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Wednesday, April 18, 2018

In Transparency International explained 131 the place of Russia in the “corruption index”

Russia is dishonor, 131-th place in the corruption perception Index, which each year is the international organization “transparency international”. During the year the position of our country has not changed. On the same rung of Iran, Kazakhstan, Nepal and Ukraine.

photo: Alex geldings

Released worldwide on 25 January, the Index of 176 countries. This indicator is calculated in points from zero to 100: the higher the score, the less corruption than below — the more. Points are calculated on the basis of data from 12 independent organizations from conducting surveys among experts and entrepreneurs around the world.

Russia is the second consecutive year, has 29 points. Leaders of the Index in 2016 are Denmark and New Zealand (90 points), Finland (89), Sweden (88) and Switzerland (86). Worst of all, according to experts, from the point of view of corruption look Somalia (10 points), South Sudan (11), North Korea (12), Syria (13) and Yemen (14). USA with 74 points on 18-m a place. China with 40 points — a 79-m. If we compare the countries of the former USSR, it is better than in Russia, the situation in Estonia (70 points), Lithuania (59), Latvia (57), Belarus (40), Armenia (33) and Azerbaijan Moldova (30). Below us — Kyrgyzstan (28 points), Tajikistan (25), Turkmenistan (22) Uzbekistan (21).

The perception index cannot be considered an objective assessment of the level of such latent and the shadow of corruption. Vice-President of the international movement of Transparency International Elena Panfilova in conversation with “MK” explained: “Corruption can be explored in different ways. You can examine the corrupt practices that we do. You can compare stats, but it more reflects the efficiency of law enforcement. But perception index can be compared with the float: when the fisherman throws the bait with the bait down under the water there are processes, and the float makes it clear what it was. If there are any fish, if she swallowed the bait, which side is moving… the Index is a slice at the moment, which shows how the situation with corruption from the point of view of the population. Of course, people can assess the situation based on what they observe in life, what I read in the newspaper that you see on TV. If the float is not moving, it means that people believe that nothing changes”.

The index is measured in 1995, comparable data is only from 2012 (then changed the method of calculation). Russia’s position over the last 5 years and if changed, then very slightly, said “MK” in the Russian “transparency international”: plus or minus one or two points. In 2016, experts say the organization was influenced by the leaked documents of the Panama offshore company, about which much was written in Russia and in the world. Plus the Russian authorities can put the collaboration with the group of States of the Council of Europe against corruption (GRECO): in 2016, Russia has fully implemented 10 of the recommendations, and partially remaining 11. And Russia joined the Treaty of the Organization for economic cooperation and development (OECD) automatic exchange of financial information with tax authorities of other countries, it will work in 2018. Improving and anti-corruption legislation. “But law enforcement practices, changes little”, according to the materials of the organization, as laws sometimes do not work or work selectively, for example for several years it is possible to confiscate illegally acquired property of corrupt officials, but this measure almost does not apply.

High-profile arrests of officials and law enforcement officers, according to sociologists, is not very convinced the Russians that the authorities are in a real fight against corruption: for example, a poll conducted in late November showed that 54% of citizens believe the arrest of the Minister of economic development Alexei Ulyukayev “more spectacular the action, the settling of accounts”.

The poll, by the way, for several years, annually calculates an Index of the fight against corruption — when planning, citizens are invited to answer the question of how successfully the country’s leadership is fighting corruption, whether or not the outcome of this fight. The index is estimated in the range from minus 100 to plus 100. The higher it is the better is a struggle. So, in November, 2016 the index was minus 1, which is several points lower than in 2015. It turns out that the positive tendencies in this sphere of activity of the state citizens of the Russian Federation have not noticed.


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