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Sunday, February 18, 2018

Lukin – about wiretapping FBI: When the relationship is bad, the laws don’t exist

The FBI had tapped the telephone conversation of the assistant to trump the national security Michael Flynn with the Russian Ambassador to the U.S. Sergei Kislyak, found the American media. In conversation found nothing “inappropriate”, but it is significant that the wiretap Russian diplomat called “a part of everyday work.” Former Russian Ambassador to Washington Vladimir Lukin explained why intelligence agencies “forgot” about international law.

FBI agents tapped telephone conversations conducted in December 2016, assistant to the President of the United States Donald trump on national security Michael Flynn with the Russian Ambassador in Washington Sergei Kislyak, reported Wednesday on NBC.

“Nobody reported, when and who listens to the Ambassador. But don’t need to be a genius to understand the conversations that come from the Russian Embassy, tapped”

A channel source said that the FBI listened to the conversations of dubious and Flynn not because of any ongoing investigation of these contacts, and “daily work” in the field of public security, RIA “Novosti”. In the overheard conversations of assistant to the trump and the Russian Ambassador, the FBI found nothing “inappropriate”, reported the source.

As previously reported by the representative of the trump Sean Spicer, Flynn and Kislyak discussed the organization of a telephone conversation between the new U.S. President and Russian President Vladimir Putin.

In the beginning of the week us media reported that the FBI, CIA and NSA carried out an inspection of Flynn’s contacts with representatives of Russia for violation of American laws. Edition of the Wall Street Journal in particular reported that particular attention was drawn to a telephone conversation of the assistant of trump with Russian Ambassador Kislyak.

Note that the “chore” of us intelligence to listen to the conversations of our diplomats is clearly contrary to the Vienna Convention of 1961 on diplomatic relations, which guarantees the inviolability of diplomatic missions and diplomats themselves. International law on diplomatic immunity mean: it is forbidden the listening to the talks, diplomatic mail is not opened (even if you suspect the security risk of the host country), and diplomatic couriers shall be inviolable. But U.S. intelligence practice often runs counter to the letter of international law.

On the day of the expulsion of diplomats

A call intercepted when listening to Russian diplomats, which, as has become clear, part of the “daily work” of the American secret services. As pointed out by TASS, the interception of a telephone conversation took place on December 29 – the day when the administration of the now former head of the White house Barack Obama announced introduction of sanctions against Moscow, which included the expulsion of the U.S. 35 Russian diplomats.

Moreover, according to the administration trump Sarah Sanders, the current White house team was “absolutely not aware” of the investigation, which led the intelligence services.

Note that in recent times clearly increase in the information leak about the investigation of the intelligence agencies in respect to the environment trump.

Recently, The New York Times said that sources in the us intelligence community told her about the investigation into the alleged contacts on the people elected US President Donald trump with the representatives of Russia. The US intelligence leaked information to the press because of the approaching inauguration of the trump. Sources New York Times, intelligence agencies have expressed fears of a possible White house decision to close the investigation.

“Don’t need to be a genius to understand that the conversations are listened to”

“As a former Ambassador I reported to no one who listens to the Ambassador. But no need to be a genius to understand that the talk emanating from the Russian Embassy in the U.S., are monitored. Of course, it’s all bugged, as in other embassies, I guess, so to speak, need, understanding the problem,” – said the newspaper VIEW Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on international Affairs Vladimir Lukin, in 1992-1993 – Russian Ambassador to the United States.

Or is this bugged, or there is some international agreement on these things to limit the Senator said. “When there is trust, there are conversations between the intelligence agencies about what is possible and what is not. And have they existed in the days of more or less normal relations, – said Lukin. – When relations are bad, such laws do not exist, and then each acts as it sees fit in this situation.”

Of course, listening violates diplomatic conventions. “But unless it is proved that they were listening to? It has not been proven. All other large States are doing the same. But they never will publicly admit. The source is in all anything to confess. And the FBI officially never acknowledged, like all other intelligence agencies” – said the source.

“There are things that have to tolerate and which we need to understand, or about which we must negotiate on a bilateral and on a multilateral basis. But this requires a certain level of trust. At a time when I was, such trust existed, but not to such an extent that no one is listening. I am sure that our Embassy was listening to, and Vice versa,” – said Lukin, noting that he was nothing like this and instructed about such things not heard.

“When I arrived at our Embassy, said that with pleasure are allowed to listen to anything we say, because we no conspiracy against America does not spin. And the money saved, better spent on something good, for example, on cultural exchange between our countries. But I didn’t listen,” – concluded Lukin.

Convention are violated constantly and everywhere

Listening to really tip the diplomatic Convention, “another thing is that such conventions are violated constantly and everywhere,” said the newspaper VIEW, political scientist-americanist Boris Mezhuev. Speaking on the publication of NBC, the interviewee noted that gradually reveal the skeletons in the closet of the intelligence services. However, any sensational data has not been found, no catch from the intelligence came out, said Mezhuev.

In his opinion, the practice of listening in our time it has increased not so much because of the political bias of the Obama administration, how much of that was bet on the NSA, means listening, cyberplague servers, messages, and so on.

Meanwhile Russia at the time also gave himself to the Americans, when the head of the USSR Ministry of internal Affairs Vadim Bakatin told the United States, as the Soviet Union was going to listen to the American Embassy. “Americans, unlike us, really didn’t give it up, but surely they have something similar took place,” said Mezhuev.

He expressed the hope that “now in the search for mutual compromise cannot be excluded that the parties will abandon such practices”.


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