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Tuesday, February 13, 2018

A striking innovations in the state Duma: laws began to write Tom Sawyer method

So, updated the State Duma vstr convocation at the service of atonement lawmaking. Behind manilovism promises transparency reports and peoples of the electoral process. Ahead – real work, demanding sense and responsibility. And the first public actions of another Deputy corps was quirky and absurd.

photo: Dmitry Katerinov

I must say that the society was critical to their predecessors. Previous deputies have nicknamed and “mad printer” and publicly ridiculed for the recognition of Parliament “place for discussion”. Judging by the Duma earlier this season, the findings from previous experience are made in the form, but, alas, much to the detriment of content.

Let me remind you that earlier resonant bills passed through public and participatory debate. The first and second critical reading were separated from each other significant time periods, during which reduced and polished amendments. Often the hearing was postponed. Dissatisfied remained, but their opinion was taken into account and countered by convincing professional arguments.

Now, however, lawmakers do not have to suffer the expert opinion submitted by the people’s front, which was actually established in the Deputy corps. And the Public chamber, which became, in fact, in a pale clone of the same front.

This socio-political cabal is convenient to the extent that is possible and not to worry about the professional argument and public necessity of actions and plans. Professional study supplanted by the “expert panel”.

In such comfortable environment possible now to say any nonsense, such as criminological open Deputy Olga batalina on the decriminalization of a beating (read: impunity of the aggressor) as a means of crime prevention. When considering the resonance of the document cynically called the “Law on flip-flops”, there was another startling innovation. Not only preventing visible and representative debate on the issue that dominates the society. Recalling one of the postulates is that the Duma is not a place for discussion, in which we revealed new and unexpected argument – one of the polls was allegedly allowed to make a statement about following the opinion of the majority and its interests.

This repeated many times by Duma deputies and their leaders mantra allows you to make the first surprising conclusion is a relatively new technology in modern law – making now for the punching of any law is sufficient to support most conventional, fixed an acceptable poll.

In this case it is worth noting that the authors of the poll are not defined in any tender, its conclusions can easily be disavowed by their colleagues in the market. And actually the participant of the poll, that is the carrier of ideas, just on the momentary mood of answering questions, offered him a certain organization.

Another amazing idea expressed by the leadership of the state Duma legal outsourcing. As an explanation is the argument, deputies say, people with a sincere craving for the public good, but the universities did not finish, so everyone needs assistants, to have their ideas clothed in the sonorous legislative initiative. As such an organization is certainly reputable is named the Moscow University of law named after O. E. Kutafin. And again – without a tender, without publishing costs. On top of what is already incorporated in the apparatus of the state Duma, where there is a professional law office.

So Tom Sawyer was successfully outsourced to entrusted to him painting the fence and money, and rest, and porukovodit. So it is necessary to use the brilliant simplicity of the technique Tom! After the legislature updated, but not the qualified majority necessary to begin to take his political responsibility. Someone made a ridiculous initiative? Oh, you can always show your relevant sociological indulgence. And a moratorium on the death penalty clear. 80% of the population, and no arguments!

The dubious bill? Nothing, professionals describe the parliamentary vision the language of the law. Can’t describe – there is still the potential Patriotic incantations and the hardness of spiritual braces. Though the frequency and context of their mention is more like a political provocation than a reason for the rise of national consciousness.

What is the meaning of the work of the Parliament who votes for any result of the poll?

Why pay the salaries of the deputies, who work in a professional legal institutions?

That can give society and the state continuous forums of forums that supersede in recent years, work on the development of NGOs?

It seems that the answers to these and other questions, touching the interests of the citizens of the country, have to look outside the walls of the building at Okhotny Ryad.

Rather, almost the opposite.


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