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Monday, February 19, 2018

Who fought against the new Russia, the Russians have got what you were asking

“These people went to Ukraine, feeling a spiritual affinity with the thugs, intending to clean up the Donbass,” – commented the scientists the fate of several citizens of Russia, who fought, or rallied to the ranks of the “Right sector”. Now they will haunt the Russian law, but, as it turned out, in Ukraine they have not found what I was looking for.

Being against Russians in Ukraine Igor Chudinov, Gennady Hamraev, George stocki, Roman Strigankova and Alexander Valova prosecuted under part 1 and 2 of article 282.2 of the criminal code (“Leadership of an extremist organization and participation in it”) for belonging to banned in Russia organization “Right sector*”. As reported TASS with reference to the UK, taxis and Khamraev in one of the combat units of the extremist organization took an active part in punitive operations against the DNI and LC, and stotskii, Strigunov Shafts and actively participated in its rallies, marches and other events, and actively promoted the idea of radicals in social networks.

“These people went to Ukraine, feeling a spiritual affinity with the thugs, intending to clean up the Donbass”

It may be recalled that in September last year the UK opened a criminal case against the tops of the “Right sector” Dmitry jarosz Andrei Tarasenko, Andrew Stanecki, Valery Voronov, Artem Skoropadsky.

The native land impulse not appreciated

From all fallen under the charge of five relatively well-known in Russia can be considered a Novel Strigankova and Alexander Valova. In particular, the first – the inhabitant of Belgorod, dropouts at the philosophical faculty of Moscow state University, actively participated in the “Russian March” and the “Bolotnaya” protests in 2011 created in the hometown of the Russian national socialist movement, held a rally “Stop feeding Moscow!”, he was Chairman of a city cell of party “New force” Moscow-based political analyst Valery Solovey. Actively communicate with the Ukrainian nationalists began in 2012, participating in all its marches and training camps as an ally of Russia. Never hid his neo-Nazi views, was fond of appropriate attributes.

“He has positioned himself as a nationalist and adequate was in no hurry to advertise the real views says of Strigankova on his LiveJournal page, his former colleague, the activist of the party “Russian national Union” Alexey Ivanov. Was known as the funny guy, the darling of the women. Only with time have ceased to hide their collaborators, the extremely anti-Christian, and bitterly anti-Soviet essence. After leaving (due to various circumstances) work-study, he felt himself a professional revolutionary, with his head plunged into destructive activity. Bet on cooperation with the Bandera scum. And naturally, since the first days run into euromaidan. Declaring himself “head of the Russian mission on the Maidan.” Threw Molotov cocktails at the soldiers of “Berkut” stormed the administrative building. Living in a safe house (the whereabouts of which, however, know all the journalists)… Gives an interview to Russian and Ukrainian media. Vote for “offline revolution” against the “Putin regime”, “Muscovites”, “scoop” and “Imperial ambitions”.

However, a year later, and not being able to in gratitude for the activity of the Maidan Ukrainian citizenship, Strigunov in the plot of TV channel “Russia 24” was forced to admit that the Russians in Ukraine – the second-class citizens. Even those who actively supported the current Kiev government.

Alexander Shafts (photo: vk.com/pomor.valov)

“I talked to him on the Maidan in December 2013, where I went for research purposes, – told the newspaper VIEW about the experience with the extremist expert of Fund of development of civil society institutions “public diplomacy” Evgeny Valyaev. – I was interviewing him, and during the conversation realized that Strigankova had no plans to stay in Ukraine forever. Now it was not necessary to anybody. He was offered to fight in the volunteer battalion, but to the idea he was skeptical, saying that in the absence of legal status, lose it during the battle an arm and a leg, no one to keep it will not. Such as it is, the citizens of Russia are in Ukraine on the bird’s rights. Used to achieve a propaganda effect, to show that here, they say, the Russians are also fighting for us. But it’s a short-term effect, and then discard them as unnecessary”.

Another defendant in the case – Alexander Pomor Shafts – was better known in Murmansk as the organizer of “Russian marches”. At the end of September 2015, he did not appear at the hearing and charged with the creation of an extremist community and fights with migrants from Central Asia, fleeing to Ukraine. In the first months he was there campaigning neo-wing, where probably began to cooperate with “Right sector”, and subsequently went to fight in the punitive battalion “Azov”. The militant also still has no legal and civil status in Ukraine, but did not leave hopes to get it until the beginning of January this year.

“Said from the presidential Administration of Ukraine (style and spelling retained – approx. ed.) – wrote the Shafts on his page in the social network Faceboock. – Will not write. According to the letter, any documents for acceptance me they have no citizenship and migration service, they were not filed in March 2016. Answered by straight bold font, the type of tired already. Well, at least not the caps scored… the rest is impossible and pointless to try to get the citizenship of Ukraine by a foreign volunteer. Even I’m tired (try need). To cross the border of Poland or another country, and sometimes several borders much easier.”

