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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Giulietto Chiesa: From all the European politicians requires a mental restructuring

“I do not deny that to implement his plan will be very difficult. But a year ago it would have been more difficult. And now the situation is changing and in Georgia, both in Europe and in Russia”, – said the newspaper VIEW Italian politician and journalist Giulietto Chiesa, commenting on his unexpected decision – in the course of the visit to Tskhinvali, he agreed to represent the interests of South Ossetia in the European Parliament.

The South Ossetian ruling party “United Ossetia” and the Italian “Alternative for Europe” on Wednesday signed a cooperation agreement. As reported by Sputnik, the party leaders Anatoly Bibilov and Giulietto Chiesa agreed inter-party cooperation aimed at deepening relations between the two countries and promote the interests of South Ossetia in the international arena.

“As a former member of the European Parliament, I know that almost no one in the building heard about South Ossetia. To organize meetings, round tables”

Speaking in Tskhinvali, the Chiesa expressed his willingness to become a representative of the South Ossetian Parliament in the European Parliament. “I’m in the last MEP, I am familiar with the history and culture of South Ossetia, I came here six times since 1990, and I supported before, and will support the independence and sovereignty of the small Republic”, – promised Chiesa.

In turn, former Ambassador of South Ossetia in Russia Dmitry Medoev said that the Republic after receiving the recognition of “quiet on the world stage and stopped to remind myself”. “We need to take a new position and not be a follower. The deputies ‘proposal is very important, and I hope we will continue to work with Mr. Kieti in the South Ossetia, and European platform where we could confront the enemies in the distortion of information”, – Medoev said.

About how to represent the interests of South Ossetia in Strasbourg and Brussels, the leader of the new party “Alternative for Europe”, journalist, writer and public figure Giulietto Chiesa said in an interview with the newspaper LOOK.

OPINION: MR. Chiesa, the EU does not recognize South Ossetia. In what format will you represent the interests of the Republic in the European Parliament?

Giulietto Chiesa: it is Necessary to come up with. This road is not yet built. I’m writing a letter to the current head of the European Parliament Antonio Tajani. He’s Italian, I know him. I write that represent the unrecognized South Ossetia and offered a meeting. Let’s see how he’ll react. Then I will take other progressive steps.

It’s called political initiative. I’m just suggesting, I had the opportunity to clarify the situation. As a former member of the European Parliament, I know that almost no one in the building heard about South Ossetia. To organize meetings, round tables. By the way, I can do this, because several members of the EP friends of mine. They can legitimately organise such meetings. Meet me, and then, perhaps, with the delegation of South Ossetia to clarify the situation. Do not rule out that the European Parliament will meet representatives of South Ossetia and Georgia.

OPINION: TO what extent you can prevent diplomats of Georgia?

D. K.: They will be in the way. But I do have a very good offer that comes from South Ossetia. Talks in Geneva between Tskhinvali and Tbilisi have been blocked due to the fact that Georgia refused to sign an agreement on mutual avoidance of the use of force. But to solve the problem, I think it’s a very good offer. The reluctance to discuss this issue indicates a desire to use force. This puts Georgia in a very difficult position. Want to fight, continue to kill people? We think you should! It requires a political solution.

OPINION: How influential in the European Parliament, the Italian party “Alternative for Europe”?

D. K.: It is not yet represented in the EP. But I support this idea in Italy. Will work. Our goal is to create the broadest possible coalition members that operate in the Italian Parliament and in the EP. This does not mean the line on the recognition of South Ossetia. We’re talking about the elementary conditions, to avoid new collisions. If the parties agree that they will not resort to violence, it will be a positive first and very significant step.

OPINION: When did the idea that you become a representative of South Ossetia in the European Parliament?

DK: Actually just. I’m a friend of South Ossetia and would love to do this work in the interests of the people who live here. They know that I can count on my support. Do it yourself it will be difficult, because they have no connections, but I do. I do not hide what to carry out conceived will be very difficult. But a year ago it would have been more difficult. But now the situation is changing – and in Georgia, both in Europe and in Russia.

OPINION: the Situation is changing thanks to the growing influence of eurosceptics. Against this background, growing any chance for reconsideration of EU policy, including in South Ossetia and Abkhazia?

D. K.: I’m sure there’s space. Changing relations between Europe and Russia is almost inevitable after the election of Mr. trump with the President of the United States. In this case, the topic of Abkhazia and South Ossetia can be considered from a different angle. View. We’re in a phase when almost all politicians required a mental adjustment. Let’s see what people will be able to do such a restructuring of thinking. If you fail, the fate of Europe would be in doubt.

Expert comments

Giorgi Gachechiladze, the Deputy of the Georgian Parliament from the ruling “Georgian dream – Democratic Georgia”, member of the Committee for European integration
Mission, Giulietto Chiesa in the European Parliament is doomed to failure. First, I am sure that the European Parliament no formal status in Chiesa as a representative of the separatist entities will not. No self-respecting international Institute of do not give.
Secondly, it is not clear what interests may have the separatists in the European Parliament? What are you talking about? What and how must lobby Chiesa? Who it will pay, when South Ossetia itself has no money?
Moreover, the European Parliament, where Georgia has so many friends, well informed about the real situation in South Ossetia or in Abkhazia, especially in the relevant committees, it will only cause irritation.
Can draw a parallel with the recurring messages about what a small Italian city ties with cities in Abkhazia or South Ossetia. And then Rome denies it, strictly maintaining the territorial integrity of Georgia. That’s what all this looks like.


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