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Wednesday, February 14, 2018

The story of the “network of Russian spies” Kosovo is to curry favor with the CIA

Exploration of the unrecognized Kosovo, which is essentially a regional branch of the CIA, said the disclosure “network of Russian spies”, which included Serbs, namozolivshih eyes Pristina. To read this report without laughing is impossible, especially given the circumstances of his appearance. However, it carries some danger.

The intelligence Agency of Kosovo AKI through local public television station RTK said the exposure of the “network of Russian spies.” If it named specific names, not just random nicknames or initial letters of names. All these people are Serbs by nationality who live or work in Serbian enclaves. Some of them are professional soldiers, but is dominated by journalists and civil society activists.

“It is believed that Nikich exposed the agent of French military intelligence service of Petrusich-Dominica, commander of reconnaissance and sabotage detachment in Kosovo and Bosnia”

In the “Russian spies” is recorded: the current commander of the Serbian troops at the Outpost in the Shed (region Ferizaj Serbian enclave in the depths of Kosovo, Pristina), infantry Colonel Ljubinko, Jurkovic, the commander of the 549 th mechanized brigade, stationed on the border with Albania, the defense witness at the trial of Milosevic, and Deputy of Vojislav Seselj of the Serbian radical party, the infantry retired General Bozidar Delic, a former officer of the security Service of Serbia, now a famous writer and politician Slavko Nikich, the leaders of the Serb communities in Northern Kosovo Marko Jaksic and Slavisa Ristic, the leader of the Serb community in Strpce Zvonko Mihajlovic, as well as a B. N. – Serbian journalist from Gracanica Kosovo and the unnamed German citizen, also a journalist by profession.

At the head of this “network” was Dragan Trifkovic is Director of the Belgrade Centre for geostrategic studies, political analyst and journalist.

It is emphasized that AKI has revealed exclusively “Russian spies”, rather than, say, Serbian. The fact that they are Serbs by nationality (except for the “German journalist”, which can be Albanian of the “old emigration”), as if a coincidence. But the public mood in Kosovo is such that declaring someone “a Russian spy” can be considered an appeal to the death sentence for the lynching.

About the spirit and spoke some of the “Russian spies”. “If to speak about me personally, for my 66 years I have never been an employee of any of the Serbian special services. Neither the State security (DB) or the Agency’s security and information (BIA), and especially the Russian special services. The purpose of all this is to demonstrate the European Union, “the danger of Russia” and the Balkans, primarily in Kosovo, to attract EU and NATO,” said Marko Jaksic, Belgrade radio.

In turn, the journalist from Gracanica, Ivoin Rakocevic, did not recognize themselves in the character under the initials “B. N.”, emphasizes that the statement of AKI is reminiscent of the pogrom of the Serbian population and Orthodox shrines in Kosovo. In the spring of 2004, the same TV channel RTK reported the drowning in the Ibar river of three Albanian teenagers. Informed was killed by a Serbian teenager Jovica Ivic, and Albanian propagandists have presented to the accident on the fishing as “the revenge of the Serbs”. It ended up burning 16 churches and monasteries, a new wave of refugees and response in Serbia (in some regions almost a mirror).

Despite the absurdity of the claims of the Kosovo intelligence, her statement is still self-explanatory, once revealed “spy network” declared the Russian.

AKI is a tiny branch of the CIA in the Balkans with a staff of 90 people and a budget of three million euros. More precisely, this budget was for 2013. Now he’s grown just in connection with the “Russian threat in the Balkans” and made up 1% of the official budget of Kosovo, but almost all funding comes directly from Washington. By Balkan standards, the employees get too little AKI – her former Director declared an income of 1200 euros per month, which is very all laugh. The current Director Agron Selimaj rides in Langley like to work, and a picture of him with former CIA Director John Brennan takes pride of place and on the website of the organization, and in the office of Selim, built by the Americans with scratch building in the centre of Pristina, near the Boulevard bill Clinton. In fact AKI is managed from the U.S. Embassy in Pristina and the Bondsteel military base under the Uroševac.

The CIA created AKI after the violent dissolution in 2008, its predecessor – SIK (pronounced CHIC), the Information service of Kosovo. SIK grew out of the underground intelligence of the Kosovo liberation Army (KLA), consisted almost entirely incorrigible militants were prone to drug trafficking and human bodies responsible for numerous murders and other indecencies. For the CIA it was fundamentally important to her gangster SIK replaced with something more respectable. For this were guaranteed personal inviolability and the former underground chief SIK, the infamous Kadri Veseli, who, despite his numerous “degrees”, is considered a person of extraordinary cruelty with absolutely racist attitudes. In the end, fish was even dragged to the Hague, although it nowhere to put the sample. After the elimination of a SIK he ran for President of Kosovo, and is now working with the speaker of Parliament, replacing Hashim (the Snake) Thaci for the post of Chairman of the Democratic party – the ruling political wing of the former KLA.

Without a nod from Langley AKI and not lift a finger. And if you forget about the frankly provocative side of this denunciation, may give the impression that AKI fired a blank message about the “Russian threat” just “under trump”, but in connection with some features of the Balkan mentality is a bit primestyles. Or, on the contrary did all in haste, which, paradoxically, is also a consequence of the local national characteristics.