In an interview with one of the bloggers gunman told that in the battalion “Azov” fighting “about a hundred Russian citizens.”

A thug, a Nazi and the psychiatrist

With arms against the rebellious inhabitants of Donbass and fought another prisoner – Mr. Monk Khamraev, at one time, the former almost Strigankova countryman, living in the town of Stary Oskol, Belgorod region. On Ukraine, he moved even before the events on the Maidan, after Russia had collapsed in the construction business. In a new place Khamraev married a resident of Western Ukraine, who bore him children, but had divorced. With the beginning of the aggression against Ukraine people’s republics of Donbass, the Monk joined the ranks of the “Right sector” and rose to the rank of commander of the 2nd platoon of the 7th battalion of this extremist organization.

Due to his Russian origin and participation in armed formations of the Ukrainian neo-Nazis, Khamraev quickly became mediapersons. The interview with him took local TV channels, the Ukrainian division of radio Liberty. In one of them the gunman stated that the Belgorod region parents and sister blame him for his part in an armed conflict.

Honeymoon Hamraev, with Ukrainian media did not last long. Together with two accomplices with weapons in hand he broke into a house lived in Lviv region businessman Oleg Gentosha where to find an elderly relative of the entrepreneur, for eighteen hours tortured man (after a few months he died) trying to find out where the money and jewelry. The police managed to detain robbers without delay, but they managed to escape from jail – two were subsequently caught, however, Hamraev is still not found.

Gennady Monk Khamraev (photo: radiosvoboda.org)

About the other two suspects little is known. Because one of them – Igor Chudinov – don’t strive for publicity, but it is not the last place in the hierarchy of the “Right sector”, as the Deputy commander of one of military units of the organization.

On the contrary, who worked in Grozny and Moscow psychotherapist George Stotskaya, in 2014 along with his wife moved to Ukraine for ideological and ethnic reasons, the first time after moving actively participated in actions of Ukrainian right-wing radicals. However, the last two years because of age stotskii limited to activities in social networks, where regular Russophobic texts quoted by Ukrainian media.

Late but on time

In conversation with the newspaper LOOK Chairman of the public movement “Russian civil society” Alexey Zhivov has expressed doubt that all five defendants in the case could in any way be linked:

“It’s hard to explain why investigators two years is not noticed extremism in the actions of the aforementioned people, although it was publicly and on the surface, – the expert believes. – Consolidation of cases on the 282-th article, in my experience, you need to threat that are fighting the security forces, to make a large and immediate. Who are interested in Strigunov, who until recently lived in Ukraine a miserable existence, forgotten and abandoned? Anyone! To fight he did not go, and as a politician was not interested. Things change, if it to combine with others, to find a group and at least nominally tied to some murder. If people went to the Ukraine to engage in politics, that’s their business, even if this policy is anti-Russian. Another thing, if they participate in hostilities against the Donbass, where they can and should be prosecuted for participation in illegal armed formations, mercenaries”.

Geogre stotskii (photo: twitter.com/ge1940ge1)

In turn, the head of Fund “Civil patrol” Rostislav Antonov, on the contrary, in conversation with the newspaper LOOK told you that he sees quite logical that moment that all deserters were United in one.

“These people went to Ukraine, feeling a spiritual affinity with the thugs, intending to clean up the Donbass. Then they share their ideas of racial purity is not clear why the struggle for compulsory duty of all citizens of Ukraine, regardless of nationality, to use in everyday life exclusively Ukrainian language. What of those who have violated the laws of Russia, is obvious. Well, what our bodies have done so just now, so it’s like the old Russian proverb: “a snail travels one day be”. We have many issues”.

In turn, President of the Center for strategic communications Dmitry Abzalov has linked heightened activity of the Russian authorities in respect of “defectors” from the political activity on the eve of elections of the President of Russia:

Igor Chudinov (photo: video still)

“Right sector” also originally was not a monolithic movement, it was a group of radical football fans and nationalists, who until 2014 began to take shape in a single structure, – has told about his vision of the issue, the expert newspaper VIEW. – They claimed to have interests in Russia, actively worked with the Russian youth, and even wanted, paradoxical as it may sound, to arrive at the “Russian marches”. They eventually split the Russian right move that we have seen in some of these five. And the threat impact on Russian youth, and the protest vote has gone nowhere. Therefore, law enforcement authorities correctly stepped up the pressure on these persons to work and their relationships in Russia, and that in their country they got the status, which strongly suggests”.

* Organization in respect of which the court accepted entered into legal force decision on liquidation or ban the activities on the grounds stipulated by the Federal law “On countering extremist activity”


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