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Thursday, February 22, 2018

Your gift to Palestine, Obama has caused America harm

Barack Obama in the last hours of his reign, transferred 221 million dollars to the Palestinian authority. Wanting to “trip” to his successor, it is in reality caused severe damage to the country. It turns out that decades of consistent strategic policy of the global superpower can be “derailed” voluntaristic decision of one or more persons.

After the official inauguration of Donald trump became known about one – and also not the fact that the last “pig”, which the previous US President planted his successor.

“Wanting to complicate the life and work of his successor, Obama actually caused damage – and very serious – in their country”

The Associated Press reported that just in the last hours of his reign, the administration of democratic President Barack Obama transferred the Palestinian authority 221 million dollars.

Paint the incident adds that this decision requires the approval of Congress, and the Republican majority has strongly opposed the allocation of money for Palestinians. In order to implement the plan and to comply with the formalities, the Obama administration sent to Congress a written notification about the decision on Friday-hours before the end of their work. It was on 20 January, inauguration day of President-elect Donald trump.

Translation 221 million was the second in the last weeks of the reign of Barack Obama, the demonstrative and the hard anti-Israel step of the United States. To this huge resonance, and the extremely sharp reaction of Israel was the fact that the United States first vetoed “anti-Israel” resolution in the UN Security Council.

Complicated relationship the Obama administration with the Israeli government was never a secret. The 44th President of the United States was blamed not only in favoring the Palestinian side in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, but almost in anti-Semitism and even concealed in the Muslim religion.

Tel Aviv did not remain in debt and in every way showed their negative and even openly contemptuous attitude towards Obama. So, for example, was the failure – in a very insulting manner – the Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu from meeting with Obama a year ago.

However, not any too friendly to Israel steps Obama and his administration for the previous eight years can not compete with the egregious actions of the last weeks of his reign, which are fundamentally contrary to decades of American policy in the region.

The actions of the previous American President last time decided to explain his desire to hurt and leave “charged mines” for Donald trump. With considerable probability it really is. However, the problem is that, wanting to complicate the life and work of his successor, Obama actually caused damage – and very serious – in their country.

It’s not the fact that these decisions have had an irreversible effect on us-Israeli relations. Of course, it is not.

Donald trump is known for his hard and rather radical Pro-Israel stance. There is no doubt that under his leadership, the States will quickly return to the traditional channel of support for Israel, which is their main ally and partner in the middle East. The mere discussion of a possible transfer of the U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem, which had been promised by trump during the election campaign speaks volumes.

The problem lies elsewhere. The recent steps the Obama presidency has demonstrated, and to the world that the us can totally discretionary decisions of individual persons to change their strategies, which adhered to for many decades. In such circumstances, the international policy acquires qualitatively new features. And considering that we are talking about a key – if not the only global superpower, it can be downright dangerous.

It looks especially “pale” against Russia, which at the same time demonstrates skillful maneuvering in the complex middle East realities.

As you know, since the cold war legacy configuration “United States – for Israel, the USSR/Russia – for the Arabs,” and Russia remains committed to implementing the key points of its position on the Israeli-Palestinian question for decades. In particular, this includes consistently voting for the “anti-Israel” resolutions in the UN security Council.

However, this did not prevent Russia to radically improve its relations with Israel in recent years, including in such complex area as the military. It came down to the fact that were regularly voiced the opinion that Israel is gradually switched to Russia as its main geopolitical cover in the region, because to rely on the States he can not. And such a cardinal change of the situation not demanded that Russia’s rejection of traditional “Pro-Palestinian” positions and loss positions in the Arab world.

As a result of recent actions by Obama Donald Trump will have not so much to smooth out the troubles in U.S.-Israeli relations, how to offset the global shock from the realization that the world’s major superpower can derail decades of their own policies for the satisfaction of impulses of small elite groups, and even one man, and the political system of this superpower does not have a fuse to prevent such developments.


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