This conclusion is supported by the seller of “Russian spies”. Clear and present danger of them for the CIA represents only a Colonel Jurkovic, a division which is guarding Serbian villages in the district of Ferizaj, that is in direct visibility from the American military base Bondsteel (by the way, the second largest in Europe after Ramstein).

In fact, the leaders of the Serbian communities and enclaves is the civil activists, not professional politicians, which, moreover, is quite difficult relations with the official Belgrade. They have been living in a hostile environment (some all their lives), their views on life and politics is far less diplomatic than the capital of the Serbs, who are now forced to politely converse with the former KLA fighters. As for journalists, they have historically been a convenient object to declare them “spies” (and in history many examples when this was true).

Finally, there are General delić is a public figure, to blame which is a classic espionage (especially in a third country) is categorically stupid. Is that an unnamed German citizen from this company could potentially be a worthy candidate for the role of “spy”, but he is AKI is just not identified.

Slavko Nikich (photo: slavkonikic.com)

However, there is an obvious exception: Slavko Nikich – figure in the world of intelligence and counter legendary. He started operative on fight against the drug trade in the old Yugoslavia – just in his native Kosovo. It is believed that he caught the agent of French military intelligence service of the Yugoslav Petrusic-Dominica (aka Jean-Pierre Peroni), commander of reconnaissance and sabotage detachment in Kosovo and Bosnia, which terrorized the civilian population and discredited the Serbian special services. It was his squad among several other first went to Srebrenica, which still requires further investigation. Also, Petrusic-Dominic and his squad were involved in the assassination of Slobodan Milosevic and the kidnapping of General Radislav krstić for delivering the latest in the Hague. He’s like a character in a Hollywood movie, a former boxer, an employee of the Foreign Legion, fought in the Gulf war, worked in a team of bodyguards, françois Mitterrand, was the personal guard of one of the princesses of the ruling family of Qatar. His arrest and confession was of the nature of the explosion that permanently ruined the Serbian-French relations.

Subsequently, the fate of Slavko. was unenviable. After the assassination in 2003 of Prime Minister of Serbia Zoran Djindjic and the beginning of the cleaning (the so-called “operation Sword”), he was arrested and spent some time in prison. This is despite the fact that, being more operative the drug, pointed to the danger of the “Zemun clan” (Djindjic’s murder on his conscience), his then leader dušan spasojević and Shiptar of his “Consigliere” Kuma Mile Lukovic. The explanation is simple: the liberal government of Serbia was then cleared of all former officers of the security services and the army, which opposed the deportation of Serbian citizens to the Hague. Now Nikich – known publicist and author of several books of memoirs about work in Kosovo, which are explained in detail on the links of the KLA with drug trafficking. For this he is not particularly loved in Pristina. He knows too much. So that’s not “spying” business.

Dragan Trifkovic (photo: from the personal pages facebook.com)

But the most fun in the speech of AKI is “appointment” for the position of “head of a spy network” Dragana Trifkovic, Belgrade fragile blonde, a landscape designer by training, who became a famous journalist and then a political analyst. Albanian data on it for the most part represent the “analysis” of her profile from Facebook, and the main evidence in favor of “espionage” photos from Donbass, Moscow and South Ossetia.

As Director of the Belgrade Centre for geostrategic research, it is for family reasons he lives in two cities – Belgrade and Moscow, which also can be written in proof of “espionage in favor of Russia”. While the Kosovo intelligence Agency are unable even to determine the composition of the family, and admitted that further evidence of the rush, which prepared the report.

As a political analyst with unique views in August last year, she visited South Ossetia, where he participated in a round table dedicated to the anniversary of the Declaration of independence, and participated in mourning events dedicated to the date of the beginning of the Georgian aggression of 2008. In this delegations from Serbia in Tskhinvali, was a Colonel of Jurkovic. Their joint photo with the former Minister of defence of South Ossetia Valery Jahnava can also be used as “evidence”.

Trifkovic have visited the Donbass, where he met with soldiers of the detachment of the Serbian volunteers that never disappeared. That is quite natural in such cases, large men in camouflage with pleasure were photographed with a compatriot. As “evidence” are photos Dragana Trifkovic with others mentioned in the report AKI involved in different kinds of feasts they are taken from her page on FB and from other open sources. Not only the “midst a Facebook” argument was the mention that Trifkovic during her “illegal trips to Kosovo” was accompanied by the same mysterious “German journalist”. They traveled to the Serbian enclaves and in Mitrovica, taking “Kosovo visa”, that is, from the point of view of Pristina, “illegally crossed the border”. Another thing is that Serbia does not recognize Kosovo’s independence, and no Serb in his right mind would take “Kosovo visa”.

All these analyses of social networks, of course, can be attributed to the level of training of staff of AKI and their professional paranoia, which usually compensates for the lack of talent. Most likely, this stuffing is effectively connected with a massive media pressure about the “Russian threat” which accompanied the election campaign in the United States. To assume that the Albanians just wanted to curry favor, but didn’t know how it’s really done, is also possible. The combination of all these factors has resulted in a provocative action, which can be affected not only mentioned in the report people, but also many others.

For a week rumors about the preparation of Serbia almost a full-scale military operation against Kosovo, which is at fault, too, will be announced Russia have signed several large contracts prior to the rearmament of the Serbian army. These distractions quite fit including in the context of the election campaign in Serbia, where in April will elect the President. And don’t forget that the Balkans – “powder keg of Europe”.


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