery: I’ve read about this, I heard about it. All Africans of the southern States knew what happened in the USA decades ago.

Then I told the story that influenced my life. In the years of slavery 15-year-old African from Chicago, was sent by his parents to Mississippi for the holidays. There he was accused white Americans of raping a white woman. And in the middle of the day it comes from the house of his grandfather. The crowd of angry animals on the Central square killed him, and then his dead, tortured body thrown into the river. When I told this story, I was 15 years old.

All my childhood and youth were spent in the company of brutal apartheid by white Americans. Moreover, I lived in a period when I understood that Americans can kill me for no reason. And it happened often.

LOOK: When you were 18 you joined the army of the United States. Why you made this decision?

O. E.: I wanted to leave America, and was in the army for such a possibility. I was hoping at least there will be no discrimination and racism. I was immediately sent to Germany. This was the period when he built the Berlin wall in 1961. I served at the famous checkpoint Charlie.

Just think, this time in the United States is the struggle for the rights of blacks led by Martin Luther king. Africans discrediting and kill for no reason. And I’m in the US army, freezing in the tank in Berlin, and I am told that I have to kill the Russian people, who never did anything wrong in relation to Africans and Africa.

It was a lesson for me: standing there, I realized that enemies are on the other side of the Berlin wall. I realized that the enemies are Africans – it is not Russian and not the Soviet Union. Enemies are white Americans who spit on Africans. Besides it’s been 15 years after the destruction of fascism, and I have no problems with Germans or Russians. But I have problems with my co-worker in the army – white Americans, with whom I must be on the same side of the barricades.

After that I was sent to South Georgia, once a center of slavery. It was in the autumn of 1962, during the Cuban missile crisis. I was the only African in the convoy. We drove to the military base in order to protect the US from Soviet missiles. And I remember now, as we stopped to eat. And the restaurant owner told me: “You can’t come here, you’re black”.

You know? I’m going to die, to protect US from Russian missiles, and tells me the owner of the catering, which I have no right to eat with the rest of the soldiers. Neither one colleague said nothing about it. And I thought, this is what I ready to die? What I did to the Russians or the Cubans? And what I did white Americans?

It was part of my political education. I understand where the enemy is, where each. After that, I wrote a 30-page letter to President Kennedy. They decided that it would be better to release me from military service and send to Florida. Then I joined the “Movement for the rights of blacks in the United States.”

OPINION: Today, we see that the U.S. has a serious problem of race relations. The murder of Freddie gray in Baltimore, Michael brown in Missouri, Tamir rice in Ohio, and Walter Scott in South Carolina. And this is only the latest and most high-profile cases of white police officers killing unarmed African Americans. According to the American newspaper The Washington Post, in 2015 police have killed nearly 400 people – most blacks. Why after so many years of struggle for the rights of the black population of America we see it?

O. E.: You have to understand that all what you’re talking about, not a new phenomenon in the United States. It’s always been just silent about it. Why it started to speak more often? Because Africans rose up in Missouri, in Ferguson, after the heinous murder of Michael brown. This is what led the us authorities to apply not only the police but the national guard, military and even heavy equipment in order to suppress the revolutionary impulse of the African people. Resistance in Ferguson radicalized young Africans in the United States. Now the police will be harder to terrorize African youth. On the other hand, acts of terror and murder of Africans will be harder to gloss over.

OPINION: Some American politicians and public figures call you a mastermind of the uprising in Ferguson. Others say that you are “the enemy of law and order”. There are those, among other things, serious politicians and experts who call you “evil” or “the biblical voice of darkness, chaos and evil.”

O. E.: the Mastermind of the uprising of people in Ferguson was the murder of 18 year old Michael brown. It is absurd to say that any one person or organization is the mastermind behind the events in Ferguson. But I hope that my work in Ferguson helped to strengthen the resistance and bring it to a new level. Today, racism in the US stands at a catastrophic level.

The election of Barack Hussein Obama President of the United States was to show that America supposedly has experienced racism, discrimination and murder of blacks in the past. See the alleged imperialism is over: George Bush as a symbol of imperialism, of colonialism and wars in the past. In its place Barack Hussein Obama, which gives USA a person is not of the colonizer and the colonized, the face of the slave and the oppressed. American imperialism appeared with the face of the victim of colonialism.

But it’s a trick. They manipulate face Obama: look, we don’t have racism and apartheid, we have a black President.

Simultaneously, the position of blacks in the United States have deteriorated dramatically. Obama is spending money right and left, gives it to the banks, fighting wars in the middle East. The African population out of work. White Americans have 22 times richer than Africans. Barack Obama has not said a word about the rights of the black population in the United States. Moreover, he called the people in Ferguson and Baltimore criminals. Unemployment of the black population in 22 major U.S. cities is 45 percent.

American police is an occupying force for Africans. Police look at Africans and see them as a subject of colonialism. Constantly stopping and searching Africans and Latinos. In the United States the largest number of people sitting in prisons in the world. Half of these people are from Africa.


